Virtual Exhibitions: The Complete Guide (2023)

Virtual exhibitions are the best way to showcase all you have. There are numerous benefits that companies, brands, exhibitors, and people from different spheres of life can squeeze out of a virtual exhibition.

Organizations continue hosting virtual exhibitions even after planners push in-person events back into the picture. The recent survey results showed that 51% of respondents are willing to host virtual exhibitions because of reduced expenses compared to in-person events. Moreover, 20% of respondents believe virtual exhibitions are more time-saving than in-person exhibitions.

Following this piece, we will discuss fundamentals, benefits, types, and a lot more about virtual exhibitions.

Chapter 1: Virtual Exhibitions Fundamentals

Compared to traditionally set-up exhibitions, virtual exhibitions have much more to offer. Besides being convenient in many ways and affordable for brands and exhibitors, virtual exhibitions are a great way to build community. However, before we jump into details, the following are virtual exhibition basics.

What Is a Virtual Exhibition?

virtual exhibitions by vFairs

If we go by the traditional definition, the public display of events and products is an exhibition. However, art exhibits and student project showcases are the more popularly growing virtual exhibition types that give the phenomenon a new meaning.

Compared to conventional exhibitions, virtual exhibitions have a lot more to offer. From affordability to promoting a convenient medium for customers and brands, virtual exhibitions are the most reliable way for networking, community building, and highlighting the company’s narrative.

Besides providing a sustainable platform for displaying the company’s narrative, online exhibitions serve many more purposes. To make the most out of a virtual exhibition, one must be familiar with the tools that help execute a successful online display. The easier way is always to partner with a well-acclaimed event management company to host a virtual exhibition. Still, learning the basics of hosting a virtual presentation is necessary.

How To Start Planning a Virtual Exhibition

Virtual exhibitions are becoming a popular choice for event planners for many reasons. From allowing companies to demonstrate products to potential buyers to enhancing company image, virtual exhibitions are an excellent choice.

Before you gear up for a virtual exhibition, you need to have your priorities set. This includes a clear vision of what you want to achieve from your virtual collection. You can have multiple purposes for your virtual group. You can introduce new products to your audience, generate sales, improve the company image, and so on. Here are some steps to help you plan and execute a successful virtual exhibition in 2023.

Step 1: Plan Ahead

Hosting a virtual exhibition takes a lot of work and time. The key to a successful online presence is early planning. Suppose you want to foresee challenges and combat them before they disrupt your event. You should start planning your virtual show months before the launch date.

Planning a virtual exhibition involves a lot of work. You must start by researching the topic, working on your subjects, inviting speakers, setting a clear road map, and much more. However, suppose you feel intimidated by the responsibilities. In that case, there are virtual event platforms that can help you plan, manage, and host a successful virtual exhibition.

When partnering with a virtual exhibition expert like vFairs, you get your virtual exhibition responsibilities sorted quickly. vFairs recommend its customers connect with virtual exhibition experts at the platform at least four weeks before the event launch. It involves preparing the virtual exhibition event from finish to start. Furthermore, the team will assist you in exploring your entire pre-event marketing strategy. This timeline is suitable for setting up your live event for success.

Step 2: Prepare a Budget Breakdown

Budgeting can save you from excess stress. A budget breakdown includes deciding how much you want to spend on virtual exhibition platforms, marketing, and more. You can either stay on top of your expenses by carrying out a budget for your event or trust a virtual exhibition planner.

budgeting sheet by vFairs
budgeting sheet template by vFairs

For instance, vFairs help you budget your event—vFairs offers assistance from event planner professionals. You can grab a quote for your event by simply contacting the vFairs and looking at the platform’s budgeting sheet to get an idea of how a leading virtual exhibition platform deals with event budgeting.

Step 3: Choose an Online Platform for the Exhibition

There are a good number of virtual event planners that offer virtual exhibitions. However, only some virtual event platforms provide advanced features that can guarantee a successful online event. We recommend putting your money and efforts in the right place.

vFairs is undoubtedly the most reliable event managing platform among the well-recognized virtual exhibition planners. vFairs scored the highest rating on G2 with the number one platform satisfaction score.

vFairs offers a wide range of virtual exhibition fair features that helps organizers in executing a successful virtual exhibition.  Here are features by vFairs offers for you to kick start your virtual exhibition fair. 

