Top 5 EventsAir Alternatives & Competitors

EventsAir is a platform that offers various event management tools, including event marketing and registration. However, some customers feel the platform needs to improve in providing advanced event management tools, better interfaces, and better customer support. 

Suppose you’re an event planner looking for a more comprehensive event management partner with a dedicated customer support team to ensure a successful event; then you need to explore the following EventsAir alternatives to help you figure out what platform best suits your event needs. 

In this article, we will explore the critical features of EventsAir, what users think of the platform, and provide suitable EventsAir alternatives for event planners to consider for a successful event. 

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EventsAir Alternatives & Competitors At a Glance

Eventsair alternatives and competitors

What is EventsAir: An Overview

Eventsair logo

EventsAir is an event management platform offering extensive tools and technology for hosting various events. Its all-in-one platform provides comprehensive features for hosting in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. The platform offers pre-, during, and post-event services to ensure a seamless and successful event experience.

EventsAir is a platform offering several event management features, but it needs to work on providing a user-friendly interface. Many users have reported a steep learning curve when using EventsAir, which can cause frustration. Additionally, the platform has been reported to have numerous bugs, further adding to the user’s frustration. These issues can pose a significant challenge for users relying on EventsAir for their event planning needs and push them to choose better EventsAir alternatives. 

Key Features

Event Marketing

EventsAir software provides a range of event marketing features, including a drag-and-drop interface, a simple tool for creating event websites, automated emails for email campaigns, and a comprehensive communication platform. The platform’s event marketing tools help you keep all the information from different communication channels in one place, target your audience with personalized emails, and much more. 

Event Registration

EventsAir is a platform that assists event organizers in creating customized registration forms using pre-designed templates that match their brand colors and style. These personalized registration forms give attendees a more dynamic and tailored experience.

Mobile Event App

The EventAir app is a custom-branded attendee app that helps participants engage more excitedly at events. Events air app allows attendees to network and participate in gamification activities, match meetings, and more.

Pricing & Plans

EventsAir pricing includes different pricing plans on their website that are categorized into three types: 

  1. Single Plan: This plan allows you to create one event with unlimited registrations, which up to three users can access. 
  2. MultiPlan: This plan lets you organize up to three events with unlimited registrations. 
  3. Unlimited Plan: This plan allows you to create and host unlimited events and meetings with unlimited registrations. 

However, to obtain the exact pricing and a quote for any of these plans, you need to contact the EventsAir sales team.

User Reviews 

  • “I like that the system offers support with all aspects of event planning – registrations, program, social functions, seating allocations, online platform and mobile app, etc.” Amy B., Senior Events Program Manager
  • “I like EventsAir being a platform where every aspect is contained in one place.” Jennifer S., Small Business
  • “Security might be a big worry, depending on the kind of event. It takes meticulous planning and cooperation to manage any risks and ensure attendees’ safety.” – Anushka A., Web Developer
  • “There are often some bugs, hiccups and lags which get frustrating (Sometimes the loading screen takes so long, sometimes get kicked out of the system for no reason, saving doesn’t work sometimes, difficulties for speakers to connect to Aircast.” –  Raina P., Event Manager

EventsAir Alternatives & Competitor: In-depth Comparison


When seeking top-notch EventsAir alternatives, vFairs stands out as an excellent choice, challenging the traditional event platform offerings. vFairs is an innovator that is transforming the typical approach to hosting user-focused events. Its comprehensive range of features, including seamless event registration and in-depth reporting tools, caters to the diverse needs of any event.


vFairs offers a user-friendly and intuitive all-in-one event management platform that is easy to navigate. The platform provides limitless customization options, ensuring the highly personalized event experience. Additionally, there are intuitive features such as a simple drag-and-drop registration form builder, AI-powered tools to create event websites, emails, and creative copies, and a white-labeled mobile app that is easy to set up. The platform is ideal for all event planners, regardless of their technical abilities. Let’s explore the event management platform further: 

Key Features

Event Registration

vFairs event registration

vFairs offers event registration and payment software, including custom forms and workflows tailored to customers’ needs. The drag-and-drop form builder allows the collection of specific data with custom fields and domains. The platform supports multiple custom ticket types and tiered ticketing options, as well as the ability for organizations to offer group discounts, promo codes, and coupon codes.

Moreover, the payment form can seamlessly integrate with top global and regional payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe, providing a reliable and secure payment capture.

Advanced Event Mobile App

Help Attendees Quickly Navigate The Event And Build Connections.

The vFairs event mobile app enhances the overall experience for attendees by providing various helpful features. This includes allowing attendees to quickly and easily check in at the venue using QR codes. Interactive floor maps make venue navigation easier and push notifications keep attendees updated on important information throughout the event.

