Top 12 Exciting 5 Minute Games for Virtual Meetings

According to a Forbes Advisor survey, 53% of remote workers say it’s harder to feel connected to their coworkers. The absence of face-to-face interactions and the monotonous nature of virtual meetings can lead to disengagement and detachment. 

To counteract this, it’s essential to inject some energy and engagement into your virtual meetings. One effective way to do this is through short, fun activities that break the ice, promote team building, and create a more enjoyable and productive virtual workspace. By kicking off a call with a 5 minute activity, you can effectively shatter initial barriers and establish a comfortable environment conducive to free-flowing conversation. 

The Need for Short, Fun Activities

The significance of incorporating short and enjoyable activities into virtual meetings cannot be overstated. The conventional structure of corporate meetings, marked by prolonged discussions and data-intensive presentations, can swiftly become draining. Team members might discover themselves grappling with the challenge of sustaining focus and enthusiasm, resulting in a decline in both productivity and team morale.

In this context, brief and entertaining activities emerge as a much-needed break from the usual routine. They function as a revitalizing breeze that re-energizes participants. These 5 minute games for virtual meetings have several benefits:

  • Engagement: Quick and enjoyable activities seize participants’ attention, ensuring their active involvement throughout the virtual meeting.
  • Connection: Virtual icebreaker games and team-building activities act as channels, fostering a sense of connection among team members, even when they are physically distant.
  • Stress Relief: These virtual team games serve as a brief escape from work-related pressures, effectively mitigating stress levels and promoting mental well-being among participants.
  • Creativity: Fun activities can stimulate creativity and encourage out-of-the-box thinking, which is exceptionally valuable in problem-solving within virtual meetings.

Icebreakers and Team-Building Games

Engaging in fun activities for online meetings is crucial when it comes to fostering team cohesion and a positive virtual meeting environment. These 5 minute team building activities for virtual settings serve as effective tools to enhance the dynamics of virtual meetings, keeping them lively and productive.

Virtual meeting games and icebreakers play a pivotal role in creating an environment where team members feel at ease with one another, promoting camaraderie and collaboration. Their significance cannot be overstated, as they help break down barriers, facilitate open communication, and encourage effective teamwork within the virtual workspace.

Among these activities, icebreakers hold a unique position. They serve as valuable initiators for online meetings, guiding participants to share personal experiences and insights. Icebreakers have the remarkable ability to humanize the virtual space by reminding everyone that they are more than just faces on a screen. These moments of personal sharing create a sense of connection that goes beyond the typical, task-oriented discussions that dominate virtual meetings.

Furthermore, team-building games take this concept a step further by not only creating a sense of connection but by emphasizing the power of collaboration and teamwork. The activities bring a playful yet purposeful element to virtual meetings, encouraging team members to work together in a fun and interactive setting. These games help solidify the idea that, even in a remote setting, they are part of a team, collectively working towards common goals.

Now, let’s explore some practical and highly effective virtual game ideas that seamlessly fit into your virtual meetings, aligning perfectly with the themes of fun games for virtual meetings.

1. Two Lies and a Truth with a Twist

Considering 5 minute games for virtual meetings, Two Lies and a Truth with a Twist is an engaging icebreaker. Team members take turns sharing two false statements about themselves, accompanied by one true statement with a creative twist. Colleagues must then guess which statement is the truth, adding an element of surprise and humor to the virtual meeting. This game promotes interaction and reveals interesting facts about team members’ professional lives.

To play, simply invite team members to take turns sharing their three statements – two lies and one creatively altered truth. Encourage the team to guess which statement is true. As team members listen to these intriguing revelations, they are tasked with the entertaining challenge of deducing which statement is the truth. The result is an atmosphere filled with laughter, camaraderie, and a deepening of connections.  This game is a fantastic addition to the category of fun games for virtual meetings.

Two Lies and a Truth

2. Never Have I Ever: Remote Edition

This quick game for virtual meetings, adapted from the classic Never Have I Ever, encourages team members to share remote work-related experiences or challenges. Participants take turns saying things they’ve never done in the context of remote work, and colleagues who have done those things respond. It’s a lighthearted way to foster connections among remote team members and is categorized under fun activities for virtual meetings.

For example, “Never have I ever worked in my pyjamas.” Team members who have done that respond. This game promotes interaction, generates conversation, and helps team members find common ground in the virtual workplace.

Never Have I Ever

3. Fun Facts Show and Tell

As one of the fun 5 minute games for virtual meetings, Fun Facts Show and Tell invites team members to share intriguing facts about themselves, accompanied by visual aids. This activity adds an engaging, visual element to meetings, allowing team members to connect on a personal level beyond work topics.

For instance, someone might share a fact about their travel adventures with a photo. This game adds a unique layer to virtual meetings, promoting interaction and humanizing team members.

4. Showcasing Secret Talents

Showcasing Secret Talents is a 5 minute virtual game that encourages team members to unveil hidden skills or talents through brief video demonstrations. This activity fosters a sense of curiosity and amusement among colleagues while also promoting a more personal connection. It is a fun activity for virtual meetings that falls under the category of games for team meetings.

Each team member showcases a hidden talent through a short video. Whether it’s playing a musical instrument, demonstrating a magic trick, or showing off an artistic skill, this game fosters an appreciation for each other’s unique abilities, strengthening team bonds in the virtual workspace.

