Good time management allows an event planner to do more in less time, reduces stress, and contributes to professional success. It’s crucial to be able to efficiently control your time. Event planners must be able to handle their time effectively. They have several tasks to perform in an impossibly short amount of time on any given day. Your clients, sponsors, and guests all expect you to stay on track during an event.

How does an event planner get through the busy event season? Well, they take simple time management steps. When planning a schedule, keep in mind specific event dates, ordering and approval deadlines, and production schedules.

To have a long-lasting career in events, you must be able to manage your time effectively. To help you in taking control of your time management, here are five tips that you can try today.

Plan Your Day, Every Day

Reduce everyday stress by getting a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. You can use a to-do list to plan your day, or you can use your calendar to set out blocks of time for particular tasks. Working under a time limit causes the brain to focus on meeting a deadline — and then move on when the time is up. 

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Plan Ahead of Your Week

It’s no wonder that event planning is regarded as one of the most stressful professions. Looking ahead to the next seven days at the start or end of the week will make you feel more prepared. You’ll have the opportunity to prioritize upcoming events, prepare ahead, and schedule time for yourself. By thinking ahead you can identify causes of stress and even reframe them. Every week will be different, so figure out how much time you have to yourself and make sure you keep it exactly for necessary things.

Get Distractions to the Minimum

For an event planner distractions are absolutely counterproductive to time management effectiveness. Make a list of things you’re doing that waste time and keep a mental track of self-inflicted interruptions. Successful event planners are incredible multi-taskers, but they still recognize when they need to concentrate solely on one task.

Leave Space for the Unplanned or Unexpected

No matter how detailed you plan your day or week, there will always be an event at the most inopportune moment for you. And following all the universal conspiracies, as the writers at WriteAnyPapers call it, such events occur at the very last moment, when the deadlines are already burning. 

So, in such situations, there will always be something that will demand your attention. Make sure you have enough time in your calendar to deal with one-time events as well as priority plans. Also, try to have enough time on your calendar to deal with unexpected circumstances. 

Don’t Forget Time for Yourself

Event planners work from dusk till dawn and they must be professionals at prioritizing during the event season. Of course, it has its own benefits as you spend time productively, but such a load can lead to burnout. And your work will not be efficient anymore. Making time for yourself, whether it’s a coffee break, a short afternoon stroll, or a gym break, is a pro tip for effective time management. 

The first step toward a more efficient workflow — and a less stressful planning phase — is to take control of your calendar. Event planners will still be busy, no matter what. However, if you follow these time management tips, being excessively busy does not have to cause you additional stress.

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