TOP 5 EventMobi Alternatives & Competitors

Is EventMobi not meeting your all-in-one event management needs? Choosing the right event management platform can be daunting, given the available options. If you find yourself overwhelmed while trying to match the perfect software to your event’s specific needs, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will explore popular event management platforms, compare their features, and assess them against the popular Eventmobi software to find some of the best Eventmobi alternatives.

EventMobi Alternatives & Competitors At a Glance

Eventmobi alternatives & competitors table comparisonAs of May, 2024

Detailed Comparison of EventMobi and Its Competitors

What is EventMobi: Overview

Eventmobi logo

EventMobi is an event management platform that provides various event planning solutions. The platform assists organizers in planning, promoting, and delivering engaging in-person, virtual, and hybrid event experiences. The company caters to events of all sizes, from small-scale meetings to large-scale gatherings, and offers streamlined workflow services using advanced technology.

Let’s learn more about the platform’s features, Eventmobi competitors, and Eventmobi reviews. 

Key Features

Mobile Event App

EventMobi provides a mobile event app that enhances the event experience through engagement, networking, and content-related features. The app allows attendees to navigate the event and enjoy a personalized, immersive experience. Exciting features of the EventMobi app include an interactive agenda that enables attendees to organize sessions by their preferred time, date, or track. Additionally, the app offers networking features such as chats, profiles, and meetings.

While their mobile event app enriches the event experience for attendees, it does not provide advertising opportunities for event sponsors.

Event Registration & Badge Printing

EventMobi offers an event registration platform with a customizable website that streamlines payment processing and flexible registration forms. The platform also includes a drag-and-drop event badge designer and an app that syncs with the registration platform allowing organizers to create custom badges at scale.

Attendee Engagement

EventMobi provides a variety of features to engage attendees such as 1:1 meetings, gamification, polls, surveys, and more. With the help of the app, attendees can communicate with exhibitors and other attendees through one-on-one meetings. The platform also offers easy-to-use games and challenges based on passcodes, which enhance the engagement aspect of the event.

Event Management Software

EventMobi is an event management software that offers a range of features including CRM, integrations, and event analytics. It provides a single platform for all in-person, virtual, or hybrid events. The real-time engagement and reporting tools help event organizers understand popular sessions and measure attendee interactions.


EventMobi pricing is based on the number of users/attendees for single events. For instance, booking a single event with 500 users costs $4,500. Pricing packages range up to $39,900/year and can accommodate 5000+ users. They also offer year-round pricing plans for up to 1000 users.

User Reviews

“The team at EventMobi offered their suite of services to support our needs to present a Cross-Canada Virtual Education session on an important topic in the event and hospitality community. They provided excellent leadership to ensure our session was expertly presented.” – Darlene K, Mid- Market

“We have used the EventMobi mobile app for multiple years for a few events. We continue to use the app for a variety of reasons. It delivers a professional end result, allowing us to avoid printed programs, and therefore being more sustainable, as well as giving attendees an interactive platform to not only keep tabs on the event, but to network with fellow attendees and engage with show management.” – Verified G2 user

The only downside for me to using EventMobi it doesn’t synchronize with our database, so it doubles the work for me. When I create an event in our database, I need to re-create the same event in EventMobi. Honestly, it’s not a downside of EventMobi, but more a downside to our database!” – Anick D, Enterprise

“The platform wasn’t very intuitive on the admin or user side. We constantly had attendees calling or emailing who couldn’t navigate the platform come program day. It also wasn’t as visually appealing as many of the other platforms we have since looked at. It was fairly basic in terms of customization and having a “newer” look.” – Kiely C, Program Coordinator


When it comes to selecting best Eventmobi alternatives from the top event management softwares, vFairs stands out as the best choice. Globally recognized for its high-end technology features and advanced event management services, vFairs is an all-in-one platform that has revolutionized the traditional approach to hosting user-centric events. Its comprehensive set of features, including seamless event registration, badge printing software and detailed reporting tools, is designed to meet the diverse needs of every event.

