Top 5 RainFocus Competitors (2024)

Looking for event management software to handle all your event needs, such as registration, mobile, and marketing? You may have come across RainFocus on your hunt. 

While RainFocus offers tools across the event planning cycle, there are competitors in the market that offer more holistic solutions that may better suit your needs. 

In this blog, compare this event management software with 5 alternatives to determine the best choice for hosting a successful event.

RainFocus Competitor Comparison at a Glance

RainFocus Alternatives Comparison Table

In-depth Comparison of RainFocus with Competitor and Alternatives

What is RainFocus? 

RainFocus is a comprehensive event planning platform that offers various features to help you market your event to the right audience. The platform captures and analyzes first-party data to ensure data-driven marketing strategies for a successful event. 

RainFocus Key Features

RainFocus offers several solutions: event registration, content management, and virtual and on-site experiences. Here are some key features described: 

Mobile App

 The platform also provides a mobile app that lets attendees engage in an in-person event, get notified about important aspects, and enjoy a cohesive experience. 

Event Reports and Analytics

 RainFocus provides custom post-event reports and standardized dashboards. These reporting tools help event planners and marketers gain actionable insights for future events.

Event Registration

 RainFocus offers an event registration tool with a secure central data hub that collects all event attendees’ data to manage the event experience better. 

Although RainFocus helps organizers with event badge printing and check-in through the kiosks, it lacks self-check-in options, as some of its alternatives do. Self-check-in helps organizers deliver a hassle-free experience to attendees. They can quickly check in through the mobile app and skip the chaos at the event entry.

Let’s look at some of the best RainFocus alternatives: 

5 Best RainFocus Competitors

1. vFairs

vFairs is the #1 all-in-one event management platform on G2, offering comprehensive solutions for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. It provides a highly intuitive and customizable platform, tech stack, and event management tools.

vFairs streamlines event registration, check-in, tracking customer journeys, personalized agendas, AI tools, and automation with secure and compliant software.The platform is ideal for events of all types and sizes. 

Here are some key features that make vFairs the best fit for organizers finding RainFocus alternatives:

Event Registration

vFairs provides advanced registration tools that automate the entire event registration process. You can easily create a highly customizable registration form using a with drag-and-drop builder. 

Among many options, you can capture hotel booking details through the form and manage booking at the backend. Hide/show additional form fields based on the user’s selection with the help of conditional logic capability. You can also offer flexibility to those registering with the option to register individually or as a group. Event organizers can create the form themselves or seek our professional services to create one tailored to their needs. 

The event registration software automatically segments users based on their registration responses. Organizers can create a customized email campaign and segment list to target a more audience-centric event. The platform lets event planners streamline their email marketing campaigns with an AI assistant that reduces the time spent creating effective email copy and segmenting audiences. 

For paid events, organizers can also integrate payment gateways to collect payments. They can offer group discounts, early bird discounts, and other customized ticketing options.

Badge Printing and Check-InvFairs event badge printing app

vFairs provides advanced badge printing and check-in software, ensuring a seamless event experience. Organizers can use badge printing software to create custom badges that feature logos and branding. Organizers can also showcase sponsors by including their logos in the badges. 

Moreover, the badge printing software allows organizers to assign unique QR codes to each badge, facilitating networking and lead capture. 

With the badge printing and check-in software, attendees can check in through a self-check-in kiosk or hosts can use their mobile phones, tablets or laptops to check attendees in at their onsite registration desks. 

Unlike RainFocus, vFairs offers quick attendee check-in through a mobile app. The check-in feature significantly reduces wait times. The check-in app can also automatically track attendance rates during the event.

Mobile App

vFairs mobile app

vFairs offers mobile event apps that cater to all types of events. This cutting-edge mobile app solution provides a wide range of features, making it an ideal solution for event management. 

Organizers can benefit from features like easy event check-in,  networking capabilities, engagement, and gamification. You can also purchase awhite-labeled version to customize it to your branding and needs. The app also has several ad placement options like full-page splash ads,  banner ads and a sponsors hub. 