Virtual Environment

vFairs lets you leverage user-friendly 3D designs to create exhibit halls, auditoriums, and immersive lobbies. Here are some features that come with virtual environments:

  • Draw more audience attention with interactive exhibit booths.
  • Deliver a message of diversity and inclusion with super-interactive animated avatars.
  • Offer support and assistance with the help desk in a mesmerizing virtual environment.

Pre-event Marketing

With vFairs, you can use a custom domain and build landing pages to make your event content more exciting. Here is what more you can do with the feature:

  • Send automated emails and reminders to your audience through vFairs pre-event marketing features.
  • Craft customized emails and set up emails for your target audience.
  • Host multilingual content to give the audience a sneak peek into your virtual exhibition.

Interactive Exhibit Booths

virtual booth at a virtual exhibition hosted by vFairs

The excellent part of partnering with vFairs, is choosing interactive booths from a wide range of professional booth templates. Further are some more points to consider:

  • You can add customized graphics and avatars to your booth.
  • You access downloadable documents—videos, and other resources to help you with your event content.
  • Your attendees can engage in booth reps through chat, moderated Q&As, meeting schedulers, etc.


There are plenty of engagement features to make your virtual exhibition event. You can hook your audience with trivia, leaderboards, and scavenger hunts. Moreover, here is more of what the engagement feature offers:

  • Send event alerts and notifications so your attendees are always alerted throughout the event.
  • Live polls and Q&A sessions can help you grab instant feedback from your attendees.

Reporting and Analytics

reporting feature offered by vFairs

To ensure your event is heading according to the plan, vFairs allows you to get real-time metrics with a live dashboard. The reporting and analytics features also let you:

  • Visualize each user’s journey.
  • Make use of the detailed post-event report.
  • Track resource downloads and booth visits and predict views.

Customer Support

A 24/7 custom rapport is a rare virtual event planner feature vFairs offers. Further, the customer support feature offers.

  • A dedicated project team along with professional end-to-end project support.
  • Rated numer one on G2 for its unique customer service.

Step 4: Promote and Start Registrations

Before you put your event live for the audience, it is wise to understand your virtual exhibition’s marketing needs.

It would be best to spark excitement among your target audience for the upcoming virtual exhibition you planned. You can do this by opening up registration for the online event some days before the launch date. Once you grab information about your target audience through their filled registration forms, you can send reminder texts or emails about the virtual event.

Step 5: Create a Virtual Exhibition Lobby

Once you have grabbed the required registration, you must prepare a pleasing virtual lobby to welcome your audience. A mesmerizing virtual lobby will help you generate more publicity and attract more sponsors to your event.

An interactive virtual exhibition lobby is not only attractive to the audience. Instead, the host can grab better sponsorship opportunities through virtually pleasing graphics and banners within the lobby.

Step 6: Allow Interactive Elements

Virtual exhibitions have all the leverage to explore interactive elements to keep the audience hooked and engaged. You might wonder what more you can do with a virtual exhibit to make it more exciting. Well, we have a solution for you.

vFairs takes care of this part as well. The platform offers many interactive virtual features that will go best with your online event exhibition. You can keep your audience hooked with trivia games, Q&A sessions, live pools, chat options, and much more. Remember the scavenger hunt that can keep your audience attached to the platform for a long time.

8 Benefits of Hosting Virtual Exhibitions

How will you know if hosting a virtual exhibition is the right move for you? Following are some of the most significant benefits of hosting an online exhibition for your brand. Have a look.

1. They’re More Affordable

Let’s face it, hosting a virtual event, be it an exhibition or trade show, saves you a lot of money. Virtual exhibitions not only eliminate travel and food costs but also offer convenience that grabs a global audience.

If you want to understand further the cost difference between hosting virtual and in-person events, then this article will help you: Cost Analysis: Virtual Career Fair Vs. Physical Career Fair.

