In-TAC’s Global Virtual Job Fair


Conventional career expos were not fulfilling In-TAC’s need for increased engagement between its clients comprising of Canadian companies and global job-seekers due to geographical limitations.


vFair’s interactive, user-friendly and cost-effective digital platform that allowed for a larger attendance, immaculate customer support and strong reporting analytics that would increase participant interaction all whilst provide In-TAC with detailed event ROI.


  • 1,293 registrants
  • 803 attendees
  • Thousands of chat exchanges
  • Overwhelmingly positive event feedback from attendees

About In-TAC

In-TAC (International Talent Acquisition Center) is an initiative of the Ottawa Chinese Community Services Centre (OCCSC) with a national presence and international reach. Their multilingual staff members are professionals with extensive business experience. In-TAC matches global talent with Canadian opportunities and provides training, staffing, recruitment support and mentoring services to all its clients. With the dual objective of satisfying both employers searching for international talent and job-seekers across the globe looking for great job opportunities in Canada, In-TAC promises and delivers in matching applicants with a job in their area of expertise.

The Challenge

With In-TAC’s global demand and supply matching business model, finding a platform to connect employers with job-seekers had always been an obstacle. After having hosted conventional career expos in the past, In-TAC saw that their purpose of connecting companies with international talent was always half met since most of that talent could not make it to the physical premises of the expo. With an increasing number of employers onboard and a growing job-seeker base, they had to find a solution that would increase interaction between both parties so that queries could be resolved and opportunities could be explored, all in real-time. Charles Saade, the IT Specialist at In-TAC, believed that a virtual event was the only possible solution. 

“Our event was national where we provided employer logins from across Canada and we also we had job seeker logins from 60 different countries! This could only be made possible through a virtual platform”.

The Solution

After sizing their most critical concerns, Saade decided to opt for In-TAC’s first virtual career expo in March 2017. His team’s key requirements were having a highly interactive platform that would produce an exceptionally high engagement score between all exhibitors and visitors, a highly customizable layout that would go seamlessly with their own website layout and an easy-to-use interface that could also be accessible from China.

“We were very clear about our requirements and VFairs was just as clear about their ability to deliver on them. It has the most user-friendly UI amongst all the other vendors, the quickest time-to-setup and the most reliable customer support. Our decision to go with VFairs was very quick and easy.” – Charles Saade, IT Specialist, In-TAC.

In order to meet their needs, a virtual platform was set-up in less than 4 weeks and the team was provided with training on accessing, using and manipulating various features of the platform. The virtual exhibitor booths were set up in a large Exhibit Hall to give visitors a life-like experience of operating through a physical expo. The layout was highly customizable where all designs were chosen with In-TAC’s approval to ensure that the expo looked like an extension of their main website rather than an event that was outsourced to a third party. This was crucial to running an integrated campaign as it ensured a larger turnout with enhanced visitor trust.

In-TAC’s own help-desks were placed throughout the Hall to aid visitors who required more information from the sponsor and crucial booths with information on ‘Immigration’ were placed in the very start of the visitors’ journey. Since the expo was sourcing many job-seekers from China, the ‘How to use’ tutorials and manuals were available in both English and Mandarin.

Each booth had its own Live Chat tool where visitors could easily interact with representatives to discuss both the vacancies and their own expertise to find a more constructive overlap. A networking space was also provided to engage visitors in chats and discussions on an array of topics including employee benefits, work culture, diversity and travel allowances among many others. Dedicated Video Vaults and Auditorium Sessions displayed on-demand webinars and introductory videos by both In-TAC and the many exhibitors. This feature enabled visitors to experience a taste of what awaits them once they start working for these companies.


In-TAC received great reviews from its exhibitors and visitors alike. The event saw 1,293 registrations and 803 attendees which were beyond their most optimistic expectations. With so many attendees actively participating in the Live Chat rooms, the career expo was able to achieve a magnificent engagement score which helped In-TAC in broader and deeper interactions with attendees.

With a bespoke platform at their disposal, the In-TAC team could easily monitor activities across the platform allowing them a real-time view of exhibitor-visitor interactions and the leads being generated through the event. In-TAC was able to achieve another milestone by receiving its most diverse career expo audience till date which was monumental to its goal of connecting global job-seekers with local Canadian companies.

“It’s important to choose a platform that is easy to use and also to work with a vendor that is willing to work hard with you to make the event successful. Ease of use, bug free and excellent support; these are the reasons why we chose Vfairs. We highly recommend using their event platform. We look forward to hosting many upcoming events with them in the coming months.”-Charles Saade, IT Specialist, In-TAC.

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