As there is a big focus on networking at any event, vFairs mobile app offers plenty in this area. Attendees can  find attendees through search and filter, book meetings and exchange contact card. 

Attendees can also book meetings in advance with booth representatives through the app’s booking feature. The app also helps attendees build a community with the event through live feeds, live polls, and Q&A sessions. 

Event Marketing

vFairs provides an event marketing tool for organizers to enhance their promotional efforts. You can use preset email templates to send marketing emails from within the platform. If need a little extra help, you can also leverage our AI Writing Assistant. The AI-powered assistant helps create marketing content for press releases, email campaigns, and social media event marketing, thereby doubling the event’s promotion.

With the AI event marketing tool, you can create summaries, blog posts, newsletters and split your webinar into chapters, maximizing the content’s value for diverse marketing and educational purposes.

The tool also enables organizers to build fully branded and customizable landing pages and personalized event URLs with a custom domain for enhanced visibility.

vFairs’ AI-powered event marketing tools are the perfect solution for organizers who want to engage their dynamic audience and streamline the creation of marketing materials.

AI Reporting Chatbot

RainFocus is known for its ability to collect first-party data from events. However, vFairs’ advanced AI reporting chatbot can do more than collect data. 

The AI reporting chatbot can provide answers about event performance by simply asking the bot. This can save organizers time and effort when measuring event performance, as data can be collected through conversation with the chatbot.

In addition, organizers can capture valuable attendee information and interests for targeted marketing efforts. Event planners can enhance future marketing strategies and campaigns by analyzing attendance rates and event performances through first-party data collection.

vFairs provides developed features beyond what RainFocus offers, making it the ideal choice among RainFocus alternatives. 

User Reviews

“I liked that we were are able to create exactly what we needed with flexibility and ease. Collaborating with our job board vendor was also easy to navigate. Additionally, launching the event, guiding attendees, and reviewing the reports has been very easy to do.” – D’Najah T.

vFairs was absolutely top notch to work with. We decided last minute to create an app for the World Hip Hop Dance Championship where over 5000 persons were in attendance. The customer support exceeded our expectations. vFairs was able to create the app that was user friendly and addressed all of our requirements in record time. Usama Khan was amazing to work with.”- Karen S.

“Our organization hosted a Virtual User Conference with the vFairs team and it received some great feedback. The look, feel and navigation of the platform was top-notch and easy to understand.

The team assigned to us for content uploading and event details were very flexible and responsive to our needs. Both Ammemah and Hibba were pleasant to work with.” – Bryail B.

 2.  Cvent

Cvent is an alternative to RainFocus that offers a wide range of event management features, including an event mobile app, event registration and ticketing solutions, and personalized schedule recommendations.

It also utilizes AI-driven predictive analysis to gain insights into attendee behaviors and improve the overall event experience. Cvent offers customization options, such as event mobile apps that allow users to create personalized profiles. 

Moreover, Cvent has also acquired some other small companies and integrated their technology into their platform. However, the configuration is not seamless, and users face usability issues.

Further in our research we found that Cvent has lost some customers due to its pricing policies, which include additional charges and exponential pricing based on registration quantities. You might want to consider Cvent alternatives like vFairs which has a transparent pricing structure. 

User Reviews

“The features aren’t perfectly tailored for incentives events. We have quite a few work-around that we must do to adapt it to our events.” – Cassandre T.

“The email marketing is sometimes an issue; since it runs through Cvent servers it sometimes gets stopped by spam filters as spoofed. This isn’t a regular issue, however. For new users, learning the software can take time because of how robust it is. And though Cvent can manage the entire lifecycle of an event, it’s not all-inclusive: to build a full solution from sourcing to onsite may necessitate purchasing additional modules, depending on your event’s needs.” – Tori M.

3. RingCentral Events

RingCentral, formerly Hopin Events, is an event management platform offering virtual, onsite, and hybrid solutions. 

