No matter how much it is denied, climate change is real. There are several proofs of it that we see yet choose to ignore every day. According to NASA, global temperature rise, warming of the oceans, and shrinking ice sheets are among the main signs of global warming. The dire need to make amends has pushed corporations to incorporate green business strategies.

Global warming and climate change evidence-NASA

Wondering what green business strategies are? These are the strategies that are focused on decreasing the negative impact of a business on the environment. For example, an organization that previously used to dump untreated chemical waste in the ocean can now adopt a green strategy of treating the chemical waste and not dumping it in the ocean. Green strategies are supposed to leave a positive impact on the environment.

For businesses focused on going green, virtual events are a great way to decrease their impact on the environment. Virtual events are the events that take place online and save you the hassle of organizing a physical event. They are cost-effective, save time, scalable, and easily accessible. They also have minimal impact on the environment which makes them even more desirable.

Here’s how virtual events align with your green business strategy and why you should immediately move from physical events to online events.

No Transportation Required

A physical event requires attendees to travel to the venue from within and outside the city/country. Even if an event has a maximum of 100 attendees, imagine the amount of CO2 released in the air by the vehicles they used to travel to and from the event venue. 

The environmental impact of transportation is massive. The utility and burning of petroleum contribute to global warming, thanks to the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere which leads to air pollution and a rise in temperature. 

An online event is good for the environment as it does not require transportation to and from the venue. It can be joined by the attendees from any part of the world through their smartphones, laptops or tablets. This not only brings convenience into the picture but also uplifts the green business concept.

No Waste Generated

A physical event means you have to spend on the decor of the venue. From using paper to plastic to wood, physical events make use of all kinds of materials when it comes to decor. After the event, almost all of the things used for decor end up in the trash. 

On average, almost 600,000 tons of waste is produced by trade shows every year. The plastic in the trash takes hundreds of years at the very least to decompose. Hence, the trash ends up in landfills where it keeps pilling up while damaging the environment drastically. 

A virtual event, on the other hand, leads to no waste generation. Branding happens online in the form of digital booths and banners. The marketing collateral to be used in the event is also digital. After the event, there is nothing to dispose of which contributes to the green business strategy of a business.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A major part of a green business strategy is sustainability. It is about ensuring that the environment is not damaged with the aid of sustainable techniques that prevent overuse and waste of natural resources. 

With the help of Sustainable Development Goals provided by the UN, it can be ensured that the risk of depletion of natural resources is reduced. Virtual events ensure the sustainability goals are achieved by an organization.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

There is no venue to be illuminated with hundreds of lights and no place to travel to for attending the event. Hence, an online event saves a lot of electricity and fuel, contributing to the smart usage of natural resources. 


Given the amount of damage done to the environment over the years, it is time to do whatever is necessary to fix it. And virtual events are a step in the right direction. They are good for the environment and it will not be wrong to call them green events. Their environmental impact is minimal which makes them ideal for the green business needs of an organization.

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