Unlike on-site events, virtual event platforms offer organizers more robust metrics and data. They allow hosts to optimize the entire attendee experience, provide lead data for exhibitors, and deliver unforgettable events. 

vFairs offers a ton of live attendee stats from our backend dashboard, but we’ve made it even easier to check basic event metrics from right in the event venue. That’s right, vFairs now offers live attendee stats right within the virtual venue.

Hosts and exhibitors can access these stats quickly and easily. This feature will provide a faster way for them to access real-time data about how many people are active within your event. You can quickly and easily see where the traffic is and how many people are interacting with your event at that moment. All of this will help hosts increase participation and attendance at their event.

This also means that there are now a total of three different ways to extract data from vFairs:

  1. Live-attendee stats from the event frontend
  2. Various event reports from the Reports tab in the event backend
  3. Post-event reports downloaded as CSV files from the event backend 

an image of vfairs' live attendee stats

How will this help hosts?

Encourage Attendance

Most virtual events usually stay live throughout the day, witnessing some peak hours and some slow ones. During anticipated peak hours, hosts can monitor how many attendees are live within the venue. If there is a low attendance rate, that’s a great signal to send out a reminder email to those who haven’t logged in, share a post announcing ‘we’re live’ on social media, or any other effective promo channel.

Lead Attendees Through The Venue 

You can view live attendee stats that show whether your attendees are in important areas within the venue. For example, when your keynote presentation is in progress, you can view how many people are in the virtual auditorium. If there aren’t many visitors there, create an announcement popup asking your attendees to head to the auditorium for the presentation.

Gear Up Your Exhibitors  

Throughout the live event, most people make their way across the exhibit hall, exploring various booths and learning about their products and services. This means that these times are absolutely critical to have the best reps manning the booths, answering questions, and collecting lead data.

Our live attendee stats make this seamless! Exhibitors can instantly tell how many attendees are live at any given point, and how many exhibitors are active in their booths. This also gives them a better sense of the competition in case they’d like to pitch their services more aggressively.

How can you access this data?

To access these attendee stats: 

  • Click on your name at the top-right corner of the event interface. This is also known as the ‘Logout Menu’.

  • Click ‘Live Stats’

  • A popup will show up in the bottom righthand corner with your stats
  • View high-level live attendee stats such as logged-in users, logged-out users, etc. 

For more details on how to use this feature, check out our resource article here.

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