The app also facilitates networking and engagement among attendees, providing a personalized experience. Attendees can ask questions during Q&A sessions, participate in live polls and surveys for real-time feedback, and capture memorable moments at the photo booth and social media walls.

Moreover, the app offers a unified content hub where users can access videos, including session replays, and explore exhibitor booths, content, and uploaded collaterals.

Overall, the vFairs event mobile app is a valuable tool for attendees to enhance their experience at the event.

Event Check-In & Badge Printing

vFairs Badge Printing

vFairs offers a cutting-edge event check-in and badge printing solution that simplifies the registration process for attendees and planners alike. With the help of QR codes, attendees can swiftly self-check in at the badge printing kiosk without needing manual intervention. 

On the other hand, planners can create bespoke badges in bulk, tailored to their specific requirements, right at the check-in kiosk. This feature not only saves time but ensures a seamless check-in experience for all attendees.

AI-powered Event Marketing

vFairs AI powered event marketingvFairs, an all-in-one event management platform, has revolutionized event marketing with AI-powered marketing tools. These tools help organizers market their events effectively and quickly to their target audience. 

vFairs provides cutting-edge event solutions such as Email Builder, AI-Writing Assistant, Webinar Summary & Chapterization, and Reporting Chatbot. These tools empower organizers to craft and share compelling content, transcribe video sessions, and access immediate feedback for tailored event experiences.

5-Star Customer Support

vFairs Customer Support

vFairs offers an all-in-one event management solution that includes a dedicated customer support team with a 5-star rating on G2. Every event is supported by a dedicated project manager who assists organizers from the beginning to the end of the event, ensuring a seamless experience. The onsite tech support team helps with setting up venue equipment, addressing customer queries, and ensuring that the event runs smoothly. The 24/7 online customer support team is always available to address any inquiries. 

User Reviews

  • “It is a user friendly platform, One of the standout features of vFairs is its intuitive interface, which makes navigation effortless for users of all technical abilities. Whether accessing the platform from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, attendees can easily find the information they need and participate in sessions without encountering any major obstacles.” – Lisa P., Mid-market
  • vFairs platform works great for us for virtual events as it’s easy to use for attendees and exhibitors. Moreover, their customer and project support is to a very high standard, ensuring good organization and support at any stage of the event management.” – Patrycja L., Small-Business
  • “We pushed the vFairs platform to its limits and beyond and vFairs are always keen to help us find a good solution!” – Claire N., Website and Virtual Event Platform Development Manager 
  • “I like that they take recommendations from their clients and keep updating and improving the platform and the user experience. I like the customization and the tailored reports.” – Sarah B., Virtual Events Management and Support Engineer


Cvent logo

Cvent is a complete event management platform that provides many tools to help you organize your events. These include event registration, marketing, and management tools.

With Cvent, you can create custom registration pages and websites that offer a personalized experience for your attendees. Additionally, the platform provides an event mobile app that enables attendees to connect and make the most out of their event experience. The Cvent attendee hub is also an excellent feature that helps you create fantastic event experiences for your attendees.

Event planners have reported facing steep learning curves while using Cvent, similar to EventsAir. Moreover, Cvent’s higher pricing has frustrated many of its users. Event planners looking for transparent pricing policies and budget-friendly options can explore some of the Cvent alternatives and competitors.

User Reviews

  • “Cvent provides you the immense pleasure of exporting/importing the attendees to the other 3 party application. It has various features like, GENERAL from where it has registration types, EMAIL and marketing which helps them to create events with ease.” – Mannav G., Mid-market
  • “I love the all-inclusive aspect of Cvent overall. The company has acquired a lot of pieces to the event management puzzle, making it a one-stop-shop. I especially like the overall ease of customer service. “ – Lesley I., Events Manager.
  • “Costs are getting out of control and don’t match other event technologies across the industry. Overall, the structure feels and creates a sense of “nickeling and dimming” the customer because Cvent is considered the “industry leader” which puts many accounts in a place of settling for other technologies due to costs.” – Lindsay B., Meetings Management Consultant 
  • “I’ve noted that expenses can sometimes run high, particularly when dealing with certain features. It’s worth mentioning that there is a learning curve, which could be a challenge for some users.” – Verified User in Advertising 


Whova Logo

Whova is a top-tier event management company that provides a range of tools and features for organizing in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Their services are specifically designed to help event planners who are hosting expos, conferences, and other events.

In addition to offering event registration and marketing tools, Whova is renowned for its event mobile app. The app has a personal agenda, multitrack and session management features, interactive maps, document-sharing capabilities, and branding opportunities.

