“vFairs is starting 2020 with a bang. With our latest feature releases, we will help businesses drive more value, engagement and business outcomes like never before.” — General Manager, Muhammad Younas.

We’ve always thought of vFairs as an enabler for you, the creator, to build your own stellar event. Taking you to a new level, with a completely new set of tools, we’re entering the new decade aiming to instantly increase your efficiency and the possibilities for you to move higher in your industry. So, do your organization a favor, and get started with our new and improved features right away.

Boost Attendee Engagement with the All-New Chat Platform

vFairs offers a live chat feature that enables exhibitors and attendees (or employers and job seekers in case of Virtual Career Fairs) to interact and engage in real-time. Recently, we’ve been able to offer our customers with a high lead conversion rate with the help of our live chat platform. Our team therefore has been determined to fuel this powerful feature to provide you with the best enhancement out there.

This year, the new chat platform will be able to benefit you in the following ways:

  • Advanced audio/video experience on mobile devices
  • Improved scalability with increased flexibility to add new features around the chat platform
  • An advanced audio/video experience  

Mesmerize Audiences with Stunning 3D Designs for Virtual Lobbies & Spaces

We know you desire out-of-the-world means to ‘wow’ your audience! vFairs has, for this reason, added a range of extraordinary designs and animations to adapt to your regions, cultures, and personalized preferences. You can now provide an even richer, visually compelling experience to attract and captivate a larger audience and “show” them who you are.  

Manage your Booths Effortlessly with the Self-Service Interface

With a birds-eye view of the booth setup, booth reps can now insert their booth information directly into the platform, eliminating the time lag that previously existed while sending information via emails or spreadsheets.

Remind, Notify & Nudge – Maximize Turnout and Engagement

A significant aspect of hosting a virtual event is to include reminders to ensure you aren’t forgotten at any 0cost. To cut through the tight schedules of people, this is what we’ve introduced for you:

  • Email/SMS Reminders (to registrants): Previously, while we used Mailchimp to send out reminder emails to users who had pre-registered, we’re now effective enough to schedule the same reminders from within the vFairs back-end portal. Moreover, for those who have provided their phone numbers, we can also send SMS reminders to ensure maximum attendance at your event.
  • Nail Your Announcements (to attendees): Just like at a physical event, there are times when the organizer requires the attention of all of its attendees at once. vFairs, on popular demand, now lets you send pop up notifications to online attendees for quick event-related announcements
  • Reminders for Booths (to booth reps): An additional feature to manage and regulate the performance of your booth, you can send reminders and confirmations to booth reps during the event


Need to Live Stream that Slick Keynote from your Conference? We got you covered.

For those of you looking to broadcast their physical events such as conferences to its virtual counterparts, we can now display live streams on the vFairs platform.

vFairs is integrated with Live Stream, Brightcove and Vimeo Live providers to provide you with an incredibly flexible and diverse experience.

Run vFairs as a Webinar Series or Fireside Chat Platform

Don’t need an entire event? vFairs now provides you with a toned-down version of the software where you can showcase a series of webinars spread across the duration of their choice, without hosting an entire event. Organizing a webinar series with vFairs further holds the following characteristics for you:

  1. Allows Pre-Registration for attendees
  2. Live or Pre-recorded webinar on the day of the webinar
  3. Live Q&A and list of online users

Measure your Performance as it Happens with Real-time Reporting

One of the key selling points for a Virtual Event is that you can monitor and evaluate the performance of your event. Not only have we improved our reporting capability to generate over 15 reports on demand, involving custom reports on your individual requirements.

Recruitment Upgrades: New Features for Virtual Job Fairs & Virtual Career Fairs

While the team has been constantly innovating its tools and features for all types of Virtual events, there have been major advancements in terms of Virtual Career Fairs as well.  

Allow Attendees to Pre-Schedule their Interviews & Chat

While Job Seekers can request for a chat/interview from employers within provided time slots, employers can similarly view the list of users and ask to meet a job seeker during the event. This feature allows effective targeting, an increase in engagement, and as a result, improved results at the event.

schedule interviews

Enable Employers to Rate Resumes

You can offer employers the option to rate a certain resume, text or video. Their ratings can eventually add up and the appear as the candidate’s average rating for better search results.

resume rating

Connect Employers and Job seekers through the Revamped and Feature-Rich Job Board

You don’t need to restrict placement and hiring processes to the live event days anymore. With our revamped Jo Board, you can now extend the vFairs experience round the year and enable employers – job seekers to benefit from it as they create positions right away.

Tired of Manually Entering Job Data? Say Hello to Job Scrapers.

Our revamped Job Board gives you an edge over other platforms by automatically scraping jobs from various career webs. vFairs allows you to benefit from a rich database that is updated on a daily basis in order to eliminate the chance of missing an opportunity.

Learn more about Virtual Career Fairs and Virtual Job Fairs here.

Additional Upgrades

Enable Attendees to Login Securely & Conveniently with Single-Sign-On capabilities

The vFairs platform comes with a “Single Sign On” (SSO) option to make attending the event easier, accessible, and safer now. So if you’re running an internal virtual fair, attendees are not required to make use of a different set of credentials to access the event, instead, vFairs now supports SAML & JWT based SSO options to integrate with your existing identity system.

We published a standard REST API that allows you to create better user experiences for event attendees.


General User Experience & Admin Interface Updates

In order to improve your overall experience as a virtual event host, our team has developed a number of back-end advancements to empower you and simplify the process even further. Here’s how we’ve upgraded the back end for you:

  1. Calendar Invites are now embedded in registration emails
  2. Attendees can be provided with auto-login links to login without a username/password
  3. Create new events without the need for a development team
  4. Benefit from more than 2 dozen event configurations from your admin panel.

What’s Next?

If you wish to learn more about hosting a Virtual Event, feel free to book a meeting with us.

vfairs logo

At vFairs.com, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience. Get in touch with an expert to learn more about vFairs here.

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