10 Best Event Registration Platforms [2024]

The success of any event rests on details from the very start till it ends. An important aspect of that experience is event registration. It makes the first impression on your attendees so choosing the right event registration platform is imperative for the success of your event. 

For event organizers and marketers standing at the crossroads of deciding which event platform to go for, here is the list of the 10 best event registration platforms to choose from. 

We review each platform based on customization, integration prowess, and seamless experience. 

1. vFairs

vfairs one of the best event registration platformsvFairs earns the top spot on the list of best event registration platforms for its user-friendly interface and focuses on customization. vFairs empowers organizers to create a seamless registration experience. The platform incorporates advanced functionalities, ensuring effortless attendee data capture, group registration management, and efficient engagement strategies.

Users can either independently create custom forms or seek professional help. The platform also integrates CRM solutions for efficient management of attendee data.

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Key Features

Here are the features that the vFairs event registration software offers:


vFairs offers organizers the ability to design a branded event registration experience effortlessly. With a drag-and-drop builder, event forms can be customized to suit the event’s unique requirements. 

The event registration solution allows the personalization of forms and the implementation of conditional workflows based on user selections. You can personalize the design of your event page to boost online event registrations

drag and drop builder for best event registration platforms vfairs

Group Registrations 

Ideal for corporate events or team-building activities, vFairs simplifies the registration process for attendee groups. The virtual event registration software allows for bulk registration, customization of the registration process, and the provision of group discounts. 

Organizers have the flexibility to set limits on the number of attendees per group, offering ultimate control over event logistics.

attendee registration platform

User Segmentation

vFairs facilitates the automatic segmentation of users based on their registration responses. This segmentation allows for tailored access to event content based on specific user types, such as VIPs and general admission attendees. 

user segmentation in event registration form

Accommodation Module

vFairs offers an accommodation module that helps with hotel bookings. Admins can add hotels and provide details, update or delete any information, get real-time insights into the booking status of a room, and automate booking records. This streamlines the registration process and enhances the attendee experience. 

event accomodation module for hotel booking during registration

Automated Emails

The event registration platform enables organizers to create impactful and persuasive email campaigns targeting different user segments. 

For instance, you can set up a workflow to send invoices to attendees as soon as they register to confirm their payment. This ensures a smooth communication process and provides a clear record of transactions for attendees’ reference. With email automation, you can streamline email marketing campaigns, reducing time-to-market with the help of an AI assistant.

automated email template at the time of event registration

Multiple Ticket Types

For easy registration, the vFairs event ticketing platform offers customization of multiple ticket types and tiers with varying pricing, availability, and benefits. This feature provides exclusive access to sessions or networking opportunities based on the ticket type and tier. This platform also allows organizers to offer discounts or promotional codes. 


Advance Payment Features

vFairs understands the importance of global accessibility. To cater to attendees worldwide, the platform integrates with various payment options, including Stripe, Flutterwave, SensePass, and TouchNet. 

There is an easy tax incorporation method. The “Payment Package Dependency” feature synchronizes ticket availability, package selection, and payment options for a seamless experience. 

Pros and Cons


  • “From a landing page and registration to hosting an entirely online environment with speaker talks, vFairs is a one stop shop for us.” – Candela D. 
  • “The platform itself has a ton of great features to host a virtual event. It has everything you need from registration, email marketing, to the virtual platform itself (exhibit hall, networking lounges, sessions etc.)” – Verified User
  • “vFairs solved our registration check-in process which went smoothly, and the app was user-friendly to use for our staff and attendees.” – Verified User


  • “I also hope the registration platform gets enhanced and becomes part of the dashboard in the future.” – Verified User

2. Hubspot Form Builder

HubSpot Form Builder is one of the best event registration platforms for its ease of use. It is designed to simplify the collection and management of contact information. The platform stores the data directly in your CRM and allows you to register attendees for an upcoming event. 

The downside of this event registration platform is that it can be difficult to manage and clean up the contacts collected from the registration forms.  

hubspot form builder

Key Features

Custom Forms 

HubSpot’s Form Builder allows event organizers to customize forms for their event registration websites. With over 1,000 predefined form fields, organizers can tailor forms to gather the exact information required for their events. This customization ensures that organizers only collect relevant and valuable data from attendees.

Customer Segmentation

Using the collected information, HubSpot Form Builder allows organizers to qualify and segment customers automatically. This functionality enhances the efficiency of managing attendee data.

Triggered Follow-ups 

This event registration solution can trigger follow-ups based on the data in the registration forms. Organizers can send additional event details, exclusive offers, or personalized messages in these follow-ups.

