One of the many benefits of hosting virtual events is the availability of advanced event insights. It helps you measure ROI, and provides data you can use to define target audiences and enrich your marketing strategy.

As such, a virtual trade show is an excellent way to not only target your specific audiences, but learn more about them through event insights. 

vFairs has always offered reporting features through our virtual event dashboard. However with our recent update, we now offer real-time event insights right from the vFairs platform — no manual data export needed. Not only can hosts view event metrics, exhibitors can view their own booth metrics in real-time too.

If this all seems exciting yet confusing, we’re here to help. Here are some of the most useful event insights you can measure at your next virtual trade show.

vFairs Metrics Dashboard

Event Insights for Hosts

Attendance rates. Measure how many people registered vs. how many people actually attended. Tracking attendance rates helps you understand how you can better optimize communications once people have registered. Low attendance rates may either mean your pre-event communications aren’t enticing enough or frequent enough to keep the event on their radar. If you find your attendance rates are low during the event, you can also send a reminder email to those who haven’t yet logged in, and ask them to join you. 

Individual user journeys. Identify any user, and track their entire user journey as they were logged in to the event. This helps you paint a picture of what people were most interested in, how long they spent in each area. It will also help you get a deeper understanding of the ways in which your audience consumes content.

Webinar attendance. View real-time data about how many people are at a specific webinar. This now only helps you understand what type of content was most popular. If you’re hosting an important or mandatory presentation and you aren’t seeing the attendance you want, send a reminder message to attendees in the event chat! 

Content downloads. Track what content is most popular, and whether certain content is more popular during certain times. For example, you may find in your event insights that there’s a spike in downloads for a specific document following a seminar. This can signal that you should tie the two together in your post-event communications. You may also find new ways to combine the information from the seminar and the document in future communications. 

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Event Insights for Exhibitors

Traffic trends. Track the when booth traffic spikes.Understand whether you’re getting a lot of traffic between webinars or at certain times of the day, and how booth activity correlates with other aspects of the virtual events. Additionally, as you begin to identify patterns, you can start planning how many virtual representatives you might need to assist with your booth at certain times.

Chat metrics. View how many people have joined and engaged with your booth chatroom. Additionally, you can review how many people started 1:1 chats and how many requested meetings with representatives. Not only does this help you plan how many attendees you should make available at your booth, it also helps show how engaged booth visitors were with you. 

Content engagement. Track what content performs the best through content views and downloads. After putting hours of work into booth content, you want to understand what people are most interested in about you. Are more people clicking through to your company’s ‘About’ page, or viewing your company overview video? Knowing this information helps you understand what types of content your audience is more interested in consuming, even if they offer the same information. This is an extremely valuable way to plan out your marketing content and to understand what to feature at your next virtual event. 

exhibitor event report dashboard vfairs


There are a myriad of ways to use your event metrics in the ongoing quest to better understand your target audience. Our real-time dashboard not only lets you optimize the event experience on the event day, it also gives you valuable insights into your audience and how they’d like to be communicated with. 

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