Accredit Your Attendees with Virtual Certifications

Online training and accreditation are key component for some virtual and hybrid events. Whether you’re training employees, offering continued education sessions or professional development opportunities, it’s important to offer a commemorative document that attendees can keep on hand. 

That’s why vFairs is now offering in-event certificates to your attendees. You can attribute different certificates to different activities and attendees will receive them once they complete those activities. Let’s dive into how our new virtual certification feature works. 

Types of Certificates:

There are now four kinds of activities through which certificates can be provided. Let’s review each of them.

Webinar Watch Based Certificate

You can automatically issue certificates to attendees for attending a session or series of sessions within the event. You can even assign different certificates to attendees based on the session or combination of sessions they attend.

This feature is useful for event hosts who want to hold virtual training or courses through live or pre-recorded sessions. This is a great way to help your users track the educational credits they’re earning as they attend different sessions within the event.

Login Based Certificate

This feature encourages people to enter the event, and helps attendees feel a sense of accomplishment in simply joining! You can use this feature to drive traffic to your event and show a kind gesture to the people who have attended the event. A certificate will be given to the people once they login to the event.

One such example of a Certificate of Attendance is through Purina Institute’s Microbiome Forum. They issued personalized certificates to anyone who logged into the event. This left attendee feeling as though they were part of something worth memorializing, adding a nice touch to their event experience.

Quiz/Survey Based Certificate

This is one of those features in which attendees will have fun while using it! They will be able to receive a certificate once they complete test or a quiz. This will be a kind of an on-the-spot award or evidence for the people that they have solved a quiz properly.

Points Based Certificate

This certificate features one of our classic activities: the leaderboard. Initially, attendees with the highest leaderboard points used to receive a gift after the event ended. But in this scenario, when their points on the leaderboard are high, then they will be rewarded certificate during the live event.

Attendees: Achieving and Collecting Virtual Certificates

To access their certificates, attendees can click on their profile icon in the top right corner of the page, and click ‘Download certificate’. They’ll then get the option to open the PDF in another tab, or email the certificate to themselves. 


Hosts: Setting up Virtual Certification Within Your Event

Hosts can choose which activities they’d like to offer certificates for, and can assign different certificates to various activities. Whenever an attendee completes a webinar, logs in or completes a survey/quiz, their user information will automatically be applied to the certificate, which is why it takes a few minutes for the certificate to be produced. 

Plus, it’s quite easy to set up. 

This feature can be enabled quickly and easily with the help of your project management team. All you need to provide to them is:

  • a JPG or PDF of each individual certificate
  • the associated activity for each certificate
  • which user fields should be mapped to the certificate (i.e. name, state, city, country, or any other user information you’ve collected within their registration form)

You also have the option to create a custom email if users choose to email the certificate to themselves. 

This feature currently works best when hosting webinars through Vimeo, as certificates can be issued only once your attendees have hit a specific threshold of the webinar. For example, you can award certificates once someone has watched 50%, 75% or the presentation in its entirety. This feature can, however, be applied to any video conferencing or streaming service you’re integrating into your event, including Zoom or YouTube. With these platforms, certificates are awarded to every attendee who joins the session.

What Types of Events Can Use This Feature?

While this feature is available to any type of event, here are some of the most common use cases for it:

Internal Training Events & Onboarding Fairs

If you need to get your remote teams up to speed on new protocols, safety standards or other procedures, certificates are a great feature to include.  You can set up different tracks, presentations and associated certificates within your virtual onboarding fair, which employees or new hires can visit on their own time. You can then track their progress through their certificates. Once an employee has all the required certifications, you’ll know they’re up to speed with company policies and requirements.

Professional Development Events

Are you offering professional development sessions at your event? If your attendees are receiving training from accredited professional associations, you can upload their certificates to the platform so that attendees can automatically receive them once they complete the final course.

Events Offering Continued Learning Credits

Perhaps you offer your own continued learning credits to a group of member professionals. In this case, you can offer certificates from your association as attendees complete your final course. 

How to Set Up Certificates Within Your vFairs Event:

You can just speak to your respective project manager about the kind of certificate feature that you want, issuing requirements, and just provide them with the certificate design. The rest is up to the manager to make that feature happen for you!

Our team can help you get set up on this now, so reach out today to get started!


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Accredit Your Attendees with Virtual Certifications

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