CRM Integration

HubSpot Form Builder seamlessly integrates with CRM systems, streamlining the overall data management. It allows the swift transfer of collected contact information to the CRM, ensuring that organizers have a centralized database. 

Pros and Cons


  • “Hubspot is such an easy tool for marketers to utilize right out of the box without having to leverage the IT team or a group of developers unless you want to.” – Tom K. 
  • “It’s easy to set up, configure, and integrate with other applications.” – Matthew H. 


  • “It can be difficult to clean up the contact list from website users who register for events. Figuring out which contacts are outdated and could be deleted could be improved.” – Matthew M. 

3. JotForm

Jotform makes it to the list of best event registration platforms for offering over 750 event registration form templates. Regardless of the event type or the number of attendees, Jotform’s Form Builder allows organizers to kickstart the registration process with a template that can be easily customized to align with their brand. 

However, some customers have complained about the platform being too slow especially when there are a lot of data submissions. 

jotform registration form

Key Features

Customizable Registration Forms

Jotform provides a rich selection of themes, widgets, integrations, and drag-and-drop fields, enabling organizers to create standout event registration forms. The mobile-friendly nature of these forms ensures accessibility for attendees using various devices, enhancing the overall registration experience.

Mobile App Integration 

This event registration platform allows organizers to bundle multiple forms together into a custom mobile app. This feature adds a layer of convenience, providing event attendees with a cohesive mobile experience.

Online Management with Jotform Tables

Jotform Tables transforms event registration management into an online, organized process. As attendees fill out the online registration forms from any device, the submission data seamlessly populates in a corresponding table. This online table becomes a central hub for organizers to manage registrations. Attendee contact information, registration status tracking, and budget monitoring are integrated into an online spreadsheet.

Pros and Cons


  • “What I love the most about Jotform is the capability to create free forms for testing, so you can implement it after ensuring it is all good.” – Maria Montserrat B. 
  • “It’s available on Android and/or iOS. This is a bonus because I recommend apps to various agents and clients and prefer apps I use and features to be available on both platforms.” – Jessica R. 


  • “Needs improvement in speeding up creating forms and accessing them. In addition, the application needs to be made in many different forms so that it is not boring.” – Musreza M. 
  • “Sometimes it does run a little slow. More than likely, that is because I have a lot of data submissions, and they try to access all of them simultaneously.” – Michael F. 

4. Google Forms

Google Forms allows users to create engaging online registration forms, surveys, and RSVPs tailored to their specific needs. However, it cannot collect payments. 

Additionally, Google Forms does not come equipped with an event app and lacks certain tools such as name badges and event check-in capabilities. If your event involves ticket sales or any form of payment, this attendee registration software may not be the ideal choice. 

google forms

Key Features

Engaging Registration Forms

Google Forms offers a user-friendly interface for creating online registration forms that can be tailored to capture specific information for your event. The platform’s customization options allow organizers to design forms that align with their branding and event requirements. 

Surveys and RSVPs 

In addition to registration forms, Google Forms enables organizers to create surveys and people can RSVP using Google Forms. This feature expands the scope beyond mere registration, allowing organizers to gather comprehensive insights and preferences from attendees.

Limitations on Payment Collection

A notable limitation of Google Forms is its inability to facilitate payment collection. If your event involves ticket sales or paid registrations, alternative event registration companies with payment capabilities may be more suitable. 

Pros and Cons


  • “It is good for any data collection. Both Quantitative and qualitative.” – Shola O. 
  • “I appreciate Google Forms for its simplicity and versatility. Creating surveys is easy, and the variety of question types lets you gather information effectively.” – Verified User 


  • “While it’s great for basic data analysis it lacks some advanced features for complex data manipulation or in-depth analysis.” – Joserg P.

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite stands out as an accessible event registration and ticketing platform for both in-person and virtual events. Its customizable event pages contribute to an engaging online ticket-purchasing experience. Eventbrite’s flexible event payout system allows organizers to customize online ticket payouts on a schedule that suits their needs. 

Despite its strengths, some limitations strengthen Eventbrite alternatives. Their customer support needs improvement and they lack multi-language registration form support for languages like Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

eventbrite event registration platform

Key Features

Customizable Event Pages

Eventbrite simplifies online ticket selling with intuitive event creation and ticketing tools. Organizers can create and customize event pages to provide a seamless ticket-purchasing experience for attendees. 

The platform’s flexibility allows for easy integration of the Eventbrite checkout experience on your website, ensuring that registration pages align with your branding and URL.

