Organizing a career fair requires time, money, and commitment. For organizations, the success of a career fair depends on the number and quality of hires. Ford was in need of a career fair as well – an event that would fulfill its hiring needs. By contacting vFairs, Ford was able to put forward its needs, get an innovative solution from vFairs, and achieve desirable results.

  • Problem: A career fair that allows shortlisting candidates and interviewing them on the spot
  • Solution: A virtual career fair with the resume search tool and chat scheduling option to reserve an interview slot with the shortlisted attendees
  • Result: A successful event with more than 2,300 registrations and 1,500 job applications

About the Host

Ford has always been known for its devotion to innovation. Founded in 1903, the company soon embarked on the idea of mass production and introduced the concept of the assembly line in the automotive industry. With its presence worldwide, an employee base of almost 199,000, and 65 manufacturing plants across the regions, Ford is one of the most profitable car manufacturers in the world. 

Revenue Stats of Ford

Revenue of leading automotive manufacturers-2018


  • Wanted to organize a career fair to meet the global recruitment needs of the organization at a large scale
  • Needed a platform to reach out to the desired talent and conduct interviews of suitable candidates during the event
  • Physical career fairs have numerous limitations with high investment, staffing, and logistical requirements
  • Shortlisting candidates in the absence of a sophisticated tool was a major limitation of a physical career fair-preventing the HR team from conducting interviews during the event
  • Desired a cost-effective hiring solution to help the recruitment team in hiring the right talent for various departments by connecting with attendees without being rushed or overwhelmed.


Being a successful virtual events hosting platform that is trusted by world-class organizations, vFairs assessed the needs of Ford and presented a solution in the form of a Virtual Career Fair. vFairs provided customized functionalities to fulfill the needs of Ford and make the hiring process a breeze. 

The following features were added to the Virtual Career Fair for Ford.

Customized Booths for All Departments

Ford was in need of hiring employees for the following five departments.

  1. Financial services
  2. Technology, data, and analytics
  3. Engineering manufacturing and product development
  4. Core business functions
  5. Emerging business autonomous vehicles and mobility experiences

Exhibition Hall of Virtual Career Fair for Ford

For that, vFairs organized five booths in the exhibitor hall to make it easier for both the attendees and the departments at Ford to exchange relevant information. The booths offered video content, job descriptions, and information about the company in general to the attendees.

Virtual Booth for Ford Virtual Career Fair

Chat Scheduling for Department Representatives

One of the main concerns of Ford was to be able to conduct interviews of attendees during the event. To cater to that need, vFairs provided a chat scheduling option to the department representatives at the booths.

This enabled the representatives to reach out to the attendees they found suitable for the organization and request to schedule a call or chat with them. 

Chat Scheduling in Ford Virtual Career Fair

This, coupled with the general audio/video/text chat feature provided by vFairs, enabled two-way conversation between the attendees and the company representatives while empowering the departments to book interviews with shortlisted candidates there and then.

Search Resumes and Shortlist Talent

Without being rushed or overwhelmed, the department representatives were able to find the right talent by searching through the resumes. The built-in search resume filter incorporated in the virtual career fair prevented qualified prospects from falling through the cracks.

This feature enabled the representatives to accelerate the screening process, conduct interviews, and hire candidates in a timely manner.


vFairs successfully enabled Ford to achieve its hiring goal with the help of a virtual career fair tailored to the needs of the organization. The event supported presentations, live chat, resume search, and resources in the form of videos and documents in an immersive virtual environment that provided an exceptional experience to the attendees. This enabled Ford to achieve its hiring goals while getting measurable insights.


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