The Benefits of Hybrid Events For Exhibitors & Attendees

Hybrid events are a combination of online and in-person events that allow individuals to attend and take part from anywhere. In other words, they let visitors attend an event both virtually and physically. Hybrid events are the talk of the town as they offer the combined benefits of virtual and in-person events. 

Narrowing it down, this article will discuss how hybrid events are specifically beneficial to exhibitors and attendees. So stay tuned as we dig deeper and give you an insight into the key benefits of hybrid events!

How Do Hybrid Events Work? 

A hybrid event’s primary purpose is to deliver a consistent attendance experience. Remote attendees can participate in live events by streaming them. Other participants can interact actively with presenters and attendees during a hybrid event.

All attendees can access the same event content and engage with presenters and each other at hybrid events. In-person and distant guests can communicate via instant chat or live video. The possibilities are endless. Therefore, we can say that hybrid events function in any scale and context.

Hybrid Event Benefits for Exhibitors

Hybrid events are an excellent tool for exhibitors to gain the benefits of both in-person and virtual events. Here are some key advantages of hybrid events for exhibitors. 

Higher Reach

In the case of hybrid events, people are attending the onsite event, but a much larger number are tuning in to the virtual event from all around the world. They can now take part despite their far location.

All of these factors work together to expand the audience for your hybrid event. The best part is that there is no upper limit for attendees which isn’t the case for in-person events. Hybrid events let you have as many attendees join virtually as you want and therefore, expand your reach. 

More Sponsors

Sponsorships at Hybrid Events
Sponsorships at a Hybrid Event

More businesses are seeing the value in sponsoring hybrid events because of the increased exposure. They can expand their brand’s reach over not one but two channels. There are customizable packages to provide a variety of levels of exposure, both online and in-person. The potential reach and value for sponsors are amplified when they can connect with both online and in-person guests across several media platforms.

Accessible Data Insights

Event Analytics
Event Analytics

Hybrid events provide a higher ROI due to their reach and scalability. More attendees, sponsors, and signups also increase exhibitor lead generation. You can see exactly how the booth is doing by monitoring booth visits, clicks, content downloads, and conversation activity.  To maximize your sponsorship ROI, the personal dashboard is updated in real-time.

Hybrid event technology collects data from both in-person and remote guests. Polls and surveys integrated into a mobile event app allow distant and in-person attendees to provide feedback. Event goals and analytics solutions can help organizers better understand their participants. They can then improve their events using this knowledge.

Hybrid Event Benefits for Attendees

Attendees praise hybrid events for their ease and flexibility to attend. Below are some key benefits of hybrid events for attendees. 

Flexible to Attend

In general, hybrid event attendees have more options to choose from. Attendees who would rather participate in person at the event’s actual site can do so, and those who would like to stay at home can do so digitally. On the other hand, not everyone will be able to join because of space limitations, scheduling issues, or financial constraints. As a result, they can rely on the virtual event to save the day.

Enhanced Networking

vFairs Live Chat Networking Feature
vFairs Live Chat Networking Feature

Participants in a virtual meeting can use real-time voice, video, and text communication. These will allow them to network with both exhibitors and other participants. In addition, organizers may set up chat rooms for in-person attendees to interact with remote attendees. Everyone in attendance can make use of the virtual setting because it lets them:

  • search attendees and exhibitors within the event,
  • review suggested users to connect with based on their interests,
  • ask questions and chat with exhibitors or other attendees,
  • create or join group chat rooms focused on a specific topic,
  • request and schedule meetings, 
  • run group or 1:1 audio or video calls, and
  • share files right from their device. 

If your live audience can also watch the virtual event, they can easily take advantage of all of these benefits. They can cross-network from one platform to another or network and connect with the audience on each platform.

On-Demand Content

When you have a live event, your exhibitors will need to print collateral and other materials. It takes time and money to make and print a lot of flyers, brochures, guides, etc. In addition, most of it gets lost and unread.

But virtually, you can view, download, and print everything at any time. You can save these resources on your guest’s devices. You can even send this information to participants who didn’t come to the event by email after it’s over. Attendees can access the content anywhere and at any time. 

Our Take On Hybrid Events

Hybrid events give audiences the flexibility they want and give event organizers more ways to generate revenue. Overall, hybrid events give you a better chance of meeting your event marketing goals and getting more profitable results. When these elements come together, everyone involved benefits greatly. 

vFairs is a leading events management platform that helps organizers deliver great events by using numerous robust features. Contact the vFairs support team for all your queries regarding your next hybrid event!

The Benefits of Hybrid Events For Exhibitors & Attendees

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