10 Best Virtual Trade Show Platforms 2024

As physical events resume, the demand for effective virtual platforms continues to surge. Event organizers now seek solutions that go beyond mere virtual presence, aiming to provide exhibitors with powerful tools to capture leads, boost sales, and deliver an immersive experience.

The selection process for the right virtual trade show platform has become more critical than ever. Event organizers grapple with numerous options, each with its own set of features and pricing structures. Balancing these considerations is important in delivering a successful virtual trade show that caters to the needs of both exhibitors and attendees.

If you have decided to host a virtual trade show and are looking for suitable virtual event platforms, here are some of the best options.

10 Best Virtual Trade Show Platforms in 2024

1. vFairs

vFairs is one of the best virtual trade show platform that helps you transform potential leads into loyal customers. Through its comprehensive virtual trade fair solutions, you can consolidate all essential features within a single platform. This all-encompassing virtual trade show software is designed to not only attract new customers but also effectively propel your business towards its strategic objectives. In addition, the platform is one of the few that offers excellent solutions for hybrid and virtual events. 

vFairs - best virtual trade show platforms

vFairs: Key Features

Interactive Exhibit Booths

vFairs Virtual Exhibit Booth
vFairs Virtual Exhibit Booth

The exhibit hall is the most critical area of any virtual trade show, as this is where most customer interactions happen. vFairs offers different styles for exhibit halls and booths that exhibitors can choose to showcase their services and products. The platform allows customers to look through product catalogs and place their orders within the booth. In addition, they can engage with potential customers, link to their website pages, and collect business cards from potential customers.

Virtual Shopping Cart

One standout feature offered by vFairs is the incorporation of a virtual shopping cart, providing an innovative solution for exhibitors to easily conduct transactions within the virtual trade show environment. This online trade exhibition feature enables visitors to not only explore exhibitor products but also make purchase decisions in real-time.

With a user-friendly product order form integrated into the virtual booths, attendees can effortlessly review products and add them to their virtual shopping cart, mimicking the convenience of an in-person shopping experience. This not only streamlines the buying process but also enhances exhibitors’ ability to generate sales leads and drive immediate conversions.

vFairs virtual shopping cart
vFairs virtual shopping cart


The platform offers an excellent level of personalization for each event. From the main lobby to each exhibit hall booth layout, event organizers get to choose what they want. Moreover, you can add different features to your event halls, welcome videos, custom-designed 3D event lobbies, and gamification tools.

vFairs Personalized Virtual Environment
vFairs Personalized Virtual Environment

Lead Capture App

vFairs cutting-edge Lead Capture App streamlines the process of capturing and managing leads for both event organizers and exhibitors. This innovative tool eliminates the need for manual data entry, allowing users to effortlessly scan attendee badges, QR codes, or relevant data during the virtual trade show.

Exhibitors can seamlessly add notes to contextualize interactions, enhancing the quality of captured leads. What sets vFairs apart is its integration capability, enabling the easy synchronization of captured leads with CRM and Martech solutions. This not only enhances the efficiency of post-event lead retrieval but also ensures a smooth transition of valuable data into existing business systems, facilitating follow-ups and maximizing the impact of virtual trade show interactions.

vFairs lead capture and retrieval app
vFairs Lead Capture and Retrieval App

E-Commerce Module

As a trade show host, the objective is to maximize deal closures and boost business engagement during live event days. Merely showcasing products and processing orders within your exhibit booth may have limitations. Fortunately, vFairs introduces an integrated e-commerce solution that elevates the experience of virtual, physical, and hybrid trade shows.

This module facilitates swift and straightforward creation of product listings, streamlining event management processes. With user-friendly setup options, tracking product sales becomes effortless. The platform is adaptable to your company’s unique workflows, aligning seamlessly with sales hierarchies for effective customer management. Furthermore, the ability to customize product listing forms enhances the flexibility and personalization of your trade show offerings.

vFairs e-commerce module
vFairs e-commerce module


You can get a custom quote by scheduling a detailed demo with one of vFairs’s experts. You can contact vFairs here.

