Top 5 Ways to Generate B2B Leads in 2024


B2B lead generation strategies have evolved over time, especially through online channels. We’d all agree that generating B2B leads can be quite challenging. Especially during the pandemic. As online sales channels get noisier, you need the right strategy to position your business in the marketplace.  

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of the most effective ways for you to maximize leads.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these approaches to strengthen your revenue pipeline.

1) Capture Website Visitors

For any effective B2B lead generation strategy, you need to determine your target audience. And a great place to start is your website. Having a website with decent traffic rates is great. However, converting the traffic into solid B2B leads requires a little more work. By investing in a website visitor tracker, for example, Leadfeeder, you can have the power of incoming leads at your fingertips. 

It is easy to integrate into your CRM and provides detailed insights related to website traffic. This approach is effective as it deals with customers that are clearly already interested in your product. They have entered your site willingly.

Create a ‘heat map’ for yourself. What page on your website is the customer spending the most time? Having access to filters highlighting country of origin and industry will help develop high quality leads. Put yourself in their shoes. What might be some of the keywords they would be using during their search. What are some of their pain points? How can you use those to grab their attention during marketing?

2) Use a Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

Consumer shifts in behavior are constant. Keeping up with these trends is a necessity for businesses to survive. If  customers are not aware of your product/service, a successful sale is an unrealistic expectation to set. 

You are no doubt already using multi channel marketing tools. Basically you are getting the consumer from point A to point B. However, omni channel marketing sends marketing messages to potential customers at various stages of engagement. You will know what will work best after you have analyzed your user journey. This could mean a reminder email to purchase items in their abandoned shopping cart. Or a message about a new product or service that has arrived in the store. Maybe a promo code for those who have visited your website a few times.

Omnichannel marketing is a great B2B lead generation strategy. It elevates the chances of sales conversion drastically. For example, if a prospect visits your website, later sees a blog post on Twitter, and then an ad on LinkedIn, followed by an email highlighting customer testimonials, there’s NO WAY they wouldn’t recall your brand or put on their curiosity cap to learn more about your business. Don’t forget to highlight previous customer referrals and reviews.

With key decision-makers actively looking for accessible and data-driven information to support their strategies and business goals, relying on marketing based on a single channel is no longer viable. The secret recipe is using the right (and well-balanced) combination of email, social and content marketing efforts to achieve an ‘omnipresence‘ in the consumer’s’ experience.

3) Host Virtual Events

Another great new B2B lead generation strategy is hosting virtual events. According to Statista, the global events industry revenue is about 1 trillion U.S dollars. 40% of this revenue is projected to be from virtual events in 2022. This includes meetings, conferences, product launches,  you name it! 

They also remove geographical barriers, time restraints, high hospitality expenses, daunting setup costs, and staffing needs. Virtual events can be visually spectacular, engaging, and custom-designed to impress and capture your future clients. Rich with features including live webinars and 3D designed auditoriums, easily downloadable resources, interactive booths, and networking lounges. It gives you the experience of a physical venue. By providing visitors with an exceptional digital event experience, there is no limit to new B2B leads that can be secured.

Through such events, you find a lot more data than you can at a physical event. Event reporting will help you further determine your target audience and generate a lead pool. How did they engage with your product or service? Where was the most interest generated? 

For this reason, leading organizations, corporations, and universities across the globe have been shifting their efforts towards online events. The new online event hosting avenue is a goldmine to enhance B2B sales prospects.

That’s not all, virtual events can be added as an extension of your omnichannel marketing strategy. For example, an event such as a virtual expo can help attract and nurture leads with both a high reach and low cost of event hosting. Once you have connected with your target audience via email or social media, you can go bananas!  

4) Start Communicating

Did you know email still drives the highest ROI? Businesses on average can earn $44 for every dollar spent on email marketing. Regular emails that also make use of omni marketing would be the best way to approach your customers. Our emails are cluttered, but it seems that is where businesses are still generating great leads. You will need to figure out your email conversion rate. This will then help you develop conversion rate optimization techniques.

Outside of that you have to explore other ways to communicate. Does your website have a live chat option? If not, you’re missing out. It’s essential to capture every chance possible to speak with your clients and assess their concerns. Most live chat tools capture visitor email IDs that you can add to your email list.

Through your SEO research, you can write blogs to capture your audience as well. A study found that blogging will be even more effective in 2022. With 68% of B2B marketers finding it more effective than they did two years ago. It is here that you can encourage certain calls to action. Whether it is to book a demo, read an e-book or explore the company’s landing pages.

Websites such as Quora are also great to capture audience interest. By answering questions and providing more information on how your product/service can solve real-world business problems. These also build your online visibility and pave the way for dialogue with future clients. 

5) Invest in Paid Ads

Paid ads on social media platforms is a fundamental step to take. Get your marketing team to create targeted campaigns reaching out to the right audiences. This will help build awareness and brand visibility. However, this also means that your website’s landing page should be phenomenally optimized and in line with your SEO strategy.

Remember to provide free content to visitors as an incentive to capture more details about the visitor’s profile. For example, most B2B companies provide e-books that are free for download once the visitor submits their name, contact number and email ID. Lead magnets play a pivotal role in boosting B2B lead generation in addition to helping organizations earn a reputation as industry experts and thought leaders.


Regardless of your budget and resources available, these alternatives provide a solution for all businesses to try and test for themselves. It’s important to build influence, meanwhile proving your business as approachable, helpful, and relevant. Whether you choose to invest in paid ads, revamp your communication channels, host virtual events, or go full speed ahead with omnichannel marketing, the ROI of these B2B lead generation strategies are all proven to be well worth the effort.

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