6 Fun Event Ideas for Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual career fairs can be draining for attendees & hiring managers alike. It may get overwhelming when organizers have to find and recruit people for open roles, sift through resumes, screen candidates, and conduct interviews. As an organizer, you have a way to make things more fun for you and your audience.

Read ahead and find out how you can make virtual career fairs super fun, interactive, and highly engaging with just a few cool ideas. 

What Are Virtual Career Fairs?


Virtual career fairs are the ultimate solution that helps a single employer hire for various departments across their organization. It not only shatters the limitations of traditional hiring events but also provides a platform for the employer to have global talent come to them. 

Virtual career fairs aren’t basic at all. In fact, these fairs are hosted in such a way that job seekers and employers can easily connect and network. By going virtual, these events give employers the access to find global talent that not only reduces cost but also helps increase the ROI. 

Virtual career fairs are superbly interactive, fully branded, and fun. The job seekers not only enjoy a great virtual experience but also find the most appropriate jobs for themselves. As for the employers, they can easily list their jobs on the event platform, screen candidates, take live interviews, and hire the perfect candidates – all within the vFairs platform. 

6 Ideas That Make Virtual Career Fairs Fun

Make use of these 6 interesting ideas to engage and excite your audience:

Kahoot – Trivia Games 

virtual career fairs

Kahoot is a highly interactive trivia game that brings together people with similar interests with a fun, engaging and competitive twist. Luckily, vFairs has an integration with Kahoot that can make your virtual career fair fun to attend. 

With Kahoot, you can create quizzes and trivia about your company. This can be a great way to analyze how much each candidate has researched about your company and has truly come prepared. To keep your attendees interested, you can set up rewards and have a friendly competition going. 

You can also set up 1:1 virtual games on Kahoot or just go on a team mode for more players. Trivia games are a great way to keep your attendees entertained and help them enjoy the virtual event after all the hectic job hunting. 

Speed Networking and Ice-breakers

This image shows the Smart Matchmaking tab on the event navigation bar on the vFairs platform

Take your career fair to a whole new level with speed networking powered by vFairs. It will match you with the right attendees to network. With speed networking, interacting with people with similar interests becomes easier, and effective. 

After each attendee fills a questionnaire about their likes, choices, and interest, they will automatically get matched to the person with similar interests. Ice breakers help tremendously with getting comfortable with the match during the networking session.  

If all works well, you can share contact information via contact cards to stay in touch even after the event.  

Speed networking not only builds productive professional relationships, but is a great lead magnet and gives a better ROI possibility. 

‘Happy Hour’ with Spatial Connect

Host a ‘Happy Hour’ with vFairs Spatial Connect that uses 3D stimulation rooms to bring real networking to life. Attendees get to choose their 3D avatars and can walk through various rooms in the networking lounge to meet new people and start conversations. 

Attendees can enjoy speaker sessions together while chatting with one another or private conversations as well. Each room in the networking lounge can cater to different areas of interest and attendees can simply choose which conversation they would want to be a part of. 

A happy hour at the spatial connect can serve as a great way to unwind and strengthen social connections. Networking in a group can become easier and more natural and attendees can make a great impression within the group they’re having a conversation with. 

Social Media Wall

A social media wall at your virtual career fair can really amp up your event gamification. You can ask your attendees to post their event pictures on the event’s social media wall and they can get a chance to win prizes from the draw. You can promote the prizes on the event’s page so attendees are motivated to participate and get excited over winning the prizes. 

Attendees can also see what activities others are partaking in and will be encouraged to do the same. After all, social media walls are superb at triggering the fear of missing out. 

Photo Booth

Photo booths can serve a similar purpose to a social media wall. Encourage your attendees to take some fun and cool photos and record gifs. If you have a theme, your attendees can follow the theme and dress up accordingly. 

The most loved photos can get really cool prizes such as a chance to get some tips from the company’s hiring manager.  This will not only encourage them to participate but will also give them a sense of being a part of your company. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Virtual scavenger hunts can also be a great way to engage your audience and make the virtual career fair interactive and fun. This is one of the most loved event gamification within the vFairs platform. 

Just like a usual scavenger hunt, attendees have to find the hidden icons across various rooms at the virtual event. You can make these hidden icons themed to your company, such as your logo, products, or different items that are important for your business. As attendees bag each item, they will score more points. The participant who finishes first, wins the game. 

These virtual scavenger hunts can really level up the competition at the event and the attendees can really enjoy being a part of your virtual event. 


Virtual career fairs do not have to be overwhelming. Therefore, to ease off the pressure from the hiring managers and the job seekers, these fun ideas can work a great deal. As an organizer, it is extremely important to keep your attendees engaged at the event and make sure they’re making the most of it. 

With these fun ideas, we assure you that your virtual career fair will be super fun, interactive, and unique. Believe us when we say, you attendees will enjoy every bit of it. 

Need more info on virtual career fairs? Here’s a guide to get you started. 

You’re welcome!

6 Fun Event Ideas for Virtual Career Fairs

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