5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows are an effective way to showcase the goods and services of a particular industry. Physical trade shows have been in use for a long time. However, this trend is changing as virtual trade shows are becoming popular, thanks to technological advancements. This presents new opportunities for trade show organizers, providing several reasons for them to opt for virtual trade shows.

Just like other industries, the trade show industry also needs to make the most of technological advancements. For trade show organizers, there are a number of benefits of choosing online trade shows. The 5 main reasons for them to choose virtual trade shows include the following.

  1. Reduce the Cost of Organizing a Trade Show
  2. Increase the Reach of your Trade Show
  3. Eliminate the Hassle of Logistical Arrangements 
  4. Reduce Carbon Footprint through Online Trade Shows
  5. Increase ROI with Measurable Results

Are you thinking about how is this possible? Here’s the explanation.

1) Reduce the Cost of Organizing a Trade Show

Think about a trade show where the cost of the venue, transportation, decor, booths, manpower, and hospitality does not exist. That’s what virtual trade shows do. Organizing a trade show is no easy feat. It requires a huge budget to conduct a physical trade show. The rising cost of almost everything has made physical events a cost burden for the organizers. Virtual trade shows solve this problem effectively. By leveraging technology, they eliminate all the costs associated with physical events and enable organizers to conduct successful trade shows online.

2) Increase the Reach of your Trade Show

Physical trade shows have a common problem of having limited space. This puts a cap on the number of exhibitors and attendees and ultimately lowers the revenue for the trade show organizers. Virtual trade shows provide a viable solution. By using the online sphere, they enable trade show organizers to onboard as many exhibitors as they want and entertain a huge number of attendees. This not only increases the reach of the event but also enhances the scalability. Additionally, virtual events allow organizers to entertain exhibitors from any part of the world which makes them more inclusive and broad in scope.

3) Eliminate the Hassle of Logistical Arrangements 

Tired of logistical issues when it comes to organizing trade shows? Worry no more. Virtual trade shows take this burden off the shoulders of the trade show organizers. Online trade shows enable trade show organizers to sit back and relax while their event is arranged on an online platform. They don’t have to worry about transportation, setting up the venue, booking food providers, and deal with last-minute cancellations and no shows. Virtual event platforms like vFairs provide end-to-end service of organizing and managing a virtual trade show, thus making the life of virtual trade show organizers easy. 

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4) Reduce Carbon Footprint

Trade shows result in the generation of as much as 600,000 tons of trash every year. A large chunk of this trash is paper-based due to the huge amount of pamphlets, flyers, and brochures handed out by the exhibitors during the event.   Virtual trade shows help trade show organizers to reduce the carbon footprint of their events. With everything available in digital form in online trade shows that can be viewed and downloaded by the attendees easily, a large amount of paper is saved from being wasted. 

5) Get Measurable Results with Virtual Trade Shows

With a physical trade show, it becomes difficult to analyze the result of the event. The availability of reliable data becomes a dream. What worked and which strategy failed remains unknown. Trade show organizers can solve this problem by conducting virtual trade shows. Online trade shows can provide valuable data such as the number of sales, the exhibitors with the most sales, the number and demographics of the attendees, and much more. Since everything is managed online, the data is easily and readily available. Hence, event organizers can measure their ROI, get to know the areas that need improvement, and devise winning strategies for the next time. 

It is high time for trade show organizers to take their events online and enjoy the benefits of online trade shows. Want to know how you can organize a virtual trade show? Get started with vFairs now.

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