Top 8 Pharma Event Management Companies

Planning and executing a pharmaceutical event requires significant time and effort. From managing logistics to ensuring compliance with regulations, organizers can only handle so much independently.

Selecting from a list of top pharma event management companies can help reduce the time and effort needed to host a successful pharmaceutical event.

We have compiled a list of the best pharma event management companies and their key features to assist you. This list will enable you to compare and select the best event management software based on its services for your events.

Must-Have Features When Choosing the Best Pharma Event Management Companies

Pharmaceutical events require a robust management platform that can handle the technicalities involved pre-, during, and post-event while offering services that enable a successful pharmaceutical event. Here’s what to look for in your event platform:

Customization and Branding Options

Opting for pharma event companies that offer 2D & 3D-designed customized virtual pharmaceutical event spaces. These immersive virtual auditoriums and lobbies can keep your audience engaged throughout the event and provide numerous branding opportunities. If your event is hybrid or in-person, then choose a software that provides a mobile app that is customizable or can be white-labeled.

Accessibility Features

One emerging requirement in events is prioritizing accessibility and neurodiversity in events. If you’re looking to enter the growing event industry, it’s essential to ensure that accessibility is at the forefront of your event planning. To achieve this, it’s necessary to select a platform that offers accessibility features.

There are several key features to look for in a pharmaceutical event management company to make your event more accessible:

  • Personalized website experience for attendees with cognitive disabilities, ADHD, and motor disabilities.
  • Video transcription for live webinars to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing attendees.
  • Ability to reach a global audience by translating live webinars into multiple languages.
  • Providing rendered text and images for visually impaired attendees to navigate the virtual venue.

Incorporating these accessibility features will help your event reach a diverse, global audience and ensure that attendees with disabilities can fully participate. It will also demonstrate your commitment to positively impacting the event industry.

Engagement Features

Choose a pharma event management company that can make sessions informative and engaging.

Pharmaceutical events can become monotonous very quickly. Suppose you want your online attendees to be engaged and your in-person attendees to remain attentive throughout the sessions. In that case, hiring a pharmaceutical event management company that offers various techniques to make the sessions informative and interactive is essential.

On-site Event Technology 

Suppose you are planning to host a large-scale health event on-site. In that case, it’s essential to partner with pharmaceutical event management software that provides excellent assistance to your attendees.

It’s crucial for attendees at your event to have a smooth and efficient check-in process. Therefore, selecting a pharmaceutical event management company that offers easy check-in options is essential. 

Event Mobile App

Times are changing, and so is the event industry. These days, you can only aim for a successful event with a mobile event app. A mobile event app streamlines your event and provides features that keep your audience connected, offers numerous sponsorship opportunities, and helps you increase your event’s ROI.

Security Features and Compliance Regulations 

Selecting a pharmaceutical event management company that prioritizes data security is essential. This involves having a team of professionals who can implement a robust information security program. 

Pharmaceutical events often involve sensitive data that should remain confidential among the event audience. Therefore, the event planners must use event management software that complies with regulations and prioritizes security.

You can also check pharmaceutical event management tips to learn more about how to host an epic event.

Best Pharma Event Management Companies

1. vFairs

vFairs is a top-rated event management platform on G2 and Capterra. It offers exceptional virtual, hybrid, and in-person services for all sizes and types of pharmaceutical events.

In addition to its exceptional event management services, which we will discuss below, the company is well-recognized for its advanced event technology. This pharmaceutical event technology includes badge printing, an event mobile app, and a lead capture app.

Have a look at the key features one of the best pharma event management companies offers:

Virtual Event PlatformVirtual event platform vFairs

vFairs is well-known for providing top-notch virtual event services for pharmaceutical events. Some services they offer include:

  • A fully customized immersive virtual environment with 3D-designed virtual lobbies, auditoriums, animated avatars, and more.
  • Advanced networking features, including live event chat, QR-based contact exchange, Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes, and more.
  • Event reporting features with real-time metrics, individual user journeys, in-depth post-analysis, and more.
  • Comprehensive end-to-end event support, live event tech support, and 24/7 global support.

