Smartphone users, rather buyers, are prominently increasing over time. For this reason, consumers are no longer reliant on salespeople to access information. Instead, they access information related to features, benefits, models, prices and much more, simply by the click of a button. In fact, by the time they’re ready to speak to a salesperson, they’ve usually already made their purchase decision. So, for a car dealership in 2020, it’s important to recognize this change in the landscape and update the tactics that have now become obsolete, into a strategy that will elevate lead generation. It’s time to gain back control over the process! Since most car buyers spend more time researching online than visiting dealerships in person, there’s no rocket science in the fact that it’s time to take your next car show to your prospect, ONLINE! Now, for those of you who manage car dealerships, or brands, or are car enthusiasts, here’s what you need to know about a Virtual Car Show.


To make a flawless first impression, and to grab the attention of your audience, a rich interface consisting of ‘all you need to know’s will compel prospects to register and attend the event. vFairs can entirely customize this according to your brand persona and add relevant information such as benefits for the attendees and the agenda of the event. You can click here to learn more. Throughout the event, while the 3D environment replicates a reality-based experience, it will also play an impactful role towards keeping the attendees hooked by the user-friendliness of it. car show Not just that, various car brands also have the option of customizing their virtual booths based on their marketing needs. They can stylize their kiosks, add standees or banners, and opt for various creative branding techniques at the show.



Every booth can regulate and share content in the form of images, presentations or videos, which can also be downloaded for later use. Attendees can access prices, make and models, brands, etc, all in one place. This can also benefit them in terms of comparisons between similar options and hence, assisting them in their purchase decision.



What’s a car show without putting up an impressive ‘show’? Your virtual car show will be nothing less than outstanding, with its high-tech features and an eye-catching experience. 360 degree  



Educating attendees doesn’t have to be a repetitive and exhausting process. With the help of live webinars, prospects can learn about car features, models, recent trends, new releases, and much more. They can attend scheduled sessions to know what’s hot, and what’s not. The agenda of your webinars will be presented to the audience to ensure maximum participation.



Whether it’s in a group chat room where individuals can interact with each other as well as the exhibitors to become a part of relevant discussions, or individual (text, audio or video) chats – all of these can take place in real-time, with a global audience. Too good and yet it’s true! chat



Eliminate the need for international travel – While traveling can be extremely time consuming and expensive, this activity also has detrimental environmental repercussions to it. Virtual Car Shows can be accessed at any time, from any place, eliminating the need to travel from a certain place in order to attend the event. By hosting a Virtual Car Show, you reduce the negative impact of travel that contributes to global warming. Zero paper waste – Since each piece of content is accessible online and is downloadable, there is no need to use paper at a Virtual Car Show. In addition, while hundreds of physical car shows taking place throughout the year generate thousands of tons of waste, your virtual car show generates zero waste, reducing the carbon footprint and preserving the environment.



Since virtual events cater to a global audience, they need to ensure adaptability. vFairs conducted one such Virtual Car Show with YallaMotor, a Middle Eastern automobile portal, where the event could be accessed in both, English and Arabic – ensuring a user-friendly experience for the local and international audience. landing page



Since Virtual Car Shows can be attended from any device and across borders, organizers can benefit from a bigger audience attending the event, with higher chances of these prospects converting to customers. cross device



Since attendees have all available options and resources under one roof, by the time they’re done with the event, some of them might have already made a decision. To accelerate the process, attendees can make online bookings at the event and exhibitors can extract their details for further processing, all in real time. Keeping under consideration the speed at which the world is racing, it is exceptionally vital to adapt to more innovative tools in order to capture more qualified leads. So act today and host your most profitable virtual car show with vFairs.

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