Pros & Cons


  • “The best part of the vFairs platform is the combination of access to DIY controls and partnering with a Project Manager for personalized assistance. We had both helping hands to guide us along, and the ability to make edits on the fly.” – Jennifer R. – Communications Consultant
  • “vFairs was the best fit for our annual trade show/expo. We reviewed several platforms, and nothing else could provide this fantastic presentation and experience.” – Norma M. – National Event Manager
  • “Swag bags are a great idea for downloadable material.” – Ben T. – Director
  • “Setting up and designing booths for a virtual trade fair. It was quite a great activity and the outcome was awesome. The booths looked very real and beautiful” – Angele M. – UI/UX Design for OER platforms


2. Brella

Brella for virtual trade shows
Brella Hybrid Event Platform

Brella is an option for businesses looking for virtual trade shows platforms and want to develop a personal connection with their potential customers. Virtual trade shows are about networking with potential customers and sealing the deal. Brella has some customized tradeshow platform features like networking tools and sponsorship features that can help bring businesses and customers together. 

Brella: Key Features

Virtual Booths

Brella provides a virtual booth that exhibitors and sponsors can use to collect leads, display their brand and engage prospects. They can also use multimedia content interactive integration features like polls, chats, etc. Virtual booths are customizable with PDFs, Google slides, videos, quizzes etc. However, the Brella virtual booths lack the 3D virtual component. 

1:1 Meetings

The virtual event platform offers solutions for AI-powered matchmaking and the ability to create 1:1 meetings between attendees and exhibitors. As a result, vendors can filter attendees by their buying intent and network with those interested in their products. In addition, the 1:1 meetings can bring potential buyers and business reps a step closer to closing the deal. The platform, however, doesn’t offer much for the natural following stages of customer acquisition. 

Online Marketplace

Brella offers an online marketplace to event organizers to drive more revenue, boost ROI, and engage event attendees. The microsites are optimized for conversion but lack the personality of a 3D virtual environment.

Schedule Meetings

The virtual trade show platform allows attendees and vendors to schedule meetings through a meeting board. Exhibitors can schedule one-on-ones with qualified leads without any back and forth with the meeting scheduler. It automatically highlights and finds mutually available times for easy scheduling. While it can make event attendees’ and organizers’ lives easier, it isn’t a unique feature.

Space for Sponsors

Sponsors are essential stakeholders for any online trade exhibition. Brella allows event organizers to book space for virtual trade show sponsors within the event. They can also host sponsor events to drive attendee engagement and traffic to their booths.


Brella offers a custom pricing model that you can find out by contacting them directly. 

Pros & Cons

Here’s what users had to say about Brella:



  • “It is an exceptional platform, but it lacks intuition and sometimes its use tends to be frustrating, adding that it does not contain a free system to get to know it a little and be sure that you want to buy it.” – Amelia g. – Senior Software Engineering
  • “I wish there were more customizable features, especially on the home screen. It would also be great to be able to send out custom emails within the platform.” – Heather T. – Project Assistant
  • “The interface is only in English and that a sponsor needs to have “root access” in order to modify their booth.” – Bea J. – Tarugoconf manager

3. Webex

WebEx for virtual trade shows

Webex is a virtual trade fair software that offers end-to-end functionality and support for event organizers. The virtual expo platform provides support throughout the event for hosts, event attendees, event marketers, and exhibitors. Webex supports live and on-demand streaming and offers some third-party integrations as well. However, Webex users report issues with in-event polls and a difficult-to-use interface.

Webex: Key Features

Event Communities

Event organizers can bring like-minded attendees together through event communities. The communities can have exclusive content that drives discourse, boost topic-based discussions, and keep the audience engaged. However, there are limited ways to join communities, and recording the meetings for later use is also tricky.

Mobile App

The fully customizable mobile app allows attendees to log in to the event on their mobile devices. The mobile app is intuitive and provides access to all resources on the go. Mobile attendance can boost engagement, but the mobile app leaves much to be wanted. Users say that the experience isn’t as immersive as the web platform and all functions aren’t available on iOS devices.

Event Customization

Webex allows event organizers to customize their virtual trade show booth like event colors, branding, and layout. The platform offers a few templates and options screens, but the aesthetics have room for improvement. 

Engagement & Networking

Participants can communicate ideas, opinions, and resources during WebEx trade shows to boost event engagement. You can also provide your participants with a social feed that serves as the event’s unique personal social media platform and allows them to post images, exchange comments, and participate in conversation threads. 

There are additional native tools like session chat, Q&A, polling, etc. Users complain, however, that the networking capabilities are not configurable because they are unable to eliminate particular aspects based on the audience’s individuality.


The WebEx pricing is not available publicly. You can request the pricing by contacting them through their website. 