Share Peer-Reviewed Research Papers and ResourcesPresent-Peer-Reviewed-Research-Papers

The all-in-one pharmaceutical event management platform allows you to host successful pharmaceutical events by offering the following features:

  • Collecting, reviewing, and accepting research papers through an integrated abstract management system.
  • Presenting accepted research papers and slideshows through poster halls and live sessions.
  • Hosting unlimited documents, videos, and links through the platform.
  • Allowing attendees to save informative resources in a virtual swag bag.
  • Accessing accurate data about document downloads, links, clicks, etc.

Webinar Solutions

vFairs offers advanced webinar solutions to help you host engaging and informative webinars. You can enhance your pharma event planning by incorporatWebinar solution vFairsing the following features from the vFairs website solution to ensure a successful event:

  • Embedded webinar solution with breakout rooms, polls, and Q&A sessions
  • Seamless integration with popular webinar platforms like Zoom, Microsoft, and Restream.
  • Incorporation of web accessibility features such as subtitles, live translations, and video transcription

Check-In App & Badge Printing SoftwarePrint-Attendee-Badges-Scan-to-Check-them-In

vFairs offers the ultimate event badge printing apps and badge printing software that provide the following benefits:

  • The check-in app lets attendees quickly check in with a unique QR code.
  • Pre-print badges in bulk to avoid hassle at the event venue.
  • Quickly print badges on-demand at the venue, if needed
  • Event organizers can easily search for attendees with the badge printing app.
  • Reduced wait times and long queues with the self-check-in kiosk.
  • Easily track attendance rates through the check-in app.
  • Showcase sponsor logos for branding opportunities.

  Engagement Features

Do not settle for mediocre pharmaceutical events. Let your attendees experience an engaging and interactive pharma event that they will cherish for a long time. vFairs’ pharma event engagement features include:

  • Choose from exciting games like scavenger hunts, trivia, and leaderboards.

 Event Mobile AppEvent Mobile App

vFairs provides the best event mobile app to ensure a seamless pharmaceutical event experience. Here are some features of the pharmaceutical event management’s mobile app:

Self-check-in for attendees

  • Live streaming of on-site sessions for virtual attendees through the mobile app
  • Personalized agenda planning for attendees
  • Easy recording, verification, and analysis of attendance and user behavior
  • Facilitation of business connections through contact sharing, chat, and meeting scheduling

Security and Compliances

vFairs takes event data security seriously. Customers can use a secure platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid-mode events.

vFairs offers product security, data security, app security, access control, endpoint security, network security, and many more advanced security protocols that are carried out to execute a risk-free event. 

Along with this, vFairs complies with the following: 

  • CCPA
  • GDPR
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27001 SoA
  • Microsoft SSPA
  • SOC 2
  • VPAT
  • ISO 9001 

In addition to these features, vFairs is a reliable pharmaceutical event management platform that offers 5-star customer service, expert on-site support, and an advanced stack to help you host seamless, informative, and practical events.

User Reviews

“Building our event platform from the ground up was seamless and simple with vFairs. The step by step instructions, detailed explanations and real time support we received made our first experience a huge success” – Meghan B., Production and Operations Manager

“We pushed the vFairs platform to its limits and beyond and vFairs are always keen to help us find a good solution! Ahmed also was a great help in terms of helping take some tasks off my plate, something that I will be forever grateful for!” – Claire N., Website & Virtual Event Platform Development Manager

2. SpotMe

SpotMe logo

SpotMe is a well-known pharmaceutical event management platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. It provides various features like the mobile app and virtual event platform to assist organizers in hosting different pharmaceutical events including meetings and product launches. The platform does come with its set of challenges including a steep learning curve and non-intuitive interface.

Here are the technologies that SpotMe offers in detail:


Pharmaceutical meeting planners can use SpotMe’s scientific meetings feature to host life science conferences of any size.

Event App

SpotMe also provides an event app that helps pharmaceutical event planners offer attendees features for an interactive experience. For example, the event app offers live polling and panel discussion features to enhance engagement at the event.

Product Launches

SpotMe offers a product launch feature that allows pharmaceutical event planners to launch new medical products in an interactive virtual event platform.