Showcasing Secret Talents goes beyond just entertainment; it highlights the multifaceted abilities that team members bring to the table. Recognizing and appreciating these unique skills can have a positive impact on the team’s dynamics. It can even spark conversations about how these hidden talents can be harnessed to enhance the team’s overall performance and problem-solving capabilities.

5. Virtual Pictionary

Virtual Pictionary is a dynamic and interactive game that enhances creativity and teamwork. Team members take turns drawing and guessing words or phrases in a virtual whiteboard or drawing tool during the meeting. It offers an entertaining way to stimulate creativity and is one of the most engaging virtual games for team meetings.

Assign a drawer that visually represents a word or phrase using a virtual drawing tool like Miro, Scribble or Mural. The team guesses what it is, and the drawer provides hints if needed. It’s a great game to spark creativity and communication in virtual team meetings.

6. ChatGPT-Powered Dare Generator

This innovative game leverages ChatGPT to generate random dares or challenges for team members to complete within a short time frame, adding an element of spontaneity and excitement to virtual meetings. It aligns with the category of quick 5 minute games for virtual meetings.

Use ChatGPT to generate fun dares or challenges. Team members then take turns completing these dares within a set time, sharing their experiences during the virtual meeting. It adds an element of surprise and adventure to virtual team interactions.

Dares generated by ChatGPT

7. Virtual Scavenger Hunt

A virtual scavenger hunt is a lively and interactive game where participants search for specific items or concepts related to a theme and share them via webcam during the meeting. They can also utilize virtual scavenger hunts and find items on the screen. This quick game fosters active participation and creativity while falling under the category of fun activities for virtual meetings.

Assign a list of items or themes for team members to find within their immediate surroundings. Participants search for and share these items via webcam during the virtual meeting. It encourages teamwork, creativity, and engagement in virtual team settings.

Item highlighted in a virtual scavenger hunt
Virtual Scavenger Hunt

8. Culture Days Online

Virtual culture days dedicate a segment of virtual meetings to team members sharing aspects of their cultural background or traditions. It promotes diversity and cultural appreciation, making it a valuable addition to virtual games for team meetings.

Team members take turns sharing aspects of their cultural background, such as traditions, customs, or interesting facts. It creates awareness, understanding, and a sense of belonging among team members from diverse backgrounds in virtual team meetings.

9. 5 Minute Yoga

As a wellness-focused activity, 5 minute yoga introduces brief yoga or stretching exercises into virtual meetings to refresh participants and alleviate stress. It contributes to the well-being of team members. 

Designate a brief break in the virtual meeting for participants to follow a guided 5 minute yoga or stretching routine. It promotes relaxation and rejuvenation, enhancing the overall virtual meeting experience.

A woman participating in a virtual yoga session
Virtual Yoga

10. Online Escape Room Challenge

The Online Escape Room Challenge immerses team members in collaborative problem-solving within a virtual escape room scenario. They work together to solve puzzles and “escape” the virtual room within a set time frame, making it a stimulating game for virtual team meetings.

To play, place participants in a virtual escape room and let them solve puzzles, riddles, and challenges to “escape” within a set time limit. Teamwork, communication, and critical thinking are key to success in this engaging virtual game.

Virtual Escape Room
Virtual Escape Room

11. Blow Your Trumpet

“Blow Your Trumpet” is a refreshing and empowering activity that encourages team members to step out of their comfort zones and proudly showcase their accomplishments. Bragging about oneself can often feel awkward or uncomfortable, but this game transforms that hesitation into an opportunity for personal growth and team bonding.

In a judgment-free environment, team members take turns sharing one of their proudest achievements and why it’s meaningful to them. This activity fosters self-expression, mutual appreciation, and a deeper understanding of team members in virtual meetings.

12. Remote Team Jokes

Remote team jokes inject humor and fun into virtual meetings by having team members share work-related jokes or anecdotes. This activity lightens the mood and creates a sense of shared laughter, making it a delightful addition to virtual games to play with coworkers.

Team members take turns sharing humorous work-related jokes or funny incidents. Laughter is encouraged, making it an enjoyable addition to virtual team interactions.

Next Steps for Virtual Team Building

In a world where attention spans are at a premium, 5 minute games for virtual meetings offer a practical solution to capture focus and create memorable moments. Which of these virtual icebreakers will you use at your next team meeting? Consider finding your favorites and explaining them to your team. Repeat it a few times until everyone understands, then add a new activity to mix it up!

After a few virtual team-building sessions, start to build out a cadence. Use your calendar app via your email to build out bi-weekly, monthly, or even quarterly team-building activities. This will give your team something to look forward to when a regular cadence is established.

Over time, you’ll build a library of icebreakers your team knows, and you can keep everyone engaged in just a few minutes. If you’re serious about improving your culture and bottom line, that’s a return on investment you can’t miss.


What are the benefits of incorporating 5 minute games for meetings?

Incorporating short, fun games into your meetings offers numerous advantages. Quick games for virtual meetings can elevate engagement, improve communication, and make meetings more productive and enjoyable.

What are some 5 minute team building activities to enhance team bonding?

Quick 5 minute games for virtual meetings are an excellent way to foster team bonding in a short amount of time. Some 5 minute team building activities include Two Truths and a Lie with a Twist, Showcasing Secret Talents, and Virtual Scavenger Hunts. These online team building games provide opportunities for team members to connect, have fun, and build stronger relationships with their coworkers.

Top 12 Exciting 5 Minute Games for Virtual Meetings

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