Pros & Cons



4. HexaFair

HexaFair for virtual trade shows

HexaFair is another virtual event trade show platform that offers networking and integration tools for hosting virtual trade shows. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t provide many exhibitors who want to arrange live demos with the attendees. However, chat options and the attendee directory feature can help with networking. 

HexaFair: Key Features

Pre-Recorded Demos and Sessions

The platform doesn’t offer support for live demos within booths, but exhibitors can record their sessions for the attendees. When an attendee visits a booth, they can watch the pre-recorded video and then leave any questions they may have about it. Attendees can also leave their business cards for further discussion.

Teleport Navigation 

The Teleport navigation tool can get attendees to a particular booth without having to scroll through it all. While this can improve the attendee experience, it reduces their chances of finding something valuable that they weren’t looking for in the first place. 

Lead Management

With HexaFair, exhibitors may control all booth activity, particularly booth leads. You can scale your events easily on the go for better booth sales & audience participation. You can also make a list of the things exhibitors need to do in order to finish their onboarding and responsibilities. However, as per user reviews, there is not much scope for booth customizations.

1:1 Meetings

One of the benefits of holding a virtual trade show with HexaFair is that buyers may arrange one-on-one encounters with sellers. The integrated meeting calendar enables more efficient scheduling and fruitful interactions. However, this is not a unique feature as many competitors offer it. 


HexaFair offers three different pricing models:

  • Starter ($249 USD per month): For small engaging events, fairs, training sessions
  • Business ($699 USD per month): For events and fairs with interactive booths
  • Pro: For large virtual and hybrid conferences, events and tradeshows.

You can reach out to HexaFair team for more pricing details.

Pros & Cons



5. SpotMe

SpotMe for virtual trade shows

SpotMe offers solutions for small-scale events like webinars or elaborate events like virtual trade shows. The virtual expo platform offers customization of your event through presets and templates. You can add logos and brand colors, but a custom design is where it could get complicated for some users. 

SpotMe: Key Features

Engagement Tools

The platform offers some basic exhibitor and attendee engagement tools like Q&A sessions, polls, and other networking tools. The attendees can visit different booths, tune in to live webinars and network with the brands they’re most interested in. Adding more advanced immersive engagement tools can add value to the platform.

Event Builder

The event builder tool can help event organizers build the entire event from the platform’s backend. It offers complete customization of colors, branding space for hosts and sponsors, and templates for designs and layouts. However, the need for a dedicated project manager can make navigating the backend challenging.


SpotMe offers mobile-friendly events; attendees can also tune in through their mobile devices with an app. This can increase engagement, more logins, and boost reach to a more significant number of people. Building a fully customizable and white-labeled event app can be a costly solution, though. 


SpotMe offers four different pricing models:

  • Starter (Up to 2 virtual, hybrid or in-person events)
  • Business (Up to 5 virtual, hybrid or in-person events)
  • Advanced (Up to 25 virtual, hybrid or in-person events)
  • Enterprise (Custom plan)

You can reach out to them for additional pricing details. 

Pros & Cons



  • “The administrator side is absolutely nauseating to learn, navigate, and manage.” –  Megan M. – Industry Marketing Specialist.
  • “I think customization could be more user-led, sometimes I think that the back and forth with the designer could be streamlined if users were allowed to make changes/upload information themselves.” – Administrator in Think Tanks
  • “I would recommend the account management team have much closer contact with us to make us aware of exactly what services you offer.” – Verified User in Pharmaceuticals

6. Accelevents

Accelevents for virtual trade shows

Accelevents offers a range of networking tools and third-party integrations to help event organizers arrange a virtual trade show. The attendees can interact with exhibitors through text and video chat options, leave their business cards at booths, and download available content. In addition, exhibitors can post demos, link to their websites, and customize their booths. 

Accelevents: Key Features

Live Streaming

This virtual event platform has live-streaming capabilities. Exhibitors and event hosts can live-stream welcome videos and demos, make important announcements, host live talks, and conduct webinars. The platform, however, can be glitchy at times and users have had issues with studio and speaker features.

In-Event Integrations

The platform offers third-party integrations like CRM, social media channels, email marketing tools, live streaming tools, etc., to enhance capabilities. 

Live Polls

Accelevents also offers a live poll within the virtual event platform to gauge attendee engagement and boost participation. The in-event polls can also help keynote speakers, event organizers, and exhibitors. However, some users have reported needing help with post-event poll and survey data management because of duplicate entries. 


