Virtual Career Exhibitions: 9 Reasons to Host with vFairs

A great number of companies today are moving from the traditional career exhibition system to virtual career fair platforms. The reason? It enables them to: 

  • get more exposure 
  • market the exhibit to a global audience 
  • screen through more candidates in less time 
  • save up on all types of costs associated with traditional exhibitions. 

Read on to find out why you should opt for a virtual career exhibition. And why you might want to choose vFairs for it.

Benefits of a Virtual Career Exhibition

It’s very easy to see that a virtual career exhibition will save costs, but there is more to it. With virtual events and exhibitions, you and all your to-be attendees get flexibility and ease. It also takes off a lot of pressure associated with physically attending an event especially for the socially anxious and nervous.

Access to More Potential Candidates

A virtual career exhibition can be marketed far and wide as there are no geographical constraints associated with it, until well after you’ve hired those you found best. And to hire the best people, you’ll need to screen as many candidates as possible, and the more the diversity the better.

Where a traditional exhibition would make it difficult for people located far from the venue to attend, a virtual exhibition platform could give them a fair chance to not just send in a resume, but actually be a part of the exhibition where they can have just as meaningful interactions and networking opportunities.

Requires Less Resources to Execute 

Then there are time, space, and resource constraints. An in-person career exhibition can only be held for a limited time period and will cost a lot in terms of rent and energy expenditure. Candidates who miss it cannot attend at a later time unless you’re willing to hold the said event again sometime soon. You will also need more people to manage the event.

A virtual career exhibition will reduce all costs and resources required significantly while giving more people a chance to attend it.

9 Reasons to Choose vFairs

vFairs offers exceptional features that help you host a successful career exhibition (virtual or hybrid) with ease. Let’s see what they are and why they concern you:

1. It Mimics a Real Exhibition

vFairs is based on the idea to mimic in-person events to provide an immersive, almost physical experience of the event in a virtual setting. From the sign-up process to the post-event follow-up, the whole process of an in-person event is captured in a digital format.

We do this by offering a fully realized 3D event space that is immersive, customizable according to your actual company environment, and offers an aura of a physical setting.

2. Easy Registration

Your attendees can register on your landing page, by putting in their details as well as uploading their resumes. vFairs lets you design your landing page such that your brand image is realized. While also providing an informative and easy-to-navigate page that lets visitors register without a hiccup.

Promoting your exhibition to reach out to the right crowd is just as important as any other step of the process. And vFairs realizes that the key to reaching out to your target audience is an effective landing page.

3. Quickly Filter Through Applicants

Since you’re going to get a lot more applications than you normally would, vFairs makes it easy to filter through all the candidates to get the ones you need. This includes the ability to search by experience level, current job title, and areas of expertise. You can also review their resumes as you go through them. 

4. Provide Customizable Booths

Various company departments would be very pleased to find that their booth can be tailored to their specific needs.

Each department can have its preferences in alignment with their departmental function, and the booth can be customized to match that. In fact, with vFairs, you can also have customizable booth attendant avatars to better match your brand image.

5. Share Employer Information with Candidates

Companies can share their brochures, job descriptions, PDFs and video-based content to their virtual booth as a part of their digital collateral. It would help potential employees get a better understanding of the company culture and the position they’ll be applying for. vFairs offers a ton of options to share your information in the most effective ways. 

6. Hold Webinars

Pre-recorded or on-demand webinars can be conducted to help inform the candidates about what they might want to know about the company. This could include company culture, history, values, and what exactly it is they’re looking for. 

Live webinars can be performed as well, you can prompt the candidates regarding the schedule. Q&As can also be conducted during those sessions and help in getting a better understanding of the company culture while offering a chance to network. 

The best part is that vFairs integrates with any video tools you’re most comfortable with, including Zoom, Vimeo, and YouTube. You can even use Restream to share your content across other social media channels. 

7. Get Analytical Reports

It’s important to get feedback on your event performance. With vFairs, you can get extensive analysis and reports, all of which help you understand the audience engagement within the event, ROI, and how best to improve with future events.

Post-event, you can analyze how each booth performed, how many people were interviewed within the venue or scheduled for second interviews, and how the locations of the attendees were distributed. 

8. Schedule Interviews by Reserving Slots

The employers at your exhibition can schedule all the interviews beforehand. So, the candidates are already aware of what time they should be appearing. Additionally, vFairs offers your candidates the option to schedule meeting times with booth representatives to learn more about the company culture or hiring process. 

9. Conduct Live Chat

Attendees can make use of quick, live chat to talk to booth representatives, and even have short preliminary interviews this way. Group and 1:1 text, audio and video calls are available to all attendees and exhibitors. Additionally, exhibitors and hosts can make private follow-up notes on attendees’ profiles. This is perfect to remember who stood out during the interviews, and to create action items for the team to follow up with prospects.


So, we’ve looked at what makes vFairs the right tool for conducting virtual career exhibitions. While the article enlists some of the most sought-after features of a career exhibition software, vFairs offers personalized solutions as well. Not only that, but you also get dedicated support before, during, and after the exhibition. This ensures that your event goes as smoothly as possible and completely hassle-free.

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