User Reviews

I like that it allows for so much personalization – from Agendas to the design. I also really like that it offers a lot of engagement opportunities such as live polling, surveys, Q&A, and activity challenges. It’s awesome and is a great way to keep everyone entertained and connected!” –Mayra D., Technology Executive

“We have been using SpotMe for the second year now, and there are some downsides, e.g. created menu items cannot be ever deleted and in case of copying the workspace it might be very confusing; comments thread become hidden and you need to make 3 additional clicks to access it, which disengage people to asnwer in a comment thread; when creating a post “body” field is not visible from front-end and all the input should be included in title only.” – Yulia O., Consulting


3. InEvent

InEvent logo

InEvent provides pharmaceutical event management software for hosting medical meetings, sales training, life sciences conferences, summits, webinars, and more. The key features include event booking and registration, logistics and hospitality services, etc. 

Many users have expressed frustration with the software due to its lack of features and difficulty navigating the platform.

Following are the key features offered by this pharmaceutical event management company in detail:

Event Booking and Registration

InEvent offers healthcare services that streamline the RSVP process, assist with organizational event planning, and provide branded registration forms for corporate meetings.

Logistics and Hospitality Services

InEvent provides logistics and hospitality services, including medical services and conference arrangements. This includes online registration forms, flight tickets, centralized logistics, and hospitality services.

Additional medical and life sciences event management services from InEvent include personalized agendas for mobile and desktop devices, resource management with budget frameworks, and on-demand content availability.

User Reviews

Easy interface and the possibility to customize the platform to fit branding and needs of your company and event. Support from InEvent is unbelievable: kb, emails, calls, and chat”- Verified User

“It is very click-heavy, very manual. Some of the features for returning users are limited. For example, copying/duplicating one year’s event to use as the template for this/next year’s event only converts the session headings, not the days/times, Q&As, or gamification set up.” – Verified User in Real Estate


4. Cvent

Cvent logo

Cvent is a cutting-edge, all-in-one event management software that delivers a specialized solution for pharma events. It offers meeting management software that ensures compliance, visibility, and critical features for seamless event management.

While Cvent offers critical pharma event management features, users have expressed concerns about the platform’s steep learning curve and challenging testing environment.

Workflow Management

Cvent’s workflow management feature empowers organizers to effortlessly ensure compliance with meeting policy standards, streamline workflows, and obtain necessary approvals within protected event environments.

On-site Engagement

Cvent’s on-site management tools are essential for medical conferences and life sciences events. The tool helps deliver a flawless event experience and streamline registration processes. These tools enhance event organization, boost attendance, and provide detailed registration reports.

User Reviews

The platform is multifunctional and solves a lot of problems with their event tech stack – registration, full event website, exhibitor management, conference app, surveys, lead capture, etc.’ – Margaret T.

“The testing environment could be a bit challenging at times because you are required to submit a code every time you are testing it through the browser – you could get around this by using the app to see your live updates. There is a big learning curve from the old app.” – Verified User.

You can also look at the list of all the Cvent alternatives to help you choose the best event management platform that offers a more comprehensive tech stack for your event. 

5. 6Connex6Connex logo

6Connex is a versatile event management platform that caters to in-person, hybrid, and virtual pharmaceutical events. It offers comprehensive online event management services for organizing workshops, seminars, podcasts, panel discussions, and more. The feature set includes engagement tools, online surveys, and virtual rooms. 

The platform’s lack of intuitiveness and unfriendly user interface is a major concern for its users.

Here are the key features of this pharmaceutical event management company in detail:

Engagement Tools

6Connex engagement tools at the event include various ways for attendees to interact, such as one-on-one chat, video chat, gamification, social sharing, and webcasting. Despite having a good range of pharma event tools, the platform’s lack of  intuitiveness has caused concerns among its users. 

Here are some of the tools offered by the platform:

Online Surveys and Trivia

Guests have the opportunity to utilize a Cloud-based program provided by 6Connex. They can use this program to share their feedback through surveys or participate in entertaining trivia activities.