For attendees, Accelevents also provides networking opportunities, enhancing the experience. With the use of a dedicated live stream, promotional movies, downloadable materials, and 1:1 conversation, you can engage participants directly in your booth and turn them into prospective customers. Although networking is an advantage, the Accelevents learning curve is steep if you have not used this kind of software before. 


Accelevents offers four different pricing models;

  • Starter: $500/event
  • Professional: $5,000/event
  • Scale: $125/month
  • Enterprise: $1,250/month

You can contact them for additional pricing details. 

Pros & Cons



7. Whova

Whova for virtual trade shows

Whova virtual trade shows software markets its virtual expos and trade shows as its top solution and might be a good choice for all your events. Event organizers can control the layout and design of the event with customizable booths, event colors, and branding. In addition, it offers some essential event marketing tools and an online registration feature. However, they don’t offer chat moderation tools or dedicated tech support.

Whova: Key Features 

Custom Digital Booths

The custom digital booths provided by Whova showcase sponsors and exhibitors. Attendees can discover more about companies by reading the content displayed in each booth. However, Whova interface is a bit outdated and it doesn’t offer a 3D virtual booth like vFairs.

Engagement Tools

Whova offers audience engagement tools so that the attendees are present and participating. For example, your event can have live Q&A sessions with speakers, in-event polls, social media walls, and other gamification elements. However, the leaderboard can sometimes create unnecessary notifications.

Community Board

The virtual event platform also offers a community board that boosts discussions. The attendees can use this board to chat with each other and discuss mutual interest topics for effective networking. But unfortunately, the community board can generate a lot of push notifications for new posts and user activity which can get annoying.

Event Analytics

Event analytics tools can offer insights for event organizers. Following what the analytics show, organizers can make future virtual trade shows even better. The analytics can be complicated and the platform doesn’t offer a dedicated project manager like vFairs to help you out. 


The Whova pricing depends on various factors like event type, size and features required etc. You can contact them on their website for a quote.

Pros & Cons



8. 6Connex

6Connex for virtual trade shows

6Connex is a virtual expo platform for hybrid, virtual, and in-person events. 6Connex is a quick solution for hosting virtual trade shows that don’t involve a lot of technicalities. It is a simple virtual event platform that covers the basics and may not have everything you want.

6Connex: Key Features


The platform’s leaderboard feature allows event hosts to boost attendee engagement. Each activity, like a login, attending a webinar, or visiting a booth, warrants points. In addition, platforms like vFairs offer various gamification tools to create a more immersive experience for attendees.

Branded Exhibit Booths

The virtual event platform has a virtual environment where the attendees can visit different booths. The exhibit booths are customizable, and exhibitors can brand them however they want. In addition, improvements in the interface can make the attendees feel like they’re roaming around an actual exhibit hall. 


The event platform also offers some networking tools for attendees and exhibitors. The primary purpose of a virtual trade show is to enable attendee and exhibitor interactions. However, the platform does not offer video interactions or video discussion rooms. Exhibitors can only text potential clients.


6Connex pricing model is as follows:

  • Launch Eventory – Starting at $3,000.00 with one-time purchase
  • Launch Immersive – Starting at $12,500.00 with one-time purchase
  • Rise – 1 License Per Year
  • Soar – 5 License Per Year

You can contact them on their website for advanced pricing. 

Pros & Cons



  • “The platform is not responsive across variable screen sizes.” – Lilian M. – Consulting Work
  • “It is on the higher end of cost for virtual platforms, especially if you are only planning to utilize the platform for one event during your annual subscription.” – Administrator in Philanthropy
  • “The back end of the system is a bit bulky with multiple layers, but once you navigate a bit and get familiar, it is intuitive. It can be a lot to absorb initially for new users.” – Scott C. – Manager, Digital Support

9. Hopin

Hopin for virtual trade shows

Hopin can help you set up a virtual trade show booth with vendors, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. The virtual event platform supports various third-party integrations and RTMP streams, and you can also set up pre-recorded videos and demos. However, their packages can be on the pricier side.

Hopin: Key Features 

Email Marketing Tools

The virtual event platform can also help event organizers market their virtual trade shows. The built-in email marketing tool allows you to customize and send out emails. In addition, you can automate and schedule emails whenever you want. Unfortunately, the tool has to be set up from the backend, which can be challenging to figure out independently. 

Virtual Experience

A Hopin virtual trade show can have a virtual experience that includes webcasting, customizable event lobbies, chat rooms, and exhibit halls. However, the visual templates can look dated and don’t offer immersive networking opportunities.