An in-person virtual exhibition requires many more resources, which can be heavy on your or your company’s pockets. From having a budget for a stand spare to buying and shipping furniture and dedicating a certain amount for meals, you need a lot of resources to organize an in-person exhibition.

On the other hand, a virtual exhibitor eliminates most of the high-cost elements. A virtual exhibition can be much more convenient for your organization if you are not ready to spend a heavy imprint on an in-person event.

2. Attract More Brands and Sponsors

Virtual exhibitions are a great way to attract more brands and sponsors and generate better leads. Once you partner with a reliable virtual event planner like vFairs, you can get a customized virtual environment which is a good attraction for sponsors. With advanced virtual exhibition fair features, you can allow sponsors and brands to take full advantage of the exposure.

The customized virtual environment allows exhibitors and attendees to connect and engage seamlessly. The upgraded networking opportunities in a virtual exhibition are also an attractive way to grasp more sponsors and brands to your platform.

3. Become Eco-Friendly

There is no debate on how physical events can significantly impact the environment. At the same time, it continues to contribute to carbon footprint and waste. However, with a virtual exhibition, you can limit the devastating impact on the environment that in-person events cause. The environmental impact of a virtual show is minimal and only involves using devices.

Fortunately, your intentions to help the environment cannot go in vain with vFairs. With the vFairs Go Green & Global campaign, you can become a certified Global Changemaker. All you have to do is host a greener virtual event with vFairs and reduce your carbon footprints.

vFairs team helps its clients contribute to a more sustainable events industry. vFairs not only helps its clients execute a successful eco-friendly event but also rewards them for going green & global.

4. Reach a Global Audience

There is no better way to extend your reach and introduce your company’s predictions and services to a larger audience than hosting a virtual exhibition. A virtual collection maximizes the visibility of your event, exhibitors, sponsors, and more. By taking the global stage, you can target a wider audience, going beyond the home, and entertain many potential clients from around the globe.

5. Sell Advertising Space to Exhibitors and Sponsors

Since you have taken the opportunity to conduct a successful virtual exhibition with a renowned virtual event organizer like vFairs, you have a lot to advertise to your potential exhibitor and sponsors.

The opportunity to reach more comprehensive, diverse and twice as many audiences is a benefit that can not go unnoticed among your sponsors and exhibitors. There are also unlimited features and tools that vFairs offers to your sponsors and exhibitors to raise their brand awareness. Showing them the opportunity to increase visibility, sponsor logo placement, customize virtual booths, and more is a great way to capture more eyeballs for their brand and, in return, earn highly-qualified leads.

The possibilities for your sponsors and exhibitors to earn higher recognition are endless. And since you are familiar with all that vFairs offers you, your sponsors, and exhibitors, you can leverage the information for your benefit.

6. Sell Sponsorship Packages

Apart from selling advertising space, there is so much more that you can sell to your sponsors and exhibitors. For instance, vFairs lets your exhibitors and sponsors enjoy customized and fully-branded virtual booths, which your exhibitors want to take advantage of. You can develop sponsorship packages to sell the feature further to your exhibitors and sponsors. You can start by charging admissions fees; it is one of the most popular ways to make the virtual exhibition a profitable event for you.

7. Sell Post-Event Content

There are so many ways that vFairs lets you make your event profitable even after the event is over! The event communication should be something other than a point to leverage only as the event is in talks. Instead, you should be ready to sell an enormous amount of actionable data on attendees during events, nurturing processes in creating involvement, sponsored emails, and more.

8. Create Content That Can Be Repurposed in the Future

On-demand content is revolutionizing the virtual event industry. Therefore, you should come up with content that doesn’t grow old. Creating content that remains relevant for a long time is an excellent way to sell your virtual event to your desired exhibitors and sponsors. Your exhibitor and sponsors would love to be part of an event that can be in the talks for a longer time. You, in turn, can generate more revenue from evergreen on-demand content.

Top Features to Look For in a Virtual Exhibition Platform

You might have a lot going on in your mind when trying to choose the best virtual exhibition platform for your event. Well, we are on the same page as you on this. You should put some effort around searching for the best virtual event platform for your event. Fortunately, the time we live in has a lot to offer us. Many virtual event platforms provide unique features for a successful online exhibition.

