5 Best Practices for Running a Hybrid Career Fair

For the past year and a half, event planners have been speculating about the ideal structure for upcoming gatherings. Companies are still opting for hybrid events that include in-person and virtual components to reap the benefits of both types of meetings. Hybrid career fairs are becoming popular as a means for global enterprises to find qualified candidates. According to a vFairs survey conducted in 2022, 38.8% of individuals said that hybrid events are going to be the most popular.

Importance of Hybrid Events

3D Virtual Environment at vFairs
3D Virtual Environment at vFairs

Suppose the engagement or revenue generation of your company depends on events. In that case, you may have already thought about using a hybrid strategy for your upcoming conference, career fair, or other events. A hybrid event is both in-person and online. It combines the best parts of a virtual and an in-person setting. 

In the case of career fairs, the host can bring together local employers and job seekers in a physical setting. They can talk to each other and share their experiences. On the other hand, job seekers can easily talk to hiring managers through chat, video, and audio. They can also learn more about the company through online and in-person presentations. Most of all, they can apply right away from within the platform. 

There are certain factors to keep in mind while organizing a hybrid career fair. So, without any further wait, let’s dig in!

5 Best Practices For Running Your Hybrid Career Fair

Below are the 5 best practices for running a hybrid career fair.

Recruit a Competent Team

Exhibitor Booth at vFairs Hybrid Career Fair
Exhibitor Booth at vFairs Hybrid Career Fair

It’s better to start your recruitment and training processes early to ensure you have the best team possible when the big day arrives. This way, you’ll have enough time before the event to assign responsibilities, convey expectations, and set schedules.

In the case of career fairs, tell companies and any experts or guest speakers about your career fair early on. Tell them the benefits, including the type of people you expect to attend, the event’s goals, and how it will be set up and run.

Each event will have unique staffing requirements. However, a typical hybrid event will most likely require the following team members:

  • HR or hiring managers play an integral role by working on the front lines. They will be talking to the candidates directly and filling out roles. 
  • Marketing and communications professionals will ensure the event conveys the employer brand effectively. They will be planning the event collaterals both onsite and online. 
  • Staff coordinators are responsible for recruiting, managing, and training any staff members who will assist with event support.
  • Technical leads will manage your video, live streaming, and broadcasting needs on the day of the event and run point on any program used.
  • A logistical coordinator on the day of the event will oversee the entire operation, address problems as they arise, and guarantee the event runs successfully.

Incorporate Tech Professionals

Hybrid events, by definition, need more technology than your average in-person meeting. As a result, it requires more personnel to manage such technology.

Your technology will play an essential role in the virtual elements of your event by allowing for distant engagement in the first place. However, it’s also crucial to appreciate how technology might aid in streamlining operations for in-person parts of the event, such as tickets and payments. 

Moreover, IT representatives do not have to take all the burden if they work with the right virtual events and AV partners. Specialists with years of experience can ensure everything goes off without a hitch by handling most of the work. All IT reps will do is ensure the tech used meets company compliance requirements. Thus, they will coordinate with an AV team or a virtual event platform like vFairs.

Invest in Virtual Aspects 

Virtual Breakout Room at a Hybrid Career Fair
Virtual Breakout Room at a Hybrid Career Fair

When preparing a hybrid event, it is tempting to concentrate your efforts primarily on the attendees who will attend in person. But your virtual attendees are also vital to your event’s success, and you should prioritize their experience equally.

These days, hybrid events are more complex than just broadcasting in real-time online. New developments in the realm of virtual events are making it possible for people who can’t physically be there to have a more personal, engaging, and connected experience than ever before.

Depending on how big your hybrid career fair is, you may also want to set up extra spaces like meeting rooms for in-depth interviews. Other features like virtual tours, videos, info packets, and live streams of speakers are also good add-ons.

Develop a Marketing Plan

It can take a lot of time and effort to market your event effectively and get people to show up. There is undoubtedly a science underlying the increasing amount of data. But if you do your homework and have the right resources, you can run a successful campaign. You can also take help from this vFairs guide to Attracting Attendees To Your Virtual Event. The same principles apply to a hybrid event as well. 

Start Promoting You Hybrid Career Fair

Once you have a plan and materials to market your event, you can start doing so. You might also want to put together marketing toolkits for exhibitors and partners and ask them to help promote the event. This will make you less busy and help you reach more people. This vFairs webcast video on How to Effectively Market Your Virtual Event might be quite helpful for you. 

Key Takeaway

There is an increasing demand for hybrid events in many fields. When executed correctly, these events can successfully engage audiences online and in person. That’s why putting money into the proper resources, and people is essential.

vFairs is a leading virtual, in-person and hybrid event platform. Contact us to make your next hybrid career fair a successful one!

5 Best Practices for Running a Hybrid Career Fair

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