Eventbrite Organizer App

The convenience extends to the Eventbrite Organizer App, providing real-time monitoring of on-site and online ticket sales. With this app, organizers can efficiently conduct attendee check-ins and access crucial event data, enhancing the overall management experience.

All-in-One Marketing Tools

The attendee registration software further supports event promotion through its all-in-one marketing tools, providing a comprehensive marketing platform with time-saving social media ad tools for smart audience targeting.

Pros and Cons


  • “Eventbrite offers multiple types of registration setups including line items, free, for a fee, different units of measure, private discount codes, management dashboards with analytic tools, reports, manual adjustment and input. You can customize the registration look and fee by uploading your own graphics and logos.” – Mark L. 
  • “I can register people or sell tickets other ways. However, the e-tickets with QR codes and ease of check-in makes it a valuable tool.” – Julie H. 


  • “We struggled with registration forms for our events in which certain questions needed if/then branches, and that feature was not available.” – Ashley F. 

6. Bizzabo

Bizzabo stands as an all-in-one B2B event software platform. Its attendee registration software allows extensive customization of event registration forms, enabling organizers to collect the necessary data. Beyond that, customization extends to the overall look and feel of the registration process, ensuring alignment with other event marketing branding assets. 

However, the pricing structure can be relatively high for certain user needs, which could impact its accessibility for smaller events or organizations.

bizzabo event registration

Key Features

Custom Data Collection Forms

Bizzabo excels in providing organizers with the flexibility to customize event registration forms according to their specific needs. This feature ensures the collection of precise data relevant to the event. The platform allows organizers to tailor the forms to match other branding assets, fostering a cohesive and professional registration experience for attendees.

Attendee Details

Bizzabo’s contact management dashboard offers a comprehensive view of attendee details. This feature enhances the understanding of the event’s audience, facilitating targeted communication.

Marketing Features

Bizzabo allows seamless integration with preferred social media platforms, providing organizers with an efficient way to promote their events and maximize registrations. The platform also offers robust email marketing capabilities, allowing organizers to craft personalized communications through attendee journeys.

Comprehensive Reporting 

Bizzabo goes beyond basic features by providing organizers with comprehensive reporting tools. This website for event registration has tools that enable organizers to gain insights into various aspects of their events, helping in strategic planning and decision-making. 

Pros and Cons


  • “Best aspect is we are able to manage “almost” everything in one platform. From advertisting event, invitations, registration, reports, etc.” – Verified User
  • “Very easy to use – to enrich your event website and preparation from a single platform- from content creation for the website to ticket type creation and finally registration management.” – Benedicte F. 


  • “Would appreciate the name tag, registration functionality being available on the basic level and not requiring the higher level subscription.”  – Verified User

7. Splash

Splash is an event marketing platform tailored for large enterprise teams. For event registration, Splash offers sophisticated design templates, allowing organizers to create custom forms. The versatility of features makes it a great trade show, job fair, and conference registration online software. However, Splash might be less affordable for smaller enterprises.  

splash event registration platform form builder

Key Features

Branded Design Templates 

Splash’s registration tools for events excel in providing large enterprise teams with design templates that enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the registration forms. These templates allow organizers to integrate their brand elements into the event’s marketing materials, creating a professional look.

Tailored Programs for Large Enterprises

Designed with the needs of large enterprise teams in mind, Splash offers the tools and features necessary to build branded programs. This customization capability ensures that events align with the unique identity and goals of large enterprises, fostering a strong connection between the brand and its audience.

Pricing Model 

While Splash is a powerful registration event software for large enterprises, it may pose affordability challenges for associations, universities, government organizations, and internal corporate events with limited budgets. 

The platform’s pricing structure could be a drawback for smaller entities looking for cost-effective solutions. So, if you are looking for small-scale corporate event registration software, check out other options. 

Pros and Cons


  • “Splash is extremely easy to use and navigate on both the back end and as an end-user. We use Splash for event registration, landing pages, event emails and Splash Studio for our virtual events and webinars.” – Danielle N. 
  • “It has made it easy for me to share event information and resources with attendees and track registration, when needed.” – Ebony D. 


  • “The registration data pages are a mess. It’s very hard and not intuitive to get it set up properly. Would like more customizable options when it comes to color/font/etc.” – Shel M. 

8. 123FormBuilder 

123FormBuilder offers a user-friendly solution for designing and launching event registration forms with its drag-and-drop form creator. The platform’s versatility makes it suitable as a registration software for conferences, trade shows, networking sessions, and parties. 

