With increased competition in the market, the need to deliver seamless, personalized event experiences has become extremely important for organizers. We noticed the importance of this and decided to introduce a personalized event agenda feature for you to offer to your attendees.

What is a personalized event agenda?

One key aspect of virtual events — especially virtual conferences — are presentations. vFairs helps hosts conduct three types of presentations; live, semi-live, and pre-recorded on-demand sessions. In the case of live and semi-live presentations, the sessions will start and end at a specific time. On-demand sessions can be accessed at any time.

Now, imagine if you’re hosting a large number of webinars. Each attendee will have to surf through the entire list every single time to find the ones they were previously interested in. All that information and effort can sometimes be overwhelming and can result in losing out on valuable attendance.

Therefore, the vFairs team put their heads together to make this a more personalized and seamless experience for attendees. Keeping each attendee, their interest, and convenience in mind, we developed a personalized event agenda feature.

Why did we develop it?

Attendees want the option to browse through sessions and create a personalized view of only the sessions they’re interested in. Additionally, attendees have other obligations that may distract them from the event while it’s live. Including the option to add live and semi-live event reminders to their personal calendar allows them to better manage their own calendar, and adds to their overall experience at your event.

How do I use it?

Not only does it allow attendees to better manage their time at your event, it’s also very easy to use. Let’s see just how easy it is.

Navigate to the Virtual Auditorium within your event.

vfairs virtual auditorium

Click on the auditorium screen to pull up the list of available webinar sessions.

Virtual Auditorium webinar session list

Scroll through the webinar listings or search for your topic or speaker of interest. Click ‘Add to My Schedule’ button to add any topic to your schedule. 

add to schedule button

Your personal schedule is updated automatically. Review your selected webinars in a separate tab called ‘My Schedule’. You can also click ‘Remove from My Schedule’ if you decide you no longer want to have that session in your personal agenda.

add to schedule tabs to set up event agenda

Within your personal schedule, you have the option to add the session to your calendar or remove any sessions you’re no longer interested in.

add to calendar button


You can then choose from a list of popular email applications, such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook or iCalendar. Select your email provider and that’s it! You get a calendar placeholder for the date and time your selected webinar goes live.

Providing you with tools that support personalized experiences are a priority at vFairs. Our goal is to tailor your events, outreach, and content to fit the needs of your target audience. To learn more on our personalized event agenda feature, get in touch with a representative

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