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Remember when you had to chase keynote speakers months before your conference and spend enormous bags of money to set up a successful event? Well, gone are those days! 2020 experienced a sharp rise in the number of virtual conferences being held in the place of physical conferences and summits and this trend will continue in 2021 too. Reasons? The undeniable benefits of taking your conference online!

Let’s share the 7 most important benefits of virtual conferences that will compel you to move your next conference online.

Taking your conference online improves attendance rate

One of the most popular benefits of hosting a virtual conference is that it can be accessed from ANY device, on ANY browser, and from ANY part of the world. In short, everyone is welcome to join an online conference. Hosting a virtual event of this nature lets you address a wider audience without the need for them to spend exorbitant amounts on travel and/or accommodation, naturally making the trade-offs easier and the attendance higher.

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Saving precious time and money


Organizing a conference, or any event for that matter is usually one of the most nerve-wracking activities. Booking a venue, allocating on-hand staff, arranging food and beverages, and ensuring accurate security measures can exhaust huge amounts of money and even more energy. A virtual conference rids the host of all the stated hassle by providing them with a cost-effective online alternative, with 24/7 customer support to boot.

Keynote speakers

At a virtual conference, you may be able to attract high-demand speakers who typically have limited time for in-person conferences but are happy to jump on a video call to talk about industry trends. Not only is this a more schedule-friendly approach but also costs you nothing in terms of travel and accommodation expenses.


As stated previously, attendees can access a virtual conference from the comfort of their homes. Since they’re usually provided with the agenda prior to the event, visitors have the flexibility of planning their day around relevant sessions.

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Evergreen content

Taking your conference online means your content, such as recordings from the conference and other documents, is entirely under your ownership and can be used as collateral for months and years to come.

Industry trends and insights at your fingertips

Staying on top of your game in terms of knowledge and skills no longer requires you to travel to different lands (but if you’re still doing that, more power to you!). Virtual conferences bring top trends and insights right to your doorstep. Making the most out of webinars, live chats, and other in-event information, you can now grow your knowledge base in just a few clicks while sipping away your coffee.

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Easy networking

Using live text, audio, and video chat, attendees can engage with industry specialists to create connections and get detailed, personalized insights regarding the agenda of the conference.

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Quick feedback and lead generation

Live webinars at virtual conferences, just like seminars at physical events, are typically followed by interactive Q&A sessions, where organizers invite suggestions and insights from the audience.

Due to the scalable nature of these events, this may be a more accurate way of understanding your audience’s profiles, their concerns, and allowing companies to incorporate that feedback into improving their processes.

Furthermore, registrants that sign up from across the globe can be added to the company’s CRM, mailing lists, and other software platforms for lead generation in the future.

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Environment-friendly conferences

In today’s world, where societal and environmental responsibly top everything else, it is imperative that companies come up with solutions that do not damage the ecosystem. Virtual conferences eliminate the use of brochures or any supplementary material that causes paper waste and instead make this information available in the form of online resources. Other aspects such as the removal of travel can further reduce the carbon footprint associated with your event, giving you another reason for taking your conference online.

Read more about supporting a green business strategy here.

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Virtual conferences act as an improved method to not just fulfill company goals but also provide organizers with much more value in the end.  Therefore, these conferences have rapidly been replacing physical conferences and summits, proving themselves as a popular and effective tool for modern businesses. So buckle up for taking your conference online in 2021!

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