Royal Holloway, University of London’s Virtual Open Day Perfects Lead Generation

Having hosted several successful Virtual Open Days, Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) has become a keen advocate of using the vFairs platform to attract prospective students, improve enrollment rates, and generate awareness about their world class academic programmes. With a commitment to further amplifying their institute’s global recognition, their Virtual Open Day hosted on the 22nd March 2018 was executed seamlessly to deliver exceptional value to the future students and hosts alike.

Virtual open days are fast becoming the ideal avenue to leave a lasting first impression on your target audience. Providing the convenience for visitors to participate remotely without travel expenses, time-intensive tours or pre scheduling hassles, it is no wonder that the Royal Holloway, University of London selected vFairs as their preferred virtual platform once again to deliver a custom event that drew in prospective students from all around the world. WIth a diverse range of information readily accessible ranging from online presentations from various academic departments to campus video tours- the intuitive event enhanced the open day experience to make it more meaningful than ever.


Strategy, Functionality & Accessibility

Designed with an easy to navigate interface, the prospects and parents could visit “Academic Zones” with individual booths representing all available academic programmes, and hold conversations with the faculty and current students in real-time using the chat function. To further build engagement, the “Support Services and Student Life” section had booths for all main campus services such as accommodation. admissions, international advice, etc. that remained staffed at specified timings to ensure prompt and accurate sharing of information, and easy to find answers for any questions straight from the campus experts.

Other resources included brochures that could be saved and emailed to attendee’s email accounts, and a rich “Videos” page offering vivid insights of the campus areas such as study spaces and general neighborhood environment for viewing at a pace and schedule that the visitors would choose for themselves for maximum convenience. The star of the event however was the “Virtual Campus Experience“; a fresh take that facilitated 360-degree views of the most important university halls and facilities for the prospective students to truly immerse in their future surroundings.


What particularly stood out about RHUL’s virtual open day was vFair’s efforts towards ensuring utmost inclusivity to cater to all audiences regardless of special needs. Aligning strongly with WCAG guidelines, the event was exceptionally accessible with features allowing changes in color schemes for the visually impaired, page text narrations, and the option to change the event’s font size- a bespoke solution that spearheaded a dignified open day experience without the host having to incur hefty expenses or invest in special equipment in an otherwise physical setting.


Event Impact

Empowered with the technology to engage, inform and capture valuable prospective student leads, the RHUL’s Virtual Open Day was an affordable alternative that cut down their costs, provided global reach, and kept up with visitor preferences of using online research to choose their future university. Within the two-hour online event, 111 users participated, with booths such as accommodation and admission generating almost 100 visits each. The detailed reporting dashboard tracked activity for every booth to provide the host with real-time insights including traffic volume, media views, and information downloaded. Also, the easy and secure two-way communication, inclusivity and WCAG compliance all truly delivered impressive ROI, thus enabling Royal Holloway, University of London to once again improve enrollment both efficiently and cost-effectively.

About vFairs

At, we strive to build a top-class online event platform that will help event organizers make memorable connections with their target audience. We’re obsessed with taking out the hassle normally associated with physical events and leaving organizers and exhibitors to focus on what’s most important: engagement with the audience.


About Royal Holloway, University of London

RHUL is a prolific university that boasts a purpose-built campus with magnificent architecture. The university also offers a broad range of academic programs ranging from majors in Criminology to Economics and spreading all the way to Drama, Theatre and Dance. With an experienced faculty contributing to the research institute and an exceptional Undergraduate and Postgraduate program in place, RHUL excels at utilizing technology to market their brand and supercharge their global reach with exciting Virtual Open Day events.


Royal Holloway, University of London’s Virtual Open Day Perfects Lead Generation

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