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Virtual events have made it possible to tap into global audiences. Your company might be headquartered in Chicago but there’s nothing stopping you now from entertaining both your south-asian and middle-eastern audiences uber conveniently. The world of events is truly your oyster now. 

But with new opportunities come new challenges. How do you tailor a single event to such diverse audiences? 

Luckily, virtual events have come a long way. With tons of tools that improve inclusivity, event hosts have been able to offer customized experiences for all their audiences.

One such tool that deserves a special mention is is an all-in-one real-time language translation service that’s especially designed for events.

Make Every vFairs Event Accessible with is a dedicated language translation and accessibility tool that’s powered by AI. It enables event attendees to view event content such as sessions, videos, and documents in their native language. It also provides support for people with hearing loss, making every event that you host more inclusive. 

Let’s take a look at how this helps live, semi-live, and pre-recorded events.

1. Live Virtual & In-person Events

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Whether you’re hosting a virtual, hybrid, or solely physical event, offers real-time language accessibility. Here are the features that make this possible:

  • Automatic captioning: link your event audio with and display automated captions to your webinars and stage presentations – however you’d like. 
  • Auto-pilot & auto-translate: without having to worry about hiring an interpreter, select your language of choice and easily display session translations irrespective of whether they’re live or pre-recorded.
  • Supervised AI: Let AI work with your team. With this method, you can make corrections to the AI-generated transcription in real-time prior to releasing the caption.
  • Interpreter subtitles: If you’re using an interpreter, have their speech automatically captioned by the software. Display these subtitles as they speak in real-time.

2. Semi-Live Virtual Events

an image of vfairs accessible auditorium with

Source: IEA Global Online Conference Case Study also caters to semi-live virtual & hybrid events so your pre-recorded sessions can be viewed with ease across the world. 

  • Virtual teleprompter: If your speakers are delivering their session on the stage, make their life easier with a virtual teleprompter that tells them everything they need to discuss. This is especially useful for event hosts and MCs!
  • Manuscript: This offers the highest quality of caption and translation. Upload a script or pre-recorded audio or video, view and edit the subtitle in advance, then during the event, a remote operator releases the script line-by-line.

3. Prepared Content

an image of the language options with also offers support for prepared content such as documents and videos. 

  • Document Translation: auto-generate translations in your choice of language for documents, scripts, handouts, and more. You can also review and edit the AI-generated translations to iron out any kinks.
  • Slide Translation: generate translations for each slide of your slide decks and have them displayed alongside.
  • Audio/Video Transcripts: receive transcripts for all your audios and videos. Once they’re ready, just upload them to the software, review the translation, and export the files.
  • Caption & Subtitle Files: similar to the transcripts, you can also access subtitle files for all your videos in over 60 languages.
  • Translation Memory: keeps improving itself by using real translators to supervise the auto-translations. That’s also why your translation will improve over time as learns from your files and keeps improving itself via its auto-replacement database.

How do I Set up for my Event?

Getting started with is uber easy. Head to their website for more information or view this quick setup video.


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How to Make Virtual Events More Accessible with

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