Increase Interactivity in your Virtual Webinars with Zoom Presentations


We have great news for you! You can now host Zoom presentations without ever leaving the vFairs virtual event platform. In addition to embedded Zoom webinars, your presentations also have all the functionalities that Zoom presentations have to offer. 

Yes we know being directed to a new tab outside the platform for meetings, presentations and webinars is a hassle. But not anymore. 

You can obviously sense our excitement for this new upgrade to our already best-in-class virtual event platform. Let’s see what this means for you then, shall we? 

Benefits of Zoom Presentations

Attendees Call the Shots 

Your attendees have the ultimate control. They can do what a normal Zoom call would allow them. From raising hands, to unmuting mics, participating in polls, chatting with fellow attendees etc. Everything that comes with a regular Zoom meeting is accessible to your attendees now. 

Opportunities to Network

Embedding Zoom presentations into the vFairs platform means increased networking opportunities. Breakout rooms can be leveraged to facilitate interaction between attendees and exhibitors. Hosts can create breakout rooms, specify the number of people who can attend and invite them to the meetings. 

Zoom breakout room setup

A simple popup screen appears on the attendees screens, and if they want to accept them, they  can do so then and there. Attendees can even leave when they want, and hosts can end rooms when they want to. So where attendees have the power to participate or leave the meetings, hosts also have the ability to end rooms when they need to. 

breakout rooms creation

Seamless Setup 

Added to the increased level of interactivity Zoom presentations allows, it is also extremely easy and hassle-free to set up. Simply input your meeting ID, plugin start and end times and send out invitations as needed. 

Zoom presentations setup

Yes, vFairs heard you and delivered! Like always. Host your presentations seamlessly, engaging audiences, conducting polls and unleashing a new world of connectivity in your virtual event with Zoom presentations. 

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Increase Interactivity in your Virtual Webinars with Zoom Presentations

Rehmat Asrar

Rehmat Asrar is a Content Marketer at vFairs. She has been working in Marketing donning many hats from that of a creative and a content specialist & copywriter to working closely with the design team to create visually appealing graphics. She has been writing about virtual and hybrid events for the past year and a half. In her free time, you can find her in the gym doing burpees, watching netflix or playing with her cat, named Prince Edward.

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