Whova is well-known for its Whova app, which has received good reviews. However, some customers are dissatisfied with the platform due to its difficult-to-learn and clunky software. If you are looking for a more intuitive event platform, it is worth considering Whova alternatives and competitors.

User Reviews

  • “I found everything about Whova helpful. It is a very useful and easy to use app and helped me to keep track of the agenda. I liked the fact that I was able to pull the speaker bio for each of the presentations. I had no trouble understanding how it works.” – Gabriel P., Enterprise
  • “Checking in through the app was most helpful. I was intrigued by how I could immediately connect and interact with my peers at the conference, even based on our similarities and interests. It was incredibly easy to use and had a number of features.” – Terrell C., Mid-Market
  • “It is quite overwhelming for first-time users with limited tech background and I think the User Guide could be improved to include some things that may be considered minor. Also, the mobile app should be updated to allow attendees to view event time in local time, as is the case on the web app.” – Piniel Tawanda Z., Mid-Market
  • “Trying to learn how to use it was a bit confusing but I managed..” – Laura T., Mid-Market


accelevents logo

Accelevents is an event management software that offers event management services for attendees in onsite, virtual, and hybrid environments. It is an EventsAir alternative with an advanced registration flow, streamlined onsite check-in, and badge printing tools. The platform provides various event management tools and features, including a custom-branded event website, an event mobile app, and in-depth event analytics to help event planners make data-driven decisions.

Accelevents’ platform glitches and steep learning curve have left some customers unsatisfied. If you’re looking for an alternative, consider checking out Accelevents’ alternatives and competitors.

User Reviews

  • “Accelevents has all of the great features that you need in a registration and virtual event platform, but where it really shines is the speed and dedication of its support staff. While I love all of the features, what stands out to me the most is how quickly I can get a resolution when something goes wrong.” –Danica G., Mid-Market
  • “The absolute best thing about this platform is the people behind it. The staff who work on the Chat section are such helpful people! I loved knowing they were there 24/7 to help with every problem I had. Oh, and the engineers behind them were very responsive too. I also liked that I could set up any number of practice sessions to help the speakers ahead of time.” Andrea D., Mid-Market
  • “There were a few glitches in the process of setting up the event.” Abbie T., Marketing Manager
  • I’m afraid the platform has a very steep learning curve. I’m pretty confident that I will be able to work with it again next year, but other users really have to rely on me to work with the system. ” Andrea D., Mid-Market


Bizzabo logo

Bizzabo is a comprehensive event management platform that offers a range of tools designed to help you manage your events with ease. The platform provides event management features, including personalized event registration software that makes it easy for attendees to register for your event. Additionally, Bizzabo offers onsite event services such as badge printing and check-in options to make the event experience smooth and seamless for attendees. The platform also provides remote contactless check-in to cater to those who prefer self-serve options.

Although Bizzabo offers a variety of event management features, some users find it confusing and overwhelming, especially those who need simpler software with more branding options for their events. Therefore, it is recommended that you explore some of the Bizzabo alternatives and competitors before making a final decision.

User Reviews

  • “Best aspect is we are able to manage “almost” everything in one platform. From advertising events, invitations, registration, reports, etc. Appreciate ability to customize invitations for certain registrants, ability to run reports based on any possible filter needed, customize event pages, and the fact that it is very easy for people to use on the “registrant/attendee” side.” – Verified User in Logistics and Supply Chain
  • We appreciate Bizzabo for its user-friendly interface and visually appealing design, making event management a seamless and aesthetically pleasing experience. We use Bizzabo to cover events every month and if we have any issues, the customer support is great.” –Tom R., eLearning and Content Manager
  • “We did experience occasional bugs that slowed down certain backend processes, this was something we oftentimes could fix by simply refreshing the page.” – Verified User in Real Estate
  • “The level of customization options available for event pages on Bizzabo is somewhat limited, which may not align with my preferences. Although there are templates and designs to choose from, making significant changes is restricted. This limitation makes it difficult to create a unique event that truly represents our brand.” – Donna M., Founder of a Small Business

Wrapping Up

Considering the listed EventsAir alternatives, vFairs stands out as the superior choice. With its cutting-edge event technology and exceptional customer service, vFairs is the ideal partner for your events. Unlike EventsAir, vFairs’s platform is free from bugs and interruptions, ensuring a seamless experience for users. vFairs offers not only an intuitive platform but also a wide range of event management services and complete customization options, making it the perfect event management partner. Don’t take our word for it—book your demo today to see for yourself why vFairs is the clear choice.

Top 5 EventsAir Alternatives & Competitors


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