Why you should engage through virtual job fair platforms even if you’re not hiring immediately

With the introduction of new and improved forms of talent acquisition, one thing remains consistent – companies are always looking for skilled and motivated individuals to complement their goals and boost their growth.

Several virtual job fair platforms have been providing the support — as well as the online visibility that these companies require — to fill up vital roles. However, it is not necessary for you to participate in a virtual job fair only when you’re trying to fill open positions at your organization. A virtual job fair platform offers features that will help you connect with top talent around the world and boost hiring processes in the future.

In this article, we’ll tell you why you should engage with candidates at a virtual job fair platform even if you’re not hiring immediately.

Reason #1. To develop strong brand awareness

Everyone’s got a dream organization that they aspire to work at. What makes it a dream in the first place is the way the organization brands itself.

You don’t necessarily have to be hiring at this very point but it’s important for you to showcase yourself as a top brand in the industry since excellence does not develop overnight. Smart employer branding will encourage  top talent to jump at the very first opportunity they get to become a part of your organization.

A virtual job fair platform allows you to showcase your expertise and to highlight employee programs at your virtual booth. It also allows you to share documents and videos consisting of information that you’d like to share with candidates visiting your booth.

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Reason #2.To maximize brand visibility

Whether you’re a participating company or a sponsor, a virtual job fair platform offers massive visibility in the form of multiple features you can opt for. A pop-up banner allows you to showcase your name, logo, and brand tagline to attract candidates to your virtual booth and engage with resources or representatives.

Furthermore, you can choose to add banners across different areas of the virtual job fair platform, as per your preference. After all, this is your chance to put yourself out there!

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Reason #3. To have real conversations instead of just interacting with resumes

Katharine S. Brooks, Executive Director of the Office of Personal and Career Development at Wake Forest University, says a career fair is a form of public relations for a company. “It’s a way to get your name out in a positive light, to encourage talented job seekers to consider you, and to have a conversation with real people, rather than resumes.

While you are free of any direct recruitment responsibilities, you can take time to network with a diverse pool of candidates and understand the sort of people that could contribute to your company at a later stage.

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Reason #4.To nurture qualified connections

A virtual job fair platform allows you to refer back to your candidates profiles and get in touch with those that fit your ideal criteria, and refer back to when you’re hiring.

For attendees who fit your ideal criteria, this is a fairly important reason why you should be at a virtual job fair platform even when you’re not hiring immediately.

man having a video call with potential employer on a virtual job fair platform

Final thoughts

A virtual job fair platform does not only have to be a part of your talent acquisition strategy for when it’s hiring season. As a progressive company in this fast-paced world, if you wish to find top talent before your competitors find them, you are required to engage with them early on.

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Why you should engage through virtual job fair platforms even if you’re not hiring immediately

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