How to design an effective virtual booth and attract top talent with online hiring

Online job fairs have streamlined the hiring process and made it easier to hire the right people without hassle. Online hiring not only saves time and money but also plays an important role in employer branding. And virtual booths pave the way for it.

Having a booth in an online event is similar to having a booth in a physical event, minus the headache and physical labor. It’s a space where employers get to meet potential candidates, introduce them to the organization, communicate about the open positions, and help them find the right opportunity while finding the right employee for the organization.

Online booths enable attendees and employers to connect in a visually appealing environment from the comfort of their couch. With the help of interactive tools like audio, video, and text chat, two-way communication is ensured that fosters long-lasting relationships.

Online hiring is not a fad and will be the norm in the coming days. Given the importance of a virtual booth at an online job fair, we will be sharing valuable tips with you to help you easily design an effective booth.

Let’s dig in, shall we?

Pick a design for your booth

Virtual booths give you the liberty to design visually appealing spaces that stand out. Depending on the platform you are using for your online job fair, you can get to decide which booth design works best for you.

vFairs allows exhibitors to choose from numerous booth designs and select the one that best suits their needs. Some design options are given below.

vFairs virtual booth for online hiring

vFairs virtual booth for online hiring

Add company logo 

A logo is a big part of an organization’s identity, that enables it to be recognized by the masses with a mere symbol. In an online job fair, adding a logo to the company’s booth is essential. It helps the attendees to recognize the brand amidst all the others and drop by to either apply for an open position or gather more information about the organization.

Make sure the logo is added to the booth in a place where it can be easily seen. For example, the front desk of the booth is a great spot for putting up the logo. 

Display high-quality images of products and services

Make your products or services the center of attention by using high-quality images on the booth. Poorly designed images will leave a bad impression on the audience, as they will perceive the organization as one that does not pay attention to quality.

Images will help the attendees get a better idea about what the company does and what it has to offer. Pictures that intrigue the audience will bring more people to the virtual booth.

Add digital collateral to the booth

Let the attendees know what you stand for by adding your organization’s description, mission statement, and vision to the booth. While preparing digital collateral for the booth, keep in mind your target audience and the kind of content they will consider valuable. Keep your messaging clear, precise, and professional. 

vFairs recently introduced the “self-service booth builder” feature that empowers exhibitors to personally upload digital collateral, try out different arrangements, and have complete control over their booth’s look and feel.

Exhibitors can add brochures, job descriptions of open positions, and videos to their virtual booth as a part of their digital collateral. Video content can effectively introduce the attendees to your organization, its culture and values, and the existing workforce.

Ensure communication with attendees

Building a quality relationship with job seekers is one of the main aims of being a part of an online job fair. This relationship is developed by ensuring communication with the attendees during the event through virtual booths.

Online hiring through a virtual fair allows exhibitors to communicate with as many attendees as possible in a given timeframe. This is not always possible in a physical environment where there is a limitation of space. Virtual booths come loaded with communication tools for audio, video, or text chat with the attendees.

Chat Tools for Online Hiring

This two-way communication helps in finding the right fit for your organization while fostering long-lasting relationships with the audience. 

vFairs offers a Chat Slot Booking Module that ensures hassle-free communication between employers and job seekers at an online job fair. This gives attendees the option of reserving a chat slot for one-on-one interactions with the booth representatives.

Add some swag (swag bags)

Adding swag bags to your virtual booth is an environment-friendly way to stay on top of mind with event attendees. Digital gifts connect the visitors with the brand without the hassle of them having to carry anything home.

Swag bags can be very effective in attracting visitors to your virtual booth and sending them to your website from there to apply for open positions during an online job fair.

Train the team

Handling a virtual booth is different from handling a physical booth. A booth representative at an online booth needs to be well-equipped with the knowledge of using the platform effectively to avoid inconvenience on the event day

Hence, training the team is essential prior to an online job fair. The team should be able to navigate easily through the booth, upload content, know the products and services of the organization inside and out, and effectively address queries from attendees.

Developing a schedule for manning the booth is recommended to ensure there always is someone available at the booth to cater to the needs of the attendees and achieve the online hiring goal.

Make sure everything works

Before the event goes live, do a thorough inspection of your booth from an event attendee’s perspective. 

Check all the documents, videos, and other digital collateral to ensure everything is working properly. Click on all the links added to your booth to ensure they are not broken or giving a 404 error. Double-check the quality of images and make sure they do not appear shoddy.

vFairs Virtual Event Booths

And that’s all! A few easy steps and you have a beautiful virtual booth ready to deliver results at your online job fair. Happy online hiring!


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