However, the trouble again comes from choosing the right platform among hundreds of options. Further, here are some more features from vFairs that make the best choice for your virtual exhibition.

Branded Exhibitor Booths

Once you partner with vFairs for your virtual exhibition, you are in for some fun, and exciting features—vFairs allows you to give your exhibitors complete control of their booths. Your virtual exhibition platform helps your exhibitors grab the attention of attendees, share information, and increase brand recognition through highly customizable booths.

Through branded exhibitor booths, your exhibitors can choose the design, and graphics, select colors, pick avatars, and upload downloadable content and videos to engage their visitors.

Group and Private Chat

With group and private chat options, you can increase the attendee engagement for your virtual exhibition. Your exhibitors can also take full advantage of the chat options, such as hosting a group chat or creating 1:1 audio or video meetings to connect better with the leaders. These chat options help generate more leads, make a convincing sales pitch, and ensure the attendees have a long-lasting interest in the event.

Convenient Document Sharing

There is much you can do for your virtual exhibition. For instance, the convenient document-sharing feature lets you publish product resources such as tutorials, use case data, spec sheets, and release information. Moreover, your attendees can save resources in their virtual swag bags. These dedicated resources can later help them with downloading content and studying.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Apart from attracting a wonderful audience, generating great leaders and increasing networking opportunities, you want to squeeze all possible sponsorship opportunities out of your virtual exhibition.

You can monetize your event with various sponsorship options. This way, you can give your sponsors the best way to receive maximum exposure in the virtual exhibition fair. At the same time, you can count on the number of sponsors coming your way.

Chapter 2: How to Make Virtual Exhibitions Interesting

Before you launch your virtual exhibition, you must clearly understand what you want to clear. Most virtual exhibition hosts look for ways to make their events memorable. It includes coming up with exciting features to boost visibility and engagement in the event.

Engagement Features for Virtual Exhibitions

Virtual exhibitions are fun only if they are free from back-to-back sessions that do not offer attendees time to freshen up. The good part is that introducing games and other icebreakers have become a virtual event industry trend. To become part of the growing tradition, you need to grab the exciting engagement features for your event to rise Above the noise. The following are super-interactive engagement features that will keep your event and audience alive for extended periods.


Make your virtual exhibitor an extended virtual webinar with unbreakable sessions, or create an interactive virtual exhibition that offers attendees a chance to relax, chit-chat, and learn.

Long informative sessions are a disaster recipe for successful virtual exhibitions. Instead, what you should be doing is encouraging more Q&A sessions for your attendees. Fortunately, vFairs has got you covered over here as well. vFairs offer a highly-interactive virtual event feature that offers both Q&A and polls. These engagement features can be easily navigated so that only relevant queries make it to the platforms, and your target audience can grab only the relevant information.

Networking Lounge

The networking lounge is indeed a networking feature you should be longing for. The feature lets you establish a dedicated place to join chat rooms, take a break from the event and meet people. This is one of the best ways to ensure attendees enjoy the event, relax, and network. However, you can also create chat rooms based on popular topics or topics that strike common interests.

Photo Boothphoto booth feature by vFairs

What is the best way to ensure the attendees have a memory of the event they were a part of? A photo! In a long list of fantastic engagement features, vFairs offers an opportunity for your attendees to take fun photos in a photo booth.

The virtual photo booth is about more than just taking pictures. You can also create entertaining gifs out of them. You can play around with filters and backgrounds to truly bring your own hip and happening side to the event. The photo booth gallery lets other attendees select their favorite photos and leave likes.

Surveys & Polls

Polls during webinars allow you to look at your attendees’ feelings about the exhibition. These polls are also great for understanding what attendees prefer and what they would like to learn more about. Polls are super helpful when it comes to collecting attendees’ information.

Triviatrivia feature by vFairs virtual exhibition platform

You can make the event enjoyable with trivia. Trivia lets you keep the event alive with exciting questions and better engagement. Moreover, vFairs integrates with the highly interactive trivia game Kahoot. Kahoot is a game that brings people with similar interests together. This game is integrated with a bunch of vFairs events and makes virtual events even more fun and interactive.

