Virtual Trade Show Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

Trade shows are an important part of the business world. Yes, they are everywhere. But why? The biggest reason would be – to build or strengthen professional relationships! Gone are the days when people had to spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets and hotel bookings. They had to suit up to reach the venue early in the morning so they could save their seat at a jam-packed trade fair

Now since everyone favors digitization, be it a company or an individual, the virtual landscape offers nothing short of in-person events. A virtual trade show benefits both attendees and organizers as it offers great networking and sponsorship opportunities — similar to the physical environment but comparatively safe, easy, and a lot less overwhelming.

virtual trade show benefits

As I was sipping my evening tea, I thought long and hard about virtual trade show benefits. I finally concluded that apart from just monetary benefits, there are so many other reasons for choosing the virtual landscape for hosting events. What are those reasons and how can vFairs help? Keep reading to find out more:

1. What’s Better Than a Trade Fair? A Cost-Efficient Virtual Trade Fair!

One of the many virtual trade show benefits is the level of investment. Businesses can organize a virtual event with relatively low cost for a higher ROI. How? Through virtual trade shows, companies can generate maximum convertible leads straight from their offices without having to worry about bills piling up. This is especially favorable for those with smaller budgets who can not afford to book big convention centers with lobbies, lounges, and exhibit halls.

Not just this, they let you save a fortune on printing materials and handouts. They can also reduce cost significantly by not spending budget on parking, airplane tickets, traveling cost and commute. VFairs – a virtual fair trade hosting platform allows organizers to get premium booths, in-event webinar slots, branding activities, gamification, and top-level advertising only for a nominal fee.

2. Go Green with Virtual Trade Fairs

Virtual trade shows offer an eco-friendly solution. The environmental impact of virtual events is twofold. In a good way, of course! All the traveling leads to a carbon footprint which negatively affects the environment. But when you are attending an event online – no more traveling.

Additionally, virtual events are way more sustainable than in-person events such as no wastage of food, no garbage, no use of paper, no spread of the covid virus, and relatively lesser consumption of energy. Ultimately, it makes us feel good about ourselves since we are at least trying to play our parts in making the environment friendlier and eventually, the world a better place.

The best part is that – companies can attract a massive and diverse set of audiences and sponsors with whom they can share their services and products.

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3. Easily Kick-Off your Sales Process Right From the Virtual Trade Show Floor, Cool Right?

In-event Product Orders for Higher Sale Volume

virtual trade fair benefitsVirtual trade fairs offer an amazing opportunity for trade businesses to sell their products. You can sell your merchandise virtually between events and the audience can buy without having to leave the event. All you need to do is integrate your product lists to your virtual platform. Attendees can then browse through the product lists and add the items to their carts which as a result gives you a chance to drive substantial ROI. It’s as simple as that.

Give Access to Product Documents for Lead Generation

virtual briefcase vfairsContent not only drives your event but gives you a chance to familiarize people with your brand; brochures, product specification sheets, guides, and eBooks, everything has its own strengths. People usually tend to take their time before making a purchase decision.

So, even if you didn’t get as many leads during the event as initially anticipated, give your attendees a chance to download and save your content to refer to, in case they change their mind. Content sharing is a very powerful lead generation tool. Keep in mind!

Initiate Live Demos Through Video Chat to Build Interest 

There is nothing as captivating as live product demos. Through vFairs live chat options both audio and video, business owners can initiate virtual product demos and sales pitches to increase their presence in front of those who are actually interested.

chat widget - vfairsVisual demonstrations are more effective than simple audio or text chats. Potential customers can not only understand your product or services but it can also help them to make informed buying decisions in the future, Viola!

Moreover, through the chat feature, you can easily search user profiles for target personas, get referrals, hit a wider audience- that too LIVE and introduce newer people to your brand and find new contacts and leads throughout the event.


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4. Good Lord, Don’t Even Get Me Started on the Networking Opportunities!

Drop-in Your E-business Cards

Man is a social animal; we seek networking! Therefore, virtual trade fairs make it breezier for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to interact with each other. All the major key stakeholders can create their online profiles to elevate their presence. Everyone can engage in group chats and share their e-business cards.

meeting scheduler vfairsThey can ask questions; lots of them, and access all the information they need through document attachments – it’s basically a matchmaking activity with the right people. All the analytics from chats are stored in a database as they happen which enables you to better nurture your leads after the event has concluded.

Meeting Scheduler for VIP Sessions

Connect buyers and sellers through reserved meeting slots. The best part is – with vFairs you can have all the power you need to schedule one-on-one meetings during the event. Attendees can seamlessly pick a suitable time for arranging on-the-spot meetings whereas you can access and see scheduled meetings for the day as well.

Webinars for Exposure & Visibility

virtual trade show benefitsCapitalize on the virtual platform through webinars and conferences. Do you know that, unlike in-person events, virtual fairs can run for as many days as you like? No? Well, now you do. These flexible and easy-going timelines give you a chance to arrange unlimited webinars, symposiums, and conferences.

This way brands can get more exposure and visibility. Moreover, webinars are a great way to exchange information, build partnerships and get feedback from attendees to stay at the top of your game. Also, you can add your links to social media and websites for maximum web traffic.

Entertainment Sessions for Engagement

They are social events specifically designed for networking. Entertainment sessions such as gamification can get your attendees all the excitement they expect. They stay engaged throughout. Do you know what that means? They are living the moment and not browsing through their Snapchat stories.

Attendees can compete with each other to unlock interesting prizes. You may have to work a little bit harder to come up with interactive booth/ gamification ideas at first, but once you have caught their attention, there is no turning back! It only goes up from there. So be sure to immerse them in an atmosphere full of enthusiasm, and excitement to increase your brand equity and perceived value.

virtual trade show benefits

5. Let’s You Show off Your Brand with Customized Branding Options

Stand out from the Crowd

It’s never wrong to show off your brand. Here, I said it. The aesthetics matter a lot. Just like in-person events, virtual events enable you to make the entire booth arrangement visually appealing with limitless branding options such as with vFairs you can put up your sponsor logos, the background of your choosing, video upon entrance in the event, and so on and so forth.

Customized branding lets you set the tone of your booth, virtual lobby, lounge, auditorium, and exhibit halls. Also, branded landing pages make everything look even better.virtual trade show benefits branding

Woo Your Attendees with Email Marketing

Email marketing helps you build up the pre-event hype and gives you the much-needed strategic advantage of bringing in more attendees. Through your pre-marketing emails, you can offer your attendees an incentive which as a result will draw them towards your event. The total audience count will be tenfold and I am not even exaggerating.

virtual trade show benefits

It’s Time to Choose vFairs!

vFairs is not only a cost-cutting tool but is a networking and marketing hub for the potential top-of-the-funnel planners who are looking for newer ways to arrange trade shows in changing global landscape.

Even though in-person events may never disappear completely, virtual trade show benefits offer a reliable and scalable alternative to physical events no matter the global situation. Speaking of which, vFairs can help you hit your business goals to improve your bottom line.

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Virtual Trade Show Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

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