 Key Features

Event Mobile AppvFairs event mobile app

The vFairs event mobile app is truly unique. With easy navigation, great sponsorship opportunities, and networking features, vFairs offers a personalized yet immersive experience to the attendees.

With the vFairs event mobile app, you can offer attendees contactless digital check-in using QR codes. You can also record attendees’ data upon arrival and allow them to self-check through the event mobile app.

You can create a fully branded and white-labeled event mobile app, providing attendees with a fully customizable screen for in-app experiences.

The vFairs mobile app offers attendees new ways to find contacts through attendee search and filter functions. You can also facilitate easy contact exchange for your attendees through QR codes and downloadable contact cards.


Event Registration & Ticketing Platform

vFairs online event registration

vFairs provides event organizers with highly customizable event registration forms using an easy drag-and-drop builder. The event registration and ticketing tools include options to integrate CRM solutions to manage attendee data seamlessly.

vFairs also offers bulk registrations for attendee groups,. The advance ticketing tool lets organizers offer group and early bird discounts to entice registrants. Organizers can customize multiple ticket types and tiers with different pricing, accessibility, and benefits using the vFairs event ticketing app. The advanced event registering and ticketing tool automatically segments users based on their responses and manages the data through the vFairs backend.

Lead Capture App

vFairs lead capture app

The vFairs lead capture app allows exhibitors to capture leads at an event by scanning attendees’ business cards or manually entering the data. With the vFairs lead capture app, exhibitors and sponsors can use filtration tools to identify and connect with targeted attendees.

Organizers can also measure leads captured at exhibitions with a real-time analytics dashboard.

Badge Printing & Check-Ins

vFairs badge printing app

vFairs offers advanced attendee check-in and badge printing software

Organizers can create unique QR codes to facilitate contactless or self-check-in at the event. The OR code is also printed on each badge so that anyone at the event can easily share contact information. You can customize the badge design, for instance, by adding a small prompt to help attendees start a conversation. You can also place sponsor logos and badges on the cut to increase sponsorship opportunities at the event. 

The badge printing software allows for pre-printing badges in bulk, looking up attendee profiles by scanning badges and using real-time reporting and a dashboard to check attendance.

vFairs advanced check-in and badge printing software can sync data swiftly into the CRM, ATS, and marketing software. The software also syncs with the lead capture app to enable exhibitors and attendees to easily capture leads by scanning QR codes on badges.

Event Analytics 

vFairs reporting feature

With vFairs’ advanced event analytics and reporting tool, you can monitor the event in real-time and receive detailed post-event reports. Organizers can track virtual event logins, on-site check-ins, and user activity in real-time and access all event data across hybrid and virtual platforms simultaneously.

What sets vFairs apart from Eventmobi competitors is its ability to create a more personalized event experience for attendees by tracking individual user journeys. Organizers can monitor how attendees navigate the event and how much time they spend in each area. Organizers can also measure the effectiveness of announcement popups and the number of clicks. 

World-Class Customer Support

vFairs Customer Support

 vFairs provides exceptional customer support for in-person, hybrid, or virtual events. The platform is rated no. 1 for customer support on G2 and offers highly trained program managers to guide organizations through step-by-step onboarding.

Customer support aims to exceed expectations and ensure all goals are met, offering support for event setup, live events, and post-event assistance. Moreover, vFairs’ customer support and success representatives strive to provide valuable event insights. If requested, vFairs sends expert customer representatives to in-person events to assist with tech set up, technical issues and attendee queries, ensuring a seamless event experience.


vFairs offers transparent pricing with no hidden charges. The all-in-one event management team provides essential annual licenses and premium and enterprise license packages. Additionally, vFairs offers complimentary dedicated customer success management and a dedicated project manager for every event. Free personalized training is also available for users, making vFairs one of the most excellent Eventmobi alternatives.