Scavenger Hunt

We all know about scavenger hunts, but how familiar are you with a scavenger hunt for your virtual exhibition? The scavenger hunt has items around the event and shares a list of clues for your attendees to find them. Each hidden item has a score attached to it. The more things you have collected, the more points you win.

This is one exciting way to keep your event. A scavenger hunt is also an intelligent way to drive more traffic to strategic spots at the event. You can send your attendees to a gold sponsor’s booth by placing a hidden item. Indeed, a scavenger hunt is a popular virtual event engagement feature, and you should take advantage of it!

Spin the Wheelspin the wheel feature by vFairs

Spin the wheel is perfect if you find more ways to keep your virtual exhibition exciting and award your attendees. You use a customizable spin wheel and attach different values to each segment. The pointer then chooses which element to land on. This is one exciting way to keep your attendees hooked to the event for longer.

Social Media Wall

With integration with, vFairs lets you collect all social media posts related to your event. After collecting all the seats for your event, you can add them to a real-time branded feed on your event. This way, your attendees can see what people are talking about your event and how your event is catching up more attention.

vFairs Spatial Connectvirtual exhibition feature by vFairs - spatial connect

vFairs’s proprietary feature, Spatial Connect, uses 3D simulation rooms to bring more physical networking to exposure in a virtual setting. Attendees can move a virtual avatar through the virtual space as if walking through an actual venue. Their avatars can connect via audio/video with others in their vicinity and spark interesting conversations. Your attendees can enjoy concerts and speaker sessions while chatting with one another.

Here are some insights into how the Spatial Connect feature works:

  • Users can create more of their avatars with keyboards.
  • Close-quarter audios allow attendees to enjoy private conversations only with users nearby.
  • Multiple rooms let you collect information about different areas of interest.
  • Native reporting lets us gauge the time used through spatial connection.

Breakout Rooms

vFairs lets you create a small workshop, also called breakout sessions. These breakout rooms are split into small groups where attendees are asked to solve problems as a team. Breakout sessions are highly collaborative. Therefore, it is also one of the most efficient features for fast networking.

Miro Canvas

The Miro platform allows attendees to celebrate with each other on an interactive whiteboard. The whiteboard will let attendees share their ideas and plan activities and workshop projects. One great thing about this integration is that the feature works on video, making it easier to feel like you are part of in-person group work.

Matchmakingvirtual matchmaking feature by vFairs

Virtual matchmaking pairs people with similar interests in a virtual event. Once people are paired up, they are brought together in a video call to speak exciting conversations. This is amazing for significant events like virtual exhibitions, corporate events, or alumni reunions. This feature has been super popular in virtual job fairs where applicants can find suitable candidates easily.


The leaderboard features let you incentivize specific actions and award attendees for their participation. You can attach points to the above-listed engagement activities or other actions people take within the event, such as visiting a specific booth or watching a webinar. This will encourage your attendees to be more active in the virtual exhibition and also help you create an interactive virtual event.

Chapter 3: Types of Virtual Exhibitions

By now, you know that the possibilities feel endless with virtual exhibitions. However, to take your shows to the next level, you must get the basics straight. It includes understanding the types of virtual exhibitions and what they require.

Here is a quick breakdown of what we mean by different types of virtual exhibitions.

Virtual Product ExhibitsVirtual Product Exhibits by vFairs

Virtual product exhibits bring unlimited virtual sales tactics to practice. You not only get the chance to connect better with your customers through a virtual product exhibit, but you can also get access to qualified leads.

Your customers get the comfort of viewing and understanding your product and the product journey through the comfort of their homes. The complete digital experience gives you a better return on your initial investment.

A virtual product trade show is best known for providing better sales and opportunities. This is primarily because, like any other virtual exhibition, a virtual product exhibit lets you reach a broader, more diverse audience. The chances of getting a diverse audience through the in-person virtual presentation are limited.

vFairs allows exhibitors to design personalized booths to get more audience attention and enable them to represent their company better. It is something you can not do on your own.

