vFairs has once again established itself as a platform which provides inclusive custom virtual events. Partnering with KUDO, event hosts can conduct live multilingual meetings and webinars through the vFairs platform. 

This partnership comes as vFairs continues to increase inclusivity, in order to help global audiences connect seamlessly, regardless of their language. With this, vFairs offers customization options to support clients’ needs around the world. 

What is KUDO? 

KUDO, the leading Language-as-a-Service platform, streams real-time language interpretation to participants’ smartphones and computers, so everyone can join in their own language from anywhere. Moreover, participants can select the language of their choice through a drop down selection of pre-set languages. Kudo logo

Remote interpreters provide professional language interpretation, allowing participants to listen and speak in their native tongue. KUDO’s proprietary technology also features sign language interpretation to support the hearing impaired community. vFairs customers around the world can now listen and speak in their native language, thus eliminating language barriers and encouraging participation. Learn more about what KUDO has to offer here

But is it difficult to set up? 

NO! Not all. 

In fact, it is easy to set up. 

Let’s walk you through the process and see how effortless the entire setup is. Read on! 

Step 1: Schedule a meeting 

Your project manager will schedule a meeting on KUDO with all the details you will provide them with, such as start/end date, the time zone the meeting will take place in and the languages required. You can also name the meeting. 

screenshot of KUDO interface

Step 2: Stream the meeting 

On the day of the event, your vFairs project manager will stream the meeting and embed it in the vFairs interface. The language selector will be available on the bottom left corner. 

screenshot of KUDO interface

A picture in picture will appear on the bottom right corner if a sign language interpreter is selected.

screenshot of KUDO interface

vFairs adds another feather in its cap by integrating KUDO into the virtual events platform. It continues its expansion, offering event features that appeal to a global audience. Allowing audiences to participate in their native language opens a world of possibilities for vFairs. Facilitating meetings for the deaf community with sign language integration is in line with vFairs’ aim to create an inclusive platform that is accessible to all. This is also an addition to the accessibility features already offered by the virtual events platform. 

About vFairs

vFairs strives to deliver top-class virtual events for all audiences, with an intuitive platform that recreates physical events through an immersive online experience. With a range of powerful features and dedicated support for users around the world, vFairs removes the hassle from organizing, exhibiting at, and attending events such as conferences, trade shows, and career fairs. Contact the vFairs team to learn more or request a demo to see a virtual event in action. 


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