However, some event registration software reviews about 123FormBuilder show that there might be a learning curve for individuals new to online form builders. If you want easy-to-use event registration systems, look for other options from the list. 

123formbuilder registration platform

Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

With the drag-and-drop form builder, organizers can design forms without the need for coding, allowing for a smooth and efficient form creation process. This feature is particularly beneficial for users without technical expertise.

Third-Party Apps Integrations 

As one of the top event registration tools, 123FormBuilder offers integration with popular third-party apps and payment gateways. This capability simplifies the data and payment collection processes, providing organizers with a comprehensive and connected ecosystem for managing event registrations. 

Form Customization 

123FormBuilder empowers users to create custom contact forms, receive online payments, manage online surveys, and visualize data through custom charts and graphs. This high level of customization allows organizers to tailor the registration process to meet the specific needs of their events. 

Flexible Plans 

123FormBuilder offers users flexibility in choosing a plan that aligns with their specific requirements and budget. This affordable registration event software is accessible to a wide range of event organizers with varying event scales and budgets.

Pros and Cons


  • “It’s very easy to create forms. The user interface is good and is occasionally updated to make things easier. The integration with Salesforce and the method for prefilling and sending data is clear.” – Sam W. 
  • “The simplicity of creating the forms. Drag, drop, name, and that’s it. ” – James L.


  • “The rules have flaws and support is always offline. Very slow in responding and resolving issues.” – Michael B. 

9. Whova

Whova offers a comprehensive suite of features as an event registration platform. It excels as a professional expo and conference registration software. However, organizers of smaller events with less than 50 attendees may find its specialization less fitting. For smaller events, organizers can consult other flexible online event registration platforms such as vFairs. 

whova event registration platform

Key Features

Flexible Ticketing Options

Whova’s ticketing feature provides organizers with flexibility in setting up tickets for diverse events. Organizers can customize registration by offering single- or multi-day passes, as well as discounts for early registrants or large groups. 

Easy to Set Up

Organizers can easily create custom event registration forms without needing extensive coding knowledge. This feature streamlines the setup phase, allowing organizers to focus on other aspects of event planning and promotion.

Sales Tracking 

By gaining insights into ticket sales with Whova, organizers can adjust their strategies in real-time, ensuring the success of their events. This reporting module makes it one of the best event registration platforms. 

Marketing Features

Whova integrates social media promotion tools, enabling organizers to extend the reach of their events across various conference registration platforms. This feature enhances the visibility of events, contributing to the overall success.

Pros and Cons


  • “It’s making it much easier to check people in and get them in and out of registration quickly. It helps things run much smoother, and we can move people through faster.” – Tierra D. 
  • “Whova is always our first call for our event platforms for both our in-person + virtual + hybrid events. From guest registration to speaker management and day-of engagement with attendees and sponsors.” – Addie G. 


  • “Probably need a few more capture points for visitors on registration. Should make registration fields mandatory so they are unable to progress to the next field without completing.” – Tracey C. 

10. SpotMe

SpotMe is one of the best event registration software that offers custom registration forms. Organizers can manage the fields of the form and change the design of their branding.

However, its pricing may be on the higher side, which could be a consideration for smaller events or organizations with budget constraints.

spotme event registration

Key Features

Customizable Event Registration

The SpotMe registration system for events allows organizers to customize the registration process to match the branding of their events. Attendees can easily register for the event and access personalized information relevant to their participation.

Drag and Drop Tool

SpotMe is a simple event registration software that offers a drag-and-drop form builder. Using this, organizers can create forms without any technical knowledge. 

Event Reporting

As an online registration software for events, SpotMe provides event analytics, offering organizers insights into sold tickets and registered attendees. These analytics empower organizers to make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and measure the success of their events.

Pros and Cons


  • “The site looked great and was user-friendly, fully customizable for what we needed.” – Alex T. 
  • “Tried the free 14-day trial and was content with the overall experience with most of the features included in the free trial such as forms and quizzes,” – Allan S. 


  • “Limited ability to make changes on the registration pages (ideally wanted a multi reg page), and the issue with the live polling.” – Verified User

Final Verdict

You can find tons of options when looking for the best event registration platforms. They cater to a wide range of needs and preferences. Each platform has its strengths and considerations, and the choice depends on your needs, scale, budget, and goals of the event. 

Compared to the issues other online registration systems for events have, vFairs stands out for its flexible registration workflow and seamless integration of CRM solutions, making attendee data management efficient. 

10 Best Event Registration Platforms [2024]

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