Virtual Rooms

The event management platform features virtual rooms designed to seamlessly integrate attendees into specific roles, enabling them to network with one another and participate in informative and engaging conversations.

User Reviews

“6Connex has been great at providing a virtual platform to interact global attendees and also provide events for networking with other companies, very versatile.” – Verified User in Medical Practice

“I wish the back end of the platform was more user-friendly and intuitive. It took a lot of training and practice to successfully build all aspects of the booths and the event. Without help from customer service I would have been a bit lost even after watching the training videos. Someone who is not tech savvy would struggle. I would also love the chat within the platform to appear larger and clearer for attendees.” –Meagan O., Mid-Market

6. ZoomZoom logo

Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video, audio, phone, and chat connectivity. It is ideal for video conferencing meetings, webinars, and live chat. Zoom facilitates life sciences and pharmaceutical events through hybrid and virtual collaborations, enabling better communication across global organizations.

Despite its long-standing presence in the industry, Zom has faced user criticism for its lack of intuitiveness and connectivity issues, leading to frustration. 

Platform’s key features include:

Clinical Trials

With clinical trials featuring pharmaceutical events, planners can decentralize the efforts, which will help increase access to diverse patients and improve communication throughout the trial with the Zoom platform. 

Sales and Commercialization

Through video conferencing, pharmaceutical event planners can make more efficient and convenient sales pitch to their target audience. 

User Reviews

“Zoom is the best video conferencing platform. I use it daily for remote control and screen sharing purposes.” – Raunak K., Operations Intern

“Occasional connectivity issues have been a frustration. There are times when the video quality drops or the audio gets glitchy, disrupting the flow of meetings. Another major issue I’ve faced is security breaching by zoom boomers otherwise zoom is my preferable choice.” – Harsh K., Agency Owner

7. ON24

ON24 is a leading company that specializes in marketing products and services through webcasting and virtual event technology. With a comprehensive omnichannel engagement strategy, ON24 is a good choice for managing Healthcare professionals (HCP) interactions.

ON24 offers strong pharmaceutical event management solutions. However, the platform should prioritize providing users with an intuitive and easy-to-use experience.

Key features offered by this pharmaceutical event management company include:

Hybrid and Virtual Conferences

Pharmaceutical executives can utilize hybrid and virtual platforms to create live, simulated, and on-demand content and hub experiences, ensuring engagement with the audience and HCPs.

Boost Brand Awareness 

ON24 provides drag-and-drop tools, event templates, and a 20+ engagement and conversational tools database to customize your pharmaceutical webinars, virtual events, and content experiences and boost brand awareness.

User Reviews

The complete customization and branding piece in any way you can think of. Do you want your logo there? You can do it! Do you want your branding colors there? You can do it! And so much more! We also love how easy the platform is to learn and navigate. ON24 really makes our job easier.” Mara S., Marketing Consultant

“Some of the features “freeze” on us, such as moving from slide to next slide in presentation mode. We have done all the necessary steps to make sure the slides are uploaded appropriately. Still have not got to the bottom of that!.” –Mara S., Marketing Consultant

8. GoldcastGoldcast logo

Goldcast is the premier digital events platform designed specifically for B2B marketers to create unique brand experiences and boost sales. Goldcast provides event services that fit for pharmaceutical event organizers looking to host engaging and impactful corporate events. Here are a few of the standout features offered by this pharmaceutical event management company:

Learning and Development

 Organizers can enable global communication and training to employees through internal meetings and keep them up-to-date with the latest practical industry standards. 

Education and Certification

Goldcast features allow pharmaceutical event planners to continue education, certification, or engage through an interactive experience.

User Reviews

Goldcast is easy for everyone to use – administrators, speakers, and attendees. It can be fully branded with just a few clicks and a style guide.” – Verified User.

“I do wish the library area was a little different. Currently, you put all your assets in one section. It’s in their roadmap to have the library section by event. The emails are a love/hate. I wish I could customize the emails per event, vs. having to use the templates. I also don’t love their blur and virtual background features need some work. I’m glad they have it, it’s just not as sharp as I’d like it.” –Regina B., Field Marketing Manager, Demand Generation.

Top 8 Pharma Event Management Companies


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