Diversity in Ed & vFairs: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion One Virtual Job Fair at a Time


Promoting diversity doesn’t end at acknowledging underrepresented groups or minorities. It is about providing equal opportunities to skilled and enthusiastic candidates so that employers can benefit from top talent regardless of ethnicity and background. It is about seeing the global community progress, as a whole.

According to McKinsey & Co, diversity makes organizations more effective, more successful, and more profitable. With this mission in mind, and a solid approach, Diversity in Ed set out to construct a framework that allows them to facilitate diversity in recruitment. In doing so, Diversity in Ed, with their bold ambitions, entered the virtual events industry way before the world had discovered its innumerable perks. Having hosted virtual job fairs for the last seven years, the organization knew exactly what they wanted from their virtual event platform.

Three years into working with other virtual job fair companies, they decided to partner with vFairs – a platform they could trust with the goals they had set for their organization. 

Why was vFairs their #1 choice?

 “We really liked the interface,” says Trina Edwards, Director of Operations & Customer Success at Diversity in Ed. 

The team at Diversity in Ed was impressed by the fact that the vFairs platform offered it all – from 3D designs and an immersive environment, to the simplicity and ease of navigation – both playing a key role in inspiring and facilitating their exhibitors and young attendees.

virtual job fair lobby

What challenges was Diversity in Ed looking to overcome with a virtual job fair?

Diversity in Ed wanted to set up a cost- and time-efficient process for candidates, exhibitors, and themselves. While they knew virtual job fairs were a cost-effective alternative to in-person events, they wanted their observations to be translated into the environment they were offering to exhibitors. 

Since Diversity in Ed works with school districts, teaching associations, and other organizations in the education sector, their biggest challenge was to maintain credibility with their exhibitors and top-quality candidates they were known to attract.

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What was the plan of action?

On October 28th, Diversity in Ed, supported by the vFairs platform, inaugurated a mutually beneficial environment, not just to network and build connections, but to avail the opportunities based on talent instead of privilege.

Here’s how Diversity in Ed created a space for candidates as well as employers.

Benefits for Candidates:

  • Students were exposed to diverse opportunities to kickstart their careers, all on a single accessible virtual job fair platform.
  • They were able to start live conversations with potential employers – in text, audio as well as video formats.
  • They were provided with coaching sessions in a virtual auditorium, to acquire career growth aids such as interview training, resume writing, and so on.
  • Graduate school experts held additional sessions for candidates who were looking to continue their education on a graduate level.

Benefits for Employers:

  • Participating employers were able to meet with other schools and high-quality candidates from different backgrounds and perspectives to diversify and maximize their reach.
  • Exhibitors could showcase their own school/district’s diversity initiatives and recruitment forecast to attract top candidates.
  • Employers could engage with candidates that met their criterion and take hiring processes forward from there. 

virtual auditorium

In addition to the platform’s effective functionality, the event was commended for its carefully crafted 3D designs. Each area of the event was prepared to ensure ease in navigation. 

Since a number of attendees were college students, time management was critical to the organizers to make sure students didn’t have to miss out on important lessons in order to be at the virtual job fair. Therefore, they chose to have a clean and simple environment that was easy to use and explore.

What was the best thing about your virtual job fair?

I love the fact that people can not only do text chat, but they can also do audio and video chat on the same platform!

– Trina Edwards, Director of Operations & Customer Success at Diversity in Ed.

After 4 years of success with vFairs, the team at Diversity in Ed stated that the platform’s capabilities were thoroughly enjoyed by exhibitors as well as attendees, truly fulfilling the purpose of their events each year. 

When asked about their experience with the team at vFairs, Trina responded saying, 

“Excellent! Just no other words to describe it!” 

They were absolutely thrilled by the extraordinary customer service and the reliability that no other could beat in terms of a virtual job fair platform.

information desk at virtual job fair

Having entered the virtual events space long before the world had discovered it, Diversity in Ed believes they are ahead of the curve and wish to continue their fruitful partnership with vFairs to actualize their progressive strategies and build a diverse and inclusive world.

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Diversity in Ed & vFairs: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion One Virtual Job Fair at a Time

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