Benefits of Hosting Online Conferences in 2023

Even after the re-emergence of in-person events, online conferences still offer event marketers many unique benefits. 

Our recent survey found that most people believe that using conferences virtually is the new norm. And while we think the same, it is essential to recognize the mighty return of in-person events with a mix of hybrid events. 

43% believe virtual is the new norm in our survey for online conferences

In-person conferences may take precedence as they offer live interaction and genuine event experience, but a virtual conference offers reach beyond borders. Ultimately, every event mode has a unique experience to offer. The choice would depend on the event needs and goals set by the event planner as well.  However, online conferences can be a suitable choice for those looking to expand their reach, and save costs yet offer a spectacular event experience. If you are looking to host a conference online in 2023, here are some key benefits you’ll get. 

Pros of Hosting Online Conferences

Here is the list of all benefits that come with hosting online conferences. 


A virtual auditorium within an online conferences event

Corporate events can be pricey in terms of venue, travel, guests, food, etc. 

The good thing is that virtual conferences are a hit among people. Our recent survey found that even in 2023, people will likely host virtual conferences over trade shows, hiring events, etc. So with virtual conferences, you can limit expenses by cutting down on unnecessary costs that would be necessary for an in-person conference. 

For example, in a virtual conference, you do not have to bear the travel expenses, nor does your audience. Instead, you must pair with an event management software and get a mesmerizing virtual event venue while staying at home. vFairs, one of the best virtual event platforms, offers stunning virtual venues. Not only does the platform offer life-like virtual venue templates, but you can also custom-design animated virtual lobbies, auditoriums, and networking lounges for an immersive experience. 

You can save the bulk of your expenses by hosting your conference online, especially on printing, if you use online ticketing and registration software and upload presentations, brochures and other documents digitally. Moreover, you do not have to worry about food expenses and other overhead.

Increased Accessibility

Accessibility features for online conferences by vFairs

Hosting conferences for corporate companies comes with many struggles, especially connecting the right people on a single platform. Here is where virtual events play a big part; virtual conferences remove geographical limitations.

 In a virtual conference, you can invite people from around the world. Your speakers, sponsors, artists, or attendees can become part of your big event online. Online conferences allow companies to market their brands or services to a broader audience.

Not only corporate but even educational institutions and other sectors of the world can benefit from virtual conferences as it helps people access events anywhere around the globe. 

You can make your conference  accessible and open it up to everyone by facilitating them per their needs. vFairs platform allows you to set up your conference in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This way, differently-abled attendees with varying conditions can become part of your event. 

vFairs accessibility features include switching color contracts, text size adjustment, page narration or screen reader, live captioning for webinars, video transcription for attendees with visually impaired or cognitive disabilities, and many more features. 

Increased Audience Reach

Online conferences offer inclusivity. Conferences are a good way to empower professionals, thought leaders, and experts by providing equal opportunities to share their knowledge from anywhere around the world. In an online conference, the audience can benefit from many activities – attend multiple sessions, connect with people, listen to pre-recorded webinars, and much more. All it takes is one click, and the audience can keep themselves entertained through the event. These features increase the attendee count. 

Besides activities, online conferences offer great flexibility to attendees who might avoid attending in case they have a tight schedule and they do not have time to commute back and forth. At a virtual conference, you can be in and out of the event with a single click. This increases the willingness of attendees to show up even if it is for a short span of time. 

Invite Keynote Speakers

One notable benefit of hosting online conferences is the ability to invite keynote speakers from anywhere around the world. In case of an in-person event, this is a massive undertaking. You bear the travel and hotel expenses of your guest. Once they arrive, you have to assign someone  to tend to their needs before their sessions. 

Besides cost, you often have to chase them around to accept your invitation to speak at the event. If your conference is online, you do not need to limit your speaker list. Instead, you can invite keynote speakers worldwide to save yourself the hassle and make your event extraordinary.  

Environmentally Friendly 

With reduced carbon footprints, you can host environment-friendly online conferences. Virtual conferences help limit paper waste and the amount of rubbish often produced in the on-site event. 

On the other hand, companies like vFairs go the extra mile to ensure their clients host greener events. vFairs Green & Global campaign offers Global Changemaker certification to organizers that host greener events. 

Data and Insights

Reporting feature for online conferences by vFairs

Another advantage of hosting online conferences are the event report features you get access to. By hosting events online, you can get in-depth data about logins, attendance rate, and user activity in real-time in your event. 

Along with real-time metrics, you can access individual user journeys, exhibitors’ tactics, and detailed post-event analytics reports with the event report features. 

Final Thoughts

Though the event industry has witnessed a preference change, virtual events are still relevant. Virtual conferences’ ease, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness are significant advantages for event organizers. While choosing the right event format greatly impacts the event’s success, you also need to consider other factors like planning the event.  Think of your entire event journey from event registration to customer off-boarding, and make some wise choices for your next virtual conference. So, once you have decided on an event mode, consider your event goals and align them with the essential features you’ll need to achieve them. 

Benefits of Hosting Online Conferences in 2023


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations. In her spare time, she binge-watches tragic love stories, re-reads all of Nicholas Spark's novels and runs her food blog.

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