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Customer success is always our goal; our recent achievement working with Nestle to bring their Virtual VIPurina Day from an idea to actualization was another great testament to the ability of the vFairs team to keep pushing events’ levels of excellence. A Career Fair held on the July 11th, the objective was for Nestle Purina to connect with top young talent across universities to promote an interest to build their professional futures at this reputed organization. Previous strategies involving physical campus based drives were proving too time and cost intensive involving administrative hassles, inefficiency, and overall lack of one-on-one engagement needed to really strike a relationship with the upcoming talent.

With these challenges in mind, vFairs provided a solution that overcame these obstacles using our dynamic virtual platform where the client would host a career fair inviting students, parents and university staff to attend from across an extensive range of campuses simultaneously. The benefits included not only extended outreach, but brand awareness and fuss free interactions – top level management all got a chance to speak about company culture, and establish a very accommodating atmosphere to deliver all the physical event benefits in a more convenient online setting.

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1) Use Webinars for Memorable Introductions: The virtual career fair provided an auditorium with scheduled sessions from the Chief Human Resources Officer and Direct of Talent Sourcing. How does this help? In a physical setting, it would be next to impossible for such high level management to attend every campus event Nestle Purina targeted for talent acquisition. The webinar helped the HR executives in not only making more impactful personal introductions but also welcoming attendees, and communicating what makes Nestle Purina and their corporate environment better than the rest.

This focused interaction with HR heads made it easier to for visitors to strike a connection, get excited, and cultivate genuine enthusiasm towards being a part of an organization so invested into their employees. Even better- visitors unable to join the sessions at announced timings always have an option to come later and replay the webinar to still gain valuable information.

Virtual Auditorium
Virtual Auditorium

2) Corporate  Branding: The client wanted the virtual event to feel very close to their physical set up. Upon entering the event, the lobby was customized with a high resolution image of the company’s actual reception area, including their actual front desk staff. Replicating the look and feel in a virtual setting was done to authentically represent the business brand to ensure that it remained unique with a distinct personality and culture.

vFairs is a highly customizable platform with a range of solutions available to help precisely cater to client’s branding needing so that there is no one-size-fits all approach; all our events are consistently a powerful extension of the message they choose to deliver.

Event Lobby
Event Lobby

3) Showcase Your Departments: The virtual career fair was organized so that all departments had their separate areas not only providing details of opportunities available, but also allowed sharing of short videos with department heads explaining their values, vision, and objectives to reflect both culture and expectations.

Various departments including Accounting & Finance, Audit, Engineering, Marketing, HR & Safety all had specific booths that could be visited by students to hear messages from department executives, including possibilities, work life and career prospects available.

Department Booths
Department Booths
Department Introduction and Media
Department Introduction and Media

4) Announcement Banners: Don’t leave your audience guessing what to expect from the event. The virtual career fair communicated clear timings of webinars, with the 12 to 4 p.m. slot dedicated exclusively to visitors learning about entry-level and internship opportunities across departments of their interest. Staff from each department was available to answer questions, share advice, and guide interested attendees on how to apply for the positions.

Furthermore, announcement banners also delivered clear information pertaining to auditorium’s live sessions and the timings that company representatives would be available to speak at the booths.


5) Live Chat: There were chat rooms available not only for different departments, but also one for general information where representatives from Nestle Purina answered queries, and held a very informational Q&A session, thus enabling active knowledge sharing on a grander scale than physical events would permit. The visitors expressed great appreciation for this feature, and were able to walk away with a lot of details and resources to benefit from.


The Nestle VIPurina Day was a massive success, and we have the results to prove it.

With hundreds of visitors for every booth on average, there is absolutely no question that the virtual career fair route was much more powerful than physically held talent acquisition initiatives. Reaching out to a crowd at such a high scale within a matter of hours without worry about travel, marketing collateral, staffing, or department scheduling conflicts made this a seamless, engaging, customized and brand promoting event targeting the right audience with the right accuracy.


…The event turned out great, and we are very grateful for all the time and effort you put in to making it happen. I really enjoyed working with you all!” – Emily Ingalls (Employment Brand, Talent Sourcing)

… The event turned out great and I enjoyed working with you all as well.” Brittany (St. Louis Talent Sourcing)

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