User Reviews

“vFairs has been there every step of the way with us, even though we’ve been working out a lot of logistical details on our end. Their professionalism and patience has been invaluable in bringing this event to life. ” – Nancy C, Small Business Owner

“We recently used vFairs to put on a virtual career fair for students across numerous school districts in the state of North Carolina and it was such a great success because of the platform! We look forward to using VFairs again!” – Elise L, Small Business Owner 

“I think vFairs’ Event Management Platform is extremely robust and extensive. The coordination and integration between the website, mobile app, on-site representation, and backend support helped us elevate our brand and offer an enhanced experience for our clients and event attendees” – Sandra D, Small Business Owner 

“I would recommend anyone that had to pivot to online events to use vFairs or for anyone that considers hybrid events. The platform serves as a hub for the meeting and really made our virtual meeting feel like a real one. No attendees ‘got lost’ in the virtual space thanks to vFairs. The ability to customize each virtual space and make it on brand really made a difference to our attendees. The design team is simply amazing at creating whatever you need.” – Hanna L., Director


Cvent logo

Cvent is an event management platform that provides similar features to EventMobi, including mobile event apps, registrations, attendance tracking, and check-ins. The platform offers branding, push notifications, and attendee messaging through its innovative mobile app. It also provides badge printing software, a lead capture app, and online registration software. 

However, unlike popular  Cvent alternatives, the platform does not offer sponsorship opportunities in the mobile app. Its pricing structure is divided into an annual license fee and a per-registrant fee, with different quotes for different solution types. 

User Reviews

“We use Cvent Event Management to manage our events and membership database. We use Cvent for event set-up, registration, speaker management, sponsor and exhibitor interaction, attendee engagement, and feedback afterward. Cvent has streamlined our processes, allowing a small staff to concentrate on other activities related to our conferences and providing a better experience for our attendees.” – Julia H., Small business Owner 

“I love how customizable Cvent is. Our use case is very complex. We have tried other event planning tools, and nothing has met our needs as well as Cvent has. It is extremely easy to use, with specific instructions every step of the way! And if you have questions, the Cvent community is there to help!”- Alisa W., Mid-market Owner

“The testing environment could be a bit challenging at times because you are required to submit a code every time you are testing it through the browser There is a big learning curve from the old app”. – Verified  G2 user in Real Estate

“In presentations to sell the Cvent service, there are several graphics and options shown that require the use of a graphics designer or one of their specialists at $150/hour. I’d have respected the company more if they only showed what their site could do alone.” – Julie-Michelle D., Meeting Manager


Bizzabo logo

Another from the list of Eventmobi competitors is Bizzabo. Bizzabo offers easy-to-use registration software with free and paid ticket types, promo codes, and advanced field customization.

Bizzabo’s event app helps attendees network throughout the event. Notable features include attendees’ ability to ask questions, participate in session chat channels, and answer live polls. Moreover, attendees can create their agenda for a more personalized experience.

Like Eventmobi, Bizzabo also offers a feature for push notifications and real-time announcements on its event app. Bizzabo focuses on customer support through features such as synchronous and asynchronous training. Customer support also includes event setup, registration flow, assistance with email campaigns, and analytics.

Apart from being one of the most popular names in the events industry, users who have used Bizzabo often complain that the product is initially difficult to use. This makes event set-up quite time-consuming. 

User Reviews

“Very easy to use and intuitively onboarding new users” Benedicte F., Head of Global Communications.

“We appreciate Bizzabo for its user-friendly interface and visually appealing design, making event management a seamless and aesthetically pleasing experience. We use Bizzabo to cover events every month and if we have any issues, the customer support is great.” – Tom R., Content Manager.

“Becoming familiar with all the­ features of Bizzabo can be time­ consuming. It might feel overwhe­lming at first. Although the platform prioritizes networking, incorporating additional virtual e­ngagement tools could enhance­ remote participation. The re­porting function is robust but could benefit from streamlining to make­ it more user-friendly.” – Yasmine H, Communications Coordinator.