Attendee Engagement

It offers 1:1 meeting opportunities between attendees and vendors for networking. Attendees feel more engaged due to interactive content, social media walls, and polls. However, you can improve the reporting tools for attendee engagement. 


Hopin offers four different pricing packages that are: 

  • Free ($0/month) *they will start charging based on additional users past 100.
  • Starter ($99/month)
  • Growth ($799/month)
  • Advanced Plan (You can contact them for advanced pricing plans) 

Pros & Cons



  • “The Salesforce integration has been SUCH A PAIN. It doesn’t work and our admin is having to do manual uploading.” – Anna C.
  • “There is a significant learning curve for administrators setting up the platform for an event.” – Nia G. – Program Coordinator
  • “One of the downsides is the fact you are limited to your attendee numbers.” – Katie J. – VP of Operations

10. ON24

ON24 for virtual trade shows

ON24 is built with marketers in mind and offers event marketing tools. However, they focus more on providing conference and webinar solutions than trade shows. Here are some event features, engagement tools, and integrations it offers. 

ON24: Key Features

Engagement Features

The virtual event platform allows your virtual trade show customization and you can design as you like. Once event organizers get their way around the complicated user interface, they can add tools like live polls, live Q&A sessions, gamification features, and surveys. 

Generating Leads

The virtual event platform offers tools within your virtual trade show to get you leads. For example, the booths can have customizable buttons that allow attendees to request demos, start a chat, or book meetings.

Virtual Lobby

The virtual event platform allows event organizers to design and build a customizable virtual lobby. So, you can design an event lobby that sets your event apart from others and allows for a more immersive experience. However, as the platform doesn’t offer a fully responsible and dedicated project manager, it can be hard to navigate through technical difficulties. 


You can request a quote by contacting ON24 on their website. 

Pros & Cons



Summing Up

The above list of best virtual trade show platforms can help narrow your search for the virtual trade show companies for your next event. Make sure you read reviews, note down your requirements, and review the available features on these platforms. An informed decision is usually the right decision so make sure you do your research.


How do you plan a virtual trade show?

The primary step in planning a virtual trade show is finding the best virtual trade show software to help you achieve your objectives and maintain open lines of communication with exhibitors. You may create a virtual trade show with increased accessibility for attendees that feeds the sales pipeline for yourself and exhibitors using a virtual trade show software.

How do online trade show platforms work?

These platforms typically feature virtual exhibition halls, booths, and interactive spaces where exhibitors can display content. Attendees can navigate through the virtual environment, access multimedia presentations, and engage in real-time interactions. Communication tools such as chat, video calls, and webinars are often integrated to replicate the networking experience of traditional trade shows.

What is the main benefit of a virtual trade show?

The main benefit of a virtual trade show is its ability to overcome geographical barriers and provide a global reach. Participants can engage from anywhere, reducing travel costs and time constraints. Virtual trade shows also offer extensive data analytics, enhance lead generation, and provide a versatile platform for networking and showcasing products or services.

What are the disadvantages of a virtual trade show?

One disadvantage to a virtual trade show is that they are not very personal. You don't get the one-on-one interaction with potential customers that you do at in-person trade shows where you get to speak to each interested person.

How do virtual trade show companies ensure data security during online events?

Data security is a top priority for virtual trade show companies. They employ encryption measures, secure hosting, and adhere to industry standards to safeguard sensitive information. Additionally, many companies offer customizable privacy settings and compliance features to meet specific client requirements.

How to do a virtual trade show?

To host a virtual trade show, start by selecting a reliable virtual event platform. Plan the event structure, including virtual booths, sessions, and networking features. Customize the virtual environment, promote the event through various channels, and ensure seamless engagement through live chats, webinars, and interactive elements.

How much does a virtual trade show cost?

The cost of a virtual trade show varies widely based on factors such as the chosen platform, event size, features, and customization. Basic virtual trade shows can start at a few thousand dollars, while larger, more complex events with advanced features may have higher costs. It's essential to consider the platform fee, marketing expenses, and any additional features required.

How do virtual events make money?

Virtual events generate revenue through various channels. Registration fees from attendees, sponsorship packages, and exhibitor fees are common sources of income. Additionally, selling virtual booth upgrades, access to premium content, and offering virtual event-related merchandise or services contribute to monetizing virtual events.

10 Best Virtual Trade Show Platforms 2024

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