Like all things that have moved to the digital world, digital banking conferences have also found a home there. With such turbulent times upending plans for in-person conferences, digital banking conferences have taken refuge in the virtual space. Virtual is the future, afterall. 

It has been a year of working from home, and basically running the world online. If you are unsure on where to begin with the planning of your virtual digital banking conference, here are some tried and tested tips for you to help you ace your virtual conference. 

Immersive Webinar Sessions

With rapid transformation, attendees will want to know about changes in the banking and finance landscape. Hosting webinars which concentrate on global trends and disruptions, upcoming opportunities, responding to threats, fintech disruption and financial inclusion in addition to talking about the future of banking post-pandemic will help attendees. They are already eager to know what the future looks like for them. 

virtual auditorium in digital banking conferences

With industry experts and thought leaders from around the world outlining actionable strategies your attendees are sure to have a valuable experience. Increase engagement with these webinars with live Q&A sessions, polls and making these sessions available in multiple languages and on-demand. 

Propelling Networking Opportunities 

When an audience from the same industry gets together under one virtual roof, they expect to mingle, network and interact with other professionals. Make sure your online digital banking conference has features that provide a platform for your attendees to chat, connect and collaborate with one another. Be it live chat tools that facilitate live audio, video or text chats or breakout sessions within your Zoom presentations and webinars. 

Connecting and meeting 1:1 with exhibitors, professionals and industry experts or as a group can create a stimulating space to exchange and discuss ideas. 

networking in digital banking conferences

Moreover, to create a sense of community integrating can create propelling networking opportunities. is a social media aggregator that allows you to collect, curate and display content from various social media platforms in a unified social feed. When virtual events and social media are combined, they create one super-connected, highly engaging event. 

Social media is one of the biggest engagement drivers for virtual events. So, displaying social media posts shared by your attendees, speakers and sponsors on a social wall will help you engage your audience effectively. 

Strong Content 

The content which you make available in your online digital banking conference must be curated to educate, inspire and empower industry professionals. Content that is dull and boring and fails to engage your audience will fall flat and will lead to the ultimate demise of your virtual event. So when putting together videos, resource documents keep in mind ‘who are you talking to?’. Answering this question paves the way for all content strategies

strong content for digital banking conference

It is time to embrace digital transformation, get head into planning your digital banking conference with our ultimate guide to virtual conferences.

Innovative features 

When everything is moving to digital amid the global pandemic, it is natural that banking conferences also go digital. Innovation is key for any business to sustain in a rapidly evolving world. When you take your digital banking conference online make sure you choose the right virtual event platform. A platform that understands the fluidity of the digital arena and has features that accommodate the same. 

For instance, vFairs offers attendees the option to personalize their webinar agendas. Audiences can build their own agendas, choosing webinars they personally are inclined to attend among a multitude of options. They can access this personal agenda builder right from within the platform. 

Another example is that of self-select avatars. Inclusivity is a huge point of consideration for attendees. Hence, when allowing exhibitors to set up their booth with customized avatars, dressed in attires more appropriate to the culture of their organization or of their country, the attendees will feel more comfortable with the diversity. 

Yes, the world has transformed by this crisis and now the banking sector must prepare for the long haul. They must commit to improving their customer experiences as well as internal processes, infrastructure, products and personnel. These will provide the foundation for the future of digital banking. 

For this, hosting virtual digital baking conferences is the right way ahead. Creating an engaging and interactive virtual space for professionals in the banking industry to come together in these tough times and prepare for an uncertain future is the best direction. 



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