“The technology for virtual events may have interruptions with firewalls, government networks and/or company group policies that restrict third-party cookies. The workaround is using linking to a Zoom webinar or something similar, which is not Bizzabo’s fault but is at times inconvenient.” – Dan J., Web Developer.


Accelevents logo

Accelevents is an all-in-one event management platform that supports in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The platform offers a mobile app for attendees to manage expenses and receive real-time updates. It also provides virtual event software, registration tools, check-in, badge printing, and self-check-in kiosks to streamline event management.

Professional services start at $5000 for hosting a single event with up to 500 registrants, and organizers can opt for add-ons such as dedicated event support and a mobile app.On the other hand, vFairs offers project management services free of charge, and their customers consistently value the 24/7 support they receive.

User Reviews

“I found the tool to be easy to use, easy for attendees to log on to, and the team was great with customer support.” – Liz L., Cheif Community Officer.

“Accelevents has all of the great features that you need in a registration and virtual event platform, but where it really shines is the speed and dedication of its support staff. While I love all of the features, what stands out to me the most is how quickly I can get a resolution when something goes wrong. – Danica G, Mid-market Owner.

“The JavaScript-based code can sometimes cause a challenge when multiple event managers are looking at working on the same element at time. The last to edit save feature of the asynchronous but automatic saves can create a dueling piano situation for event managers.” Andrew E., CMO.

“It can take a bit of “team effort” if also using an outside audio visual company for live streaming to the Accelevents platform, as the timing of the video feed to the platform can be off by a few seconds, but the support team at Accelevents has always been amazing.” – Michael S., Small-business Owner.


Whova logo

Whova is an all-in-one event management platform that offers event solutions for in-person, virtual and hybrid events. The platform provides event mobile apps, event management tools, event registration features, and efficient attendee check-in with check-in and attendance management features. You can also generate professional name badges and manage speaker information for web and mobile. However, Whova’s pricing policy is not clearly stated, and you need to request a quote to obtain more details.

Regardless of Whova being a comprehensive event management platform, previously, participants criticized Whova for its lack of flexibility and customization when tailoring the app to meet specific event needs.

User Reviews

I appreciate Whova’s rewards system, which adds an extra incentive for engagement and participation. Whova has streamlined my event planning process, making it easier to manage every aspect efficiently.” – Dionelou P., Founder

“I found everything about Whova helpful. It is a very useful and easy to use app and helped me to keep track of the agenda. I liked the fact that I was able to pull the speaker bio for each of the presentation. I had no trouble understanding it how it works.” –Gabriel P., Enterprise Owner

“As a Vendor, it would have been helpful if there were some live one-on-one chat. As a conference participant, it would be nice if there were a way to prioritize alerts. Much of what showed up as alerts wasn’t important to me and there were so many that I had a difficult time catching the things that were important, i.e., I missed a group notification of the time for when a conference planning team picture was taking place and ended up missing the opportunity to be included in the group photo. Being able to ask our own questions instead of picking from a list of questions for icebreakers would have been nice. There are only so many times you want to answer what type of animal you’d be or what your ideal job would be..” Melissa G., Program Evaluator ll

“It is quite overwhelming for first-time users with limited tech background and I think the User Guide could be improved to include some things that may be considered minor. Also, the mobile app should be updated to allow attendees to view event time in local time, as is the case on the web app.” – Piniel Tawanda., Mid-market owner

Choosing The Best Eventmobi Alternatives

When it comes to organizing an event, choosing the right event management platform is crucial for its success. If you’re currently looking for a suitable Eventmobi alternatives from the list, consider vFairs. With vFairs you can benefit from an outstanding event mobile app, advanced registration and ticketing tools, first-rate check-in and badge printing software, as well as remarkable event analytics and reporting features. Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is always available to help pre-during and post event. Contact us to learn more about what vFairs can offer you.

TOP 5 EventMobi Alternatives & Competitors


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