Product Update: Host Multilingual Webinars with Interprefy


Starting off this month with yet another exciting new update! Wanna take a guess? 

It’s vFairs’ newest integration with ‘Interprefy’. 

Whether it’s a virtual conference or a trade fair, no more limiting your target audience to specific countries or languages. Because with Interprefy as your interpretation partner, connecting with the global audience just became a lot simpler. 

vFairs & Interprefy

Interprefy is a translation application through which your participants can enjoy real-time interpreting of your virtual event webinars, presentations and conferences in their chosen language – all within the vFairs platform. 

So let vFairs help you make your next event multi-lingual and boundary less. 

vFairs & Interprefy

Benefits of Using Interprefy at vFairs Events

Multilingual for Global Connectivity

Seamlessly connect with your audience in any language through any live webinar platform. You know what that means? No matter which platform you choose for your vFairs virtual event — whether it’s Zoom, Skype, Vimeo or anything else — your attendees can listen to your presentation in their native language and feel connected. 

host live webinars with vfairs

The best part is that attendees do not need any special device or hardware. Using the feature is super easy and seamless for your live virtual event attendees. Once they have entered the auditorium, after clicking on your live webinar session link, all they need to do is select their language from vFairs virtual platform and participate from anywhere in the world. 

Cut Down Costs on Hiring Interpreters

Interprefy when combined with vFairs’ virtual hosting platform enables you to host and deliver events to a wider audience irrespective of the event scale either large or small. Through remote simultaneous interpretation technology interpreters work entirely remotely which not only reduces the costs otherwise spent on hiring interpreters but allows you to find the best possible interpreter only for a nominal integration fee. 

vFairs & InterprefyMakes Virtual Events Accessible

Interpretation helps in providing an adequate access of your event to everyone; which as a result promotes the idea of inclusivity and accessibility. It not only gets the message across but also helps you have a competitive advantage. So with vFairs make everyone feel included starting today! Moreover, the cross platform functionality is above and beyond meaning whether your attendees are connected through mobile devices or laptops, interpretation services will run seamlessly in any case. 

Audio Quality for High Accuracy

vFairs and Interprefy offers high quality audio interpretation. Also, live simultaneous interpretation makes everything even better. With live interpretation, world class interpreters from Interprefy will translate what the keynote speaker or presenter is saying in real time. Interpretations are live from a soundproof booth designed specifically for clear audio. Whether you are hosting a large scale conference or a small webinar, live simultaneous interpretation has you covered with sound and image fully synchronized.

Top-Class Customer Support from vFairs & Interprefy 

Hosting your virtual event for the first time with live interpretation services? No need to worry! Because vFairs vFairs & Interprefyprovide unmatched support when it comes to our clients and when combined with Interprefy’s ‘worldwide professional services team for support’ you can effortlessly ace your virtual events. 

Seamless Set-up for Clients Worldwide

The integration is readily available to all our clients. Don’t have technical experience? Nothing to worry about because Interprefy can be easily integrated to vFairs. Just add Interprefy’s already available code to your webinar, hit confirm and keep it going!

vFairs partnership with Interprefy not only enhances the attendee’s digital experience but facilitates vFairs in making the global reach possible for its clients and that too in a very cost-efficient way. 

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Product Update: Host Multilingual Webinars with Interprefy

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