Want to know how you can cash in on your next big trade show? The answer is simple – Go Virtual! Virtual events are taking over the industry at a rapid pace by redefining the entire experience of buying and selling products in a user-friendly space, helping organizers generate record-breaking leads.

Is this where the story ends though? Not at all. There’s more to this eye-popping trailer. But first, let’s talk about the last time you rushed to the nearest cinema to grab the best seats for the biggest release in town. Think about the excitement while you sat in front of the big screen holding a tray of nachos, sipping away your soda, and watching the most awaited movie of the year. It was all perfect at that very moment, wasn’t it?

Now, on the contrary, there also might have been instances where you were either unable to book your tickets because the house was full, and if you did get lucky, you still happened to land the worst seats in the cinema with a bunch of kids throwing a tantrum that in turn ruined your entire experience.  After all, you don’t always get what you wish for, right?

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We’ve all experienced painful and poorly hosted events. We’ve all felt the disappointment of returning home from an overcrowded event at least once in our lifetime. Now is the time to move past those heartbreaks and get a perfect experience each time by bringing about a solution for you and your audience.

With virtual events replacing physical events in today’s time, here’s how you can experience game-changing results by hopping on board.

1) Market your products to a global audience

While physical spaces are limited to a certain capacity and require an on-ground presence of each buyer and seller, virtual events can extend their reach across the globe, inviting a larger audience to benefit from the marketplace. As a result, this increases the percentage of your prospects at the event.

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2) Host highly personalized events

Pour your heart out and see how vfairs can make all of it happen for you. Virtual Events can go as far as your thoughts, and this is what makes your event more exciting!



3) Reduce unnecessary and irrelevant information

Maintain a better recall for customers by narrowing down the quantity and improving the quality of information that they are exposed to. Adding live webinars, along with Q&A sessions can further simplify the buyer’s journey, making it easier for them to decide and convert into a qualified lead.

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4) Provide audio-video chats at your virtual event

Where there are purchase decisions, there are also queries. Virtual events allow you to let your exhibitors interact with their prospects through an A/V chat as well in order to provide exceptional customer service, that might not be as effective in terms of a physical event.

live chat virtual event

5) Play a duo role as an e-Commerce platform

In the case of a virtual trade show, for instance, online transactions of displayed products are possible using any device, from absolutely any corner of the world.

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6) Measure and report accurate results

At the end of each virtual event, not only can you access charts and metrics to gauge and understand the ROI, but you may also have the benefit of exporting all the data collected during the event for advanced analysis.


7) Provide accessibility

While virtual events are the smart solution and the face of the future, they cannot be smart enough, or futuristic enough if they neglect a certain segment of society. vFairs, in particular, is known to provide accessible options for disabled individuals to be a part of every virtual event.



So, is ‘Virtual’ the new ‘Real’?

Absolutely! For all the organizers out there, virtual events are the next big thing, and now is the time to roll up your sleeves and dive right into the game to maximize your value.

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