Apart from getting better-qualified needs, your product trade shows provide branding opportunities to corporations and small businesses. The smaller brand gets a better chance to spread the word about its products and services and get valuable exposure without putting all of its capital at risk. Moreover, suppose you are attending a product exhibition relevant to your industry. In that case, you will likely see a lot of competitors onboard. It is the perfect time to learn more about your industry, inquire about upcoming trends, and gain insights into how your competitors work on their products.

Virtual product exhibits are also a great way to socialize. Suppose you did not get to mingle with your exhibitors and people. In that case, hosting a virtual product allows you to run into many more professionals in your industry. If you want to learn more about how vFairs can help you grow in your industry by allowing you to host a virtual product exhibit, then click here.

Use Case: Altogether, Live

Alto, along with vFairs, was able to put up a massive virtual product exhibition on September 14, 2022. The event took a closer look at sales, accounts, and marketing that make ALTO different from the competition. Moreover, keynote speakers, a network lounge, and more top-notch virtual exhibition features by vFairs made the event a huge success.

Virtual Museum Exhibits

Similar to a virtual art exhibition; virtual museum exhibits are a great way to ensure that art and history get their due attention. The art community has been actively adapting to the world’s change after the pandemic. Virtual museum exhibitions came into play with this change in dynamic and acceptance of new habits.

Online galleries or virtual art/museum exhibitions benefit when virtual exhibitions bring together the right people.

Virtual galleries and museum exhibitions benefit the artist, but they are also excellent attractions for art lovers. Art lovers might want to be in an in-person environment where they can feel the art and artist closer. However, after the pandemic preferences of art lovers have changed big time. The comfort of enjoying the presence of other art lovers and classic art is one luxury of living in a digital age.

A virtual museum exhibition is the best time to earn better leads, exposure, and a wider audience. You can grab so much from hosting a virtual presentation for your museum. However, the demand is to ensure you combine our art with a virtual exhibition service from a reputable virtual event organizer. Here is an example of how a certified virtual event order can help you with a successful virtual museum exhibition.

Use Case: NOC UK Virtual exhibitions

Like everyone else, National Oceanography Centre UK decided to organize a virtual open day with vFairs. With vFairs, the organization brought a diverse audience to its event. The event was worth remembering with virtual exhibit booths, scavenger hunts, chat rooms, and more.

Student Showcasesstudent showcase virtual exhibition

You might be familiar with open-day virtual events, but do you know how popular student exhibitions are? Colleges and universities are on their best game to host the best student exhibitions to showcase their talented students.

Virtual exhibitions are primarily for architecture students to showcase a variety of a building in a digital space.

Use Case: Young Enterprise Trade Fair

Young Enterprise Trade Fair, in its 13th edition, was able to bring a record number of teams and their companies. The event was a success with vFairs, a virtual platform with unique features that allowed students to represent themselves at their respective virtual booths. The student showcase exhibition took place on March 14, 2022.

Health Care Exhibitions

virtual health care exhibition

It should come as no surprise that the healthcare industry is at its best speed to introduce future advances in healthcare with a forward-thinking approach. And what’s an innovative, practical, and convenient way to spread information over virtual healthcare exhibitions?

Virtual event organizers like vFairs are best to partner with if you want your virtual healthcare event to enable an increased ROI and earn better profits. The platforms offer various services to help adapt to whatever is required to create a successful show.

Use Case: Lymphoma Workshops

One example of a successful healthcare virtual exhibition is lymphoma workshops. Lymphoma Workshops are regional, one-day educational programs that provide the latest information about lymphoma, diagnosis, current treatment options, and patient support issues.

The virtual health care workshop was supported by the leading virtual exhibition platform, vFairs. vFairs provided its services to help Lymphoma Research Foundation connect lymphoma experts with patients virtually.

Virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows are best when hosted by a virtual exhibition expert. Virtual trade shows involve promoting products and services to a broad audience.

These days, virtual trade shows are going pretty great. Be it appliances, food snacks, or unique-looking furniture. There is nothing you cannot promote in a virtual trade show. Most of these events have been successful when paired with a virtual event organizer with the best services.