While RingCentral offers limited AI-powered functions, such as an AI WRI, Q&A management, and AI to generate social media content, it also offers integrated registration, analysis, and event tools to deliver a successful event. 

Regarding event customization, organizers can customize the event, platform navigation and other interactive tools for a more personalized event experience.

While RingCentral offers many event management features with no hidden costs, its platform glitches, including multilingual features and presenter registration issues, make it unreliable for organizers. Therefore, we recommend choosing other options, like vFairs, a user-friendly and intuitive platform, if you are looking for glitch-free RainFocus alternatives.

User Reviews

One drawback I’ve noticed is occasional glitches during high-traffic periods, which can disrupt the flow of virtual events. Also sometimes it can be tough when there are multiple panelists that need to share the stage at the same time and four people can hear them but not everyone else, so it means that they have to keep leaving and coming back in until everyone can hear them.” – Verified User.

“Some people from our speaker team were kicked off during the first meeting because of the WiFi inconsistencies, which should not be on the platform’s side. Another problem was that admins had difficulties with coordinating breakout sessions while dealing with larger groups.” – HATEM G.

4. Whova

Whova provides a range of event management features, including push notifications and emails, to help keep attendees engaged. Additionally, the platform offers live polling, mobile surveys, and session feedback features to enhance the overall event experience. 

To showcase sponsors and exhibitors using the event mobile app, Whova provides sponsors with banner ads, digital booth profiles, easy lead capture, and 1:1 appointment scheduling. 

Like RainFocus, Whova offers several event marketing tools, such as building event websites and web pages within minutes. The platform also enables organizers to create visually appealing social media event marketing posts. 

It is important to note that while Whova offers sponsorship and marketing features foran additional charge. User have also reported that the interface is not user-friendly interface must be considered when choosing it as an alternative to RainFocus.

User Reviews

While Whova offers many useful features, navigating through them all can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for new users.” – Dionelou P.

“It is quite overwhelming for first-time users with limited tech background and I think the User Guide could be improved to include some things that may be considered minor. Also, the mobile app should be updated to allow attendees to view event time in local time, as is the case on the web app.” – Kristin T.

5. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a virtual and hybrid event platform designed for managing events, connecting audiences, and engaging communities to drive business outcomes. It offers centralized, dashboard-based analytics to track event trends.

Bizzabo is a platform that provides crucial details like overall revenue, ticket sales, conversions, and attendee counts. You can easily process online ticket sales using PayPal and all major credit cards. Additionally, Bizzabo allows you to offer event community networking services, one-on-one attendee chats, and extensive social sharing through connectivity with LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Bizzabo is an event management platform that is considered decent by many users. However, some limitations have caused frustration and trouble for event planners. Many users have complained about hidden charges and ads on pricing from the platform. Additionally, users have reported that the platform’s interface is not very user-friendly and takes a lot of time to process requests.

These issues are significant and cannot be ignored. Therefore, if you want to have a hassle-free event management experience, it’s recommended that you explore some better Bizzabo alternatives.

User Reviews

“The unclear add-ons pricing and renewal increases.

The website design requirements and specs that do not always let you use your high standard design and upload them on the website. We have to work with the support team to make sure our design appears correctly, while we developed within recommended specs.” – Benedicte F

“1) It is not very user friendly for the individual creating/managing the event. Particularly if there are more detailed tasks you need to accomplish. 2) Would appreciate the name tag, registration functionality being available on the basic level and not requiring the higher level subscription. 3) Would be very helpful if they had a table/seating arrangement tool that could be integrated with the platform.” –  Verified G2 user.

Key Takeaways

While RainFocus offers a handful of solutions, vFairs takes the lead as an event management software that offers advanced features and an extensive tech stack tailored to your needs which is crucial to your event’s success. With endless customizations, natively built platform, innovative tech, and dedicated customer support, your event will be all set for succes. Ready to explore the platform? Take a tour here.

Top 5 RainFocus Competitors (2024)


Shahtaj is a content writer at vFairs. She has been in the content-creation industry for over four years, primarily serving Saas, tech, and entertainment organizations.

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