What is a Virtual Event?

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an online version of a physical event, with added features and therefore, added value that differs from platform to platform. Virtual events are a great way to connect audiences globally using chat tools, live webinars and digital content usually served via a visually rich interface.

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This article consists of frequently asked questions, as well as everything else you need to know about hosting a virtual event.

What sort of events can be hosted virtually?

Well, almost every event that can be hosted on ground has the potential of executing itself online. Whether you wish to convert leads into sales, hire top talent, host networking events, educate employees about their benefits, or bring together the entire world to fulfill any one objective, an online event is the way to go. In fact, all those events that you can only imagine to setup on physical premises can, in reality, be hosted virtually. A few of the most popular virtual event platforms in today’s time include:

  1. Virtual Conference Platforms
  2. Virtual Trade Show Platforms
  3. Virtual Exhibition Platforms
  4. Virtual Career Fair Platforms
  5. Virtual Housing Fair Platforms
  6. Virtual Product Launch Platforms
  7. Virtual Onboarding Fair Platforms
  8. Virtual Benefits Fair Platforms
  9. Virtual Open Day Platforms

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What are the most popular features of a Virtual Event?

While the digital space is ever so full of possibilities, a few of the features and characteristics that precisely make online events the star of the industry are as follows:

  • Text, audio, and video chat to engage the audience in real time
  • Live webinars to educate the masses. (Learn how a single webinar can get you over a 1,000 leads.)
  • Surveys, polls and Q&A sessions to maximize interactions between speakers, exhibitors and attendees
  • Swag bags to escalate sales
  • Accessibility options to welcome wider audiences from across the globe
  • Analytics and reporting to measure success with the help of various performance indicators
  • E-commerce to convert prospects into sales in real time
  • Gamification to intrigue the audience and prolong the time they spend at your event

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What kind of analytics do virtual events offer?

An online event tracks every registrant and records every chat conversation exchanged, on-demand videos watched, resources downloaded and shared along with all the uploads made and transactions performed, enabling you to track KPIs and ROIs.

Moreover, the reports should determine unique visitors, visits per booth, or job applications received for every position advertised.

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What kind of accessibility options are available at a virtual event?

One of the key features of an online event in comparison to its physical counterparts is that it is accessible and inclusive. It invites quality individuals based on their skills and relevance instead of restricting them based on their disabilities.

While looking for a suitable online event provider, keep an eye out for features such as:

  • color contrast for visually impaired individuals
  • text size adjustment
  • page narration
  • webinars with subtitles
  • clear and straightforward layout for easy navigation

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How long does it take to set up an event?

Setting up an event often takes about 2-3 weeks. However, marketing the event, training your resources and producing something that both the parties are proud of requires at least 6 weeks.

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Do we get access to the content / data after the event ends?

You are the sole owner of your data. Content that you generate for your event is evergreen, unlike physical events, and can be used for future campaigns or any other purposes you wish to save it for.


How long can an online event stay live?

An online event may stay live and running for as long as you want, however, please ask your event provider for any additional charges that this may entail.

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How do I get started?

You can request a demo or simply get in touch with our representative by contacting us now.

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What is a Virtual Event?

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