Well, you do not have to fret over finding one because vFairs will handle all your troubles. vFairs lets you sit back and relax while you grab qualified leads. Apart from having a greater global reach, better return on investment, and increased visibility, there is much more you can earn by hosting a virtual trade show with vFairs. If you’re still in doubt, this interactive piece will help you learn about virtual trade shows and how vFairs is the best partner you can choose for your investment virtual trade show.

Virtual Art Exhibits

It is a secret that the entertainment and arts industry suffered the most during the pandemic. However, with crisis comes innovations. The pandemic could not stop independent arts and galleries from showcasing their work. Virtua art exhibits have been a savior for artists who wanted to display their hard work in the most effective way possible.

Virtual art exhibitions are a trend that has continued even as the pandemic has settled and people have started interacting in person again. It is mainly because virtual art exhibitions conducted by a professional virtual event organizer let artists earn wider exposure with limited investment.

There are several virtual art exhibitions where artists have launched their products in a digital space and for a complete digital audience.

Chapter 4: How to Attract Exhibitors to Your Virtual Event

By now, you know how big virtual exhibitions are. However, hosting a virtual event is more than just an opportunity for your exhibitors. Instead, the more you invite good-quality exhibitors to your show, everyone involved stands in gain.

9 Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event to Exhibitors

To ensure your virtual exhibition becomes a massive success, you must have the best exhibitors on board. Exhibitors are the power behind a successful virtual arrangement. However, finding quality exhibitors is challenging when hitting a virtual show with a lot of competition.

Nevertheless, as we have suggested a lot of effective moves to conduct different types of virtual exhibitions, we are here to help further as well. Here are some helpful tips to attract an excellent show for your virtual collection.

1. Inform Them about Creative Ways They Can Promote Their Brand

When you have decided to link with a virtual event organizer for conducting a virtual exhibition, you will surely benefit from many tools and features. For instance, vFairs comes up with a bundle of advanced virtual event tools and the best features for a successful virtual exhibition. So instead of keeping the information to yourself, you should guide your exhibitor on how they can leverage the tools and features to connect better with their audience.

2. Networking Opportunitiesnetworking oppurtunities in virtual exhibitions

With vFairs, the networking opportunities are endless. The platform lets your exhibitors and attendees develop connections within the event. vFairs offers live chat tools to engage with a more comprehensive, diverse, and global audience through a single platform.

3. Lead Generation

Lead generation is the top priority for your exhibitors. Therefore, with vFairs, your exhibitor can search profiles to find the best fit for their target audience and request them to set up a meeting during the event.

4. Marketing Tools

An event can only aim for success with the proper marketing techniques. To help you create hype for your event, vFairs offers a broad range of marketing tools. vFairs offers long-lasting content tools through virtual booths, pdf, videos, slide decks, etc.

5. Product Listing

With vFairs, it just gets better. Your exhibitors can showcase unlimited products without having to deal with additional costs.

6. Online Saleslive attendee stats ns by in virtual exhibitions in vFairs

In the case of virtual trade shows, your exhibitors can access real-time updates of attendees’ book products, shortening sales cycles, and more.

7. Offer Marketing and Sales Consultation

One thing is for sure, the success of your virtual exhibition depends upon the success of your exhibitors. Offering marketing and sales consultation services might go beyond the standard scope of work. It will surely help you execute a successful virtual exhibition. Similar to his vFairs team will introduce you to a wide range of features to produce successful results. You also have to convey the information to our exhibitors further.

It includes informing them about the gamification features that can make events more exciting. Also, integration features convert maxim online leads into sales and much more.

8. Provide Measurable Results

Just like how you expect to receive real-time updates on how your event is going through your virtual event organizer. Your exhibitors also need evidence of ROI. It would help if you informed them about all the additional aspects of participating in your virtual event.

It is essential to keep in mind that exhibitors are at the back line of your event. You must take all the proper measures to attract reading companies to become part of your virtual exhibition. It might be challenging, but once you partner with vFairs, you have so much to offer your exhibitors that they cannot reject.

9. Additional Sponsorship Opportunities sponsorship oppurtunities by vFairs in virtual exhibition

There is no better way to attract good quality exhibitors for your virtual exhibition than by offering them accessible additional sponsorship opportunities. You must put forward all the ways your sponsors can gain value from your virtual event.

