Conferences are integral to the success of a business but organizing them is not an easy feat. Traditional conferences require an investment of time, money, and energy to be successful. And even then, the outcome becomes hard to measure. With the world becoming more accepting of technological trends, virtual conferences have also started to get popular.

Virtual conferences help in building relationships that extend beyond borders and get in touch with prospects in virtual space. They take away the hassle of organizing a physical event with a limited reach and enable organizers to address a wider audience. 

There are several reasons for organizing virtual conferences but the most important ones are mentioned below.

  1. Enhance Reach of the Event
  2. Reduce Cost and Boost ROI
  3. Reduce Carbon Footprint 
  4. Measure Success with Insights
  5. Skip Logistical Hassles

Wondering how this happens? Read on!

1. Enhance Reach of the Event

In a physical conference, a limited number of attendees are allowed. In addition to this, people in a certain geographic location get the chance to attend the conference as traveling to another city or country to attend a conference is costly and not everyone can do that. 

Virtual Conference has more reach

A virtual conference frees organizers of these worries. Anyone can attend a virtual conference from any place. All that is need is a good internet connection and a smartphone/tablet/computer. Hence, a diverse group of attendees can be a part of a virtual conference, regardless of their geographic location.

Furthermore, based on the service provider, the number of attendees that can be entertained in a virtual conference is several times more than that in a physical conference. Online conferences allow inclusivity, enabling people with special needs to be a part of them without any hassle. Thus, virtual conferences have enhanced reach.

2. Reduce Cost and Boost ROI

A virtual conference means you do not have to book a venue for the event, arrange transportation, book accommodation for the guests and attendees, spend on decor, and focus on manpower. All these things are necessary for physical conferences which makes them costly.

Online conferences eliminate these expenses and enable organizers to generate more value with less. By leveraging technology, they eliminate all the costs associated with physical events and enable organizers to conduct successful conferences online.

3. Reduce Carbon Footprint 

Climate change is real. Physical events contribute to global warming which then leads to climate change. Traveling to and from the event venue, using plastic and paper for decor, and dumping the waste in landfills at the end of the event contributes to global warming.


Virtual events, on the other hand, are environment-friendly. There is no commute required and a lot of paper is saved. Instead of using paper-based brochures and pamphlets, virtual conferences make use of e-collateral which can be viewed and downloaded by the attendees without having any negative impact on the environment.

4. Measure Success with Insights

Think about a physical event for a moment. How would you measure its success? Finding it hard to process? That’s right! Measuring the success of a physical event is not an easy task. You need to collect data manually with a huge chance of making a mistake in data collection.

With virtual conferences, you do not have to worry about that. Since everything happens online and on a digital platform, finding out the number of people who attended the conference, the number of people who attended a specific session during the conference, and the speakers who remained the most popular is super easy. 

Everything gets logged in in real-time which provides measurable insights to the organizers. These insights can be used to know what worked well and what needs to stop in future conferences to improve the experience of attendees in the coming events.

5. Skip Logistical Hassles

Physical events come with numerous logistical hassles. Setting up the venue and arranging equipment are a few of the issues. They take the attention of organizers away from focusing on the event itself and engage them in issues that are non-existent to a virtual conference.

Virtual event hosting platforms like vFairs take care of logistics and let the organizers focus on the event itself. With end-to-end service of organizing and managing a virtual conference, these platforms take this burden off the shoulders of event organizers. 


Virtual conferences come laced with benefits for the organizers, a glimpse of which was provided in this article. If you are planning to organize conference, get in touch with vFairs now and know how a virtual conference can help you achieve your event goals.

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