How Exhibitors Can Use Our New Self-Select Virtual Avatar Feature

When you are hosting a virtual event, vFairs knows it is important for you to stand out! Not just that, but to successfully resonate with your audience.

What are self-select virtual avatars?

Self-select avatars are quite straightforward. We include avatars throughout our virtual event venues, and we’ve always offered the option to customize avatars to suit an event hosts’ needs. We now have an incredible library of virtual avatars, and have made them available for exhibitors to choose from when building their virtual booths.

An intuitive booth setup process guides exhibitors to build their virtual booth, select a layout and virtual avatars without any assistance. They can easily upload digital collateral and link to important landing pages on their own site. This enables them to have complete control over the look and feel of the booth.

virtual event info desk

Why did we develop this feature?

vFairs is known for creating virtual environments that help make attendees feel welcomed and immersed in the experience. One aspect of this is through our virtual avatars. Virtual avatars are built in to every event. They roam the virtual lobby floor, they’re seated in our virtual auditoriums, and they welcome attendees to their exhibit booths within the exhibition hall. This helps attendees form more of a connection with the exhibitor and entices them to stay in the booth a while.

In all our years of experience, we’ve created countless avatars to suit the needs of various virtual events. It only makes sense that we now give exhibitors the power to have complete control over the entire customization and branding of your booth.

virtual conference avatars

How to use the self-select avatar feature

If you’ve never used our booth builder before, here’s a quick rundown of how it works. Exhibitors can choose from eight preset booth layouts. These templates offer a variety of options regarding the placement of avatars, banners and booth desks. You can select the colours of your booth, its walls and add customized banners. Our booth setup process was designed for you to get creative!

virtual exhibit booth template selection

The next step is selecting the avatars. You can choose a male or a female avatar, keeping one or both. You can choose the ethnicity of your virtual avatar based on your virtual event environment and target audience. The self-select virtual avatar here can help your exhibitor connect with the audience.

self select avatar selection detail

Benefits of custom virtual avatars

We now know how easy it is to set up virtual avatars in your booths. But why have a self-select avatar in the first place?

The self-select feature not only gives exhibitors more control over the look of the booth, it also helps you deliver a message of inclusivity.

Moreover, exhibitors look for diversity when designing and selecting their virtual booths. With a range of virtual avatars to choose from, they have more flexibility in booth designs.

Additionally, as exhibitors diversify their virtual avatars, they increase a sense of co-presence within their attendees. Co-presence makes attendees feel as if they are in the same place as other people thus creating a more life-like experience for them. Furthermore, virtual avatars help attendees feel a connection to the exhibitors space creating a sense of belonging.

So you know what to do in your next virtual event! Just make sure you utilize this feature when designing your booth to send a compelling message to your attendees. The power lies with you!

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How Exhibitors Can Use Our New Self-Select Virtual Avatar Feature

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