As we said, once you are fortunate enough to join hands with vFairs, there is almost nothing that you have to worry about. You can find ways to offer additional sponsorship opportunities to your exhibitors. Instead, vFairs does the job for you.

Chapter 5: Emerging Use Cases for Virtual Exhibitions

It is no secret that virtual exhibitions have taken over traditional exhibitions. We have seen the benefits of turning everything virtual in the past two years. However, even with virtual exhibitions, change is inevitable. A lot is happening in the virtual exhibition space. The following are some emerging trends you will witness this year and beyond.

Virtual Reality Exhibitions

Virtual exhibitions have taken their place in this ever-evolving world. You must develop new and innovative features to stand out from the crowd. Like any other marketing plan, the first thing you want to do for your virtual exhibition to succeed is grab the audience’s attention. Well, one way to do it is to let everyone know you’ll bring innovation to the table.

Virtual Reality is an emerging event industry trend and is helping companies in the following manner:

  • Many companies are eager to develop VR products that can pique the interest of their exhibitors, sponsors, and audience via virtual reality.
  • Virtual Reality enables you to do something different, critical, and, most crucial, something that grabs eyeballs. Suppose you are looking forward to launching a virtual reality trade show. In that case, your audience will likely be bombarded with thousands of sales pitches.
  • Virtual reality helps in making a lasting impression. VR develops multisensory experiences that can engage the audience to a level that is hard for others to match.

Virtual Reality, for even industry, is a growing phenomenon. Small and big businesses are ready to jump on the VR bandwagon for all the right reasons. Once you start advertising that you are creating a virtual reality experience for your next virtual exhibitor, you will gather more attention.

Imagine this: You are hosting a virtual showroom exhibition with unlimited potential. However, in an in-person showroom, you will be spending more money on the venue rent than you will make at the event. However, with virtual reality’s benefits, your virtual showroom can have unlimited floor space.

Virtual Reality with Museums

Virtual reality exhibitions are getting popular with museums as well. Museum exhibitions with virtual reality offer installation, games, and much more. With virtual reality exhibitions, people can interact rather than witness an art exhibit. Virtual reality exhibitions provide a complete sense of freedom.

There is so much more than virtual reality can offer to virtual event industries that will blow your mind. However, we are still waiting for virtual Reality to be made in the event industries!

Virtual NFT Gallery

Similar to virtual reality exhibitions, NFT virtual galleries are also getting much attention in the event industry. Virtual galleries are similar to galleries in the real world, pretty much. However, unlike real-world galleries, virtual galleries in a virtual world can get fans from around the world to interact with the collection.

Here are some reasons behind the popularity of NFT virtual galleries:

  • While blockchain-based virtual galleries have become super popular, NFT enthusiasts have also made their way into the virtual gallery world.
  • The NFT lovers can host their collection in a virtual gallery and let virtual and augmented reality features enhance their experience.

Virtual reality exhibits and virtual NFT galleries are a few emerging cases in the virtual event industry. You should keep an eye on so much more revolutionizing happening in the event industry.


How long does it take to set up a virtual exhibition?

To have a successful virtual exhibition, we recommend you contact event professionals at vFairs a few months before the event launch. The team will handle everything, including event planning, software onboarding, event design, and uploading content.

How many booths can I have at my virtual exhibition?

With vFairs, there is no worrying about booths. You can set up an unlimited virtual exhibition booth, and the team will set them up for your exhibitors. vFairs has successfully hosted virtual exhibition events with over thousands of booths.

What kind of content can exhibitors add to their booths?

Your exhibitors can find information about their company, product, and service, PDF manuals, videos, external links, and custom HTML content. Moreover, each booth is virtually administered by a representative from the exhibiting company.

How many attendees can vFairs support?

vFairs support unlimited registration. Therefore, you can feel free to have as many attendees as you want on board at your virtual exhibition

How long can the exhibition stay live for?

Your event can remain live for as long as you wish with vFairs. You can get a yearly license to keep the event live for an entire year. You can then renew the right to hold the event live indefinitely.

Virtual Exhibitions: The Complete Guide (2023)


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