Virtual events are a great way to bring people together from all over the world, but if not planned properly, virtual events tend to get real boring, real quick! However, there is a fun way to counter that: virtual games!

Not only can games make your virtual events more fun, but they can also help build great relationships among the attendees.

Whether it’s your first event with people you haven’t interacted with before or a regular meeting with your team members, adding games to the mix can break the ice, cheer people up, and foster a healthy environment for all those involved. 

Do You Need Virtual Games at Your Events?

Virtual events, for all their benefits, have one big drawback: the reduced attention span of the participants. Even brilliant people with great ability to focus can feel their focus dwindling. And if it’s a routine meeting, things can get even worse as the participants may not be motivated to be there.

Distractions, a less effective workspace (than a proper office), odd timings, all can cause a drop in your attendees’ attention spans. Pair that with routine and now they’re both bored and not paying attention.

If you have had some success with your first event, and are planning another one, it’ll be a good idea to improve on it by including games. People will be more likely to attend successive events if they had fun the last time.

What Virtual Games Can You Use in Your Next Event?

There are hundreds of online games out there that can easily be played online. They’re all well suited for virtual events, and it doesn’t matter where each participant is located so long as they have internet access.

Before choosing a game, you can reach out to your attendees and ask about what they would like to play. You can do this by creating a poll where they can suggest new ones and/or vote for the one they want to play. Or, you can just trust your judgment and go with the one you think is fit for your event and audience.

One way to choose the appropriate virtual game would be to first consider what you want to achieve with the games. Is it a formal event and you’re getting to know everyone the first time? Is this a recurring meeting that you would like to make more fun? Do you just want to break the ice with everyone? Depending on the situation, one game will be more appropriate than the others. 

Let’s look at the best games that can make your virtual events more entertaining. 


Matchmaking can be a fun, exciting way of networking among attendees. You can make new connections by joining 1-on-1 video chats with other attendees with shared interests. What makes it exciting is that the connections are made randomly, so you don’t know who you’re going to connect with.

Virtual Card Games

Here are two easy games to play online: poker and UNO.

Who doesn’t like UNO? Most people have at some point in their lives played it, or at least heard of it.

It’s an easy-to-understand card game, and you can play it online too. Online, it lets you create a breakout room and all the event attendees can easily join there and play with each other. There are plenty of UNO games online to choose from, some provide more features than others.

Appropriate for almost everyone, if this is your first time adding a game to your virtual event, UNO can be a great choice to break the ice. 

Plus, people have been playing poker on their computers since the dawn of the internet. And now, it’s extremely easy to play it online with anyone. Hundreds of virtual poker web applications are available, you can set them up and play there while communicating with your audience in real-time. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Who knew a scavenger hunt could be held online? This is one of the best ways to engage with your audience and make the event fun for all of them. There are tons of ways online to hold a virtual scavenger hunt. 

If you don’t want to do it online, you can set it up on your own too, using either template found online or setting your own rules. You can even work with your virtual event provider to set up different items throughout your event, and a leaderboard to track those who have found the most items. 

The attendees will want to be quick with real-time collaboration with their team members. 

Call of Duty

One of the most popular video games out there. You can set up your own server and include all the attendees. If the audience includes young people, they’re all going to enjoy it. You can even set it up on a routine basis to keep your attendees happy and engaged. Just try to keep the language clean!

Spin the Wheel

Who doesn’t like trying his/her luck every now and then? You can host a Spin the Wheel and offer your attendees any number of rewards. They could win prizes, gain points, or even be entered for a chance to network 1:1 with your event’s keynote speaker!



A knowledge-based quiz game, it’s a lot of fun and appropriate for just about everyone, old and young alike. The participants are presented with answers, which act as clues, and they have to phrase their responses as questions, and if correct, they win. 

Jeopardy is an easy virtual game to incorporate into your online event. You can not only integrate with popular apps such as Slido, you can also create your own slide deck and share it during a live webinar. People can then interact through the chat or ‘raise their hands’ to answer the questions. 

You can find pre-made templates online and share them with the participants over the communication tool being used. 


Engage your attendees with a fun quiz on Kahoot. It lets you create a quiz about anything. You can set up rewards for those who get the answers right. You can either host 1:1 virtual games or go on a team mode.

Quizzing can also be an excellent way to help your audience retain anything they have learned. Setting up a quiz in the middle should shake things up a little.

Make sure the rewards are worth it though.


We have looked at some fun games to keep your audience engaged. What you then need is a tool that lets your virtual event attendees collaborate with each other without any problems. They may be playing the games on one side, but they should still